Say what? this post may show you what a huge loser I am...So I just found out that the childcare for MOPS/Moppets class for Moses goes from 9:15-11:30! A minor heart attack for me considering that I thought it lasted an hour! I was up later than I can remember fretting and praying about MOPS for Moses to have a good time...make friends and further his love of Jesus! I have always been extremely selective about who gets to take care of my boy so leaving him in the care of (even qualified) strangers makes me have a slight panic attack!

All that to say, I really need some serious prayer. I know that this will be good for both of us...all three of us in fact but the whole dropping him off with strangers thing just scares the pants off of me. I KNOW that he will do just fine he did with Sunday school...but it's the first few times of the screaming, crying drop offs that makes me panic.

And it's not