GOOD Blogging/Commenting Do's and Don'ts-Ettiquette Class. :)

But first...some more NJ pics...while we were up there we celebrated Moses' 2nd birthday with all the grandparents who couldn't be with us to celebrate his first one...then tomorrow he gets to celebrate with his other grandparents at the VA state fair and then this weekend on his actual birthday we are taking him to the pumpkin patch!!
Look at the cute birthday boy!
Cute cousins again!
Look at these cute party people!...Doug's Grandparents!
Marzipan cake for Moses!....yum!

Ok, now let's get down to business...I have endlessly searched for a good list of to do's and not to do's for the blogging world and I have yet to come across one that I really like...SO...I figured that between me and my fabulous readers/blogging buddies that we can come up with a good comprehensive list of good blogging ettiquette. You up for it? I hope I am. :) I am looking for things that the majority should go by while blogging or visiting other blogs...obviously there are blogs out there that could care less about who they tick off and just want to rant...and that is their business. But for us who do this for fun and to meet people and make connections and WANT to attract people to our blog then I want to come up with a list for us involing blogging AND commenting.

Here are a few to get you started---Keep in mind that these are just guidlines and not rules. :)

How to have a successful blog! :)

1. Don't be a hater and write ugly things about people...whether you know them or not.
2. Have a good mix of happy posts/sad posts/real life posts, etc. Not sure about you but my favorite blogs are the ones that deal in real life...not the sugary sweet life is always grand ones.
3. Share your opinion in a way that does not degrade other persons rights to their opinion.
4. Don't be a constant pity party.

Now let's here from you! What are the things that get under your skin or bug you about blogs? Or about commenting? What are the things you love to see in a blog? Love NOT to see? What are some things that have made you stop reading some blogs? What are some things that got you instantly hooked on others?

You can comment anonymously if you need to foward this post to a friend. (wink wink).


The Sunday Funnies.

So I found this photo in my Internet wanderings and immediately found it hilarious. :) The look on that guys face just cracks me up. Either you will find it hilarious or you won't...which leads me to my latest favorite Doug story...

The other day we had taken Moses to our favorite park to play and run the crazy out of him. At the end of the playground is a huge pavilion with picnic tables, bathrooms and such. On the sidewalk was a chalk outline that some kid had drawn around some friend of his...complete with a huge smiling face. Nothing to think or look twice at unless you are Doug. Doug looks at Moses, points to the chalk outline, and says "Watch out Moses, that means bad news for kids". I love how his brain thinks...then as we are walking away, Doug says ever so casually, "Well, at least he died happy". No joke...I laughed more times at this story that day and since then I can count...including one all out gut busting laugh where I nearly peed my pants and hyperventilated. That is my husband and one of the many many reasons I love him!

Church was good today...though really different than usual...our pastor is out of town and the style of the fill in didn't hit me in the same way as the usual pastor does...not that he didn't do well or anything like that...just not the style I am accustomed to and thrive with. His three teenage sons lead worship and did what I thought was a fabulous job! Even though I have never met them, I was so proud of those boys leading worship today...surely they are a blessing to their parents!

So, let's start again with our prayer requests for the week...please also let me know any updates that you have to share and as always you are welcome to leave a request anonymously. :)

I currently have no pressing issues to request prayer for (praise God!) but would love continued prayer for the precious baby that is growing inside and for all the changes that will come in the next few months...Pray especially for Moses and that we can make the transition and smooth and happy one for him. :)

I look forward to hearing from you all!! xoxo

NJ Adventures-Cousins

Here's Moses and his favorite (and only) cousin Kyleigh. It was nice to see them both on the same wavelength this time...they both wanted to play and love on each other...last time it was not quite that civil. :)
Kyleigh and her dad, Brian (Doug's brother).
This is Moses with Kyleigh in a headlock...he was going to get a kissy!!
At the playground...slightly worried about just how far he was off the ground. :)
The see-saw was a favorite.
Cute is always so much fun for us all to see them together and how they interact...Kyleigh is about 6 months older than Moses but there isn't much size difference. Moses has been asking non-stop for Ky and Ayee (his aunt Alli-Ky's mom). :)

We are finally feeling back to normal...prayer request post will follow tomorrow. :) I can't wait to hear from you all! I also hope to do my blogging ettiquette post early in the week so be ready with all of your do's and don'ts!

NJ Adventures-My Cute Son and Moo.

Some cute shots of my sweet boy...practicing his swing. :)
Those are stickers (of course) on his head and legs.
So proud!
Great grandmas house has a pool...too cold for me but these handsome boys roughed it.

Their Target carries Giants and Yankees know we stocked up!

Is it Friday already?? Any fun plans for the weekend? Are you sick of all my cute family posts yet? :)

Me at 39 weeks with Moses!!!! (This would be the Moo). I gasped when I found this photo yesterday!! I am afraid for what will come if I continue at the rate of growth I am at...I am already as big now as I was around 24 weeks or so with Moses....YIKES!

Today I am 18 weeks pregnant! At my last doctors visit I had finally gained some weight! Seven pounds to be exact...guess my body finally caught on to the fact that I was pregnant and decided that every calorie I took in was to be saved and packed onto unflattering places. :) I am feeling well and have just come to except that tired is a permanent part of my existence now.

Loves to you all! xoxo

NJ Adventures-Tea Time

So part of this now yearly trek we make to NJ in the fall always involves at least two things...a Giants game and a day of golf for the guys. The gals usually get left to do...whatever. This year we got smart and left the kiddos with the dads and headed out for an afternoon of lady like fun. My mother in law kindly treated us to a lunch at the Tea Hive. Such a cute place, such great food and such a fun way to spend an afternoon...
Don't you just want to run to the front door...
Most of us got a meal that involved five yummy courses...
This one was sweet breads and spreads...
Followed by Maryland crab soup...
Salad with strawberries, pecans and some sort of citrus...yum!
Then savory sandwiches...
And LOTS of bite sized desserts. :)
Plus each person got an endless pot of their choice of hot or iced tea...
The place was stuffed with all sorts of fun whimsical stuff...upstairs was a gift shop...I found some fun acorns and got started on my red bird collection for the year.
All the place settings had different mismatched china and silverware. No two tables were the same.
My mother in law, sister in law and her mother. :)
Even the outside porch was all done up and fun...
This bell was as big as a grapefruit...I had to work hard not to buy it...everything was for sale.
A super fun year we will have to plan TWO girl outings. :)

NJ Adventures- The Zoo

First of all...would it be terrible of me to post this sign on a future playroom door? hehe...on another adventure we took Moses to a nearby zoo. :) It was a pleasant little zoo...not too much walking but a good size for Moses at his age...
At one point we walked through this huge cage full of these sweet little birds...they were everywhere...and Moses loved it...he nearly grabbed one that was sitting on a post within his reach. I would have brought a few home if I could have gotten them in my bag.
The usual suspects were there...
And the highlight of Moses life/day was the train ride.
He eventually resorted to sitting in his dad's lap but loved the train just the same. :) Is it just me or does he look so grown here?
And these fun, not so little, bushes were all around the fun right?

:) xoxo

The first of many NJ adventure picking.

We are home and 90% unpacked...I am always so happy that I clean house before I leave...even if is the last thing I want to do before going away...after a long car ride it was SO nice to walk into a sparkling clean house...Doug went right to bed (since he has to work tonight) and I unpacked and let Moses watch as much TV as a toddler with no nap today needed to...ahh....good to be home.:) We had a great time and a relaxing week...instead of posting a million pictures in one post, I'm going to spread them out over the next week or so, until I get caught up with our life here. :)
This post is all about our apple picking adventure...we went to an orchard that Doug's mom has been going to since before she had it's been was fun to have the grandchildren along for the first time.
Kyleigh (my niece) and Moses were the official taste testers. :)
Macintosh. :)
This is pretty much what Moses did the whole time...
and this...
We had four bags in no time.
Then we spent the rest of the day making applesauce and pie. I had NO idea it was so easy to make easy that I hope to make some of my own this fall. :)
All this (and more) and a pie from about one bag of apples. :)

Fun day and fun memories. :)

Someone asked about where I get my acorns...mainly Target, Pier One and TJ Max. You just have to keep your eyes open. :)

Also...I am working on a blogging etiquette post and I will want YOUR be thinking about that. :)

Happy 2nd day of Fall!! xoxo
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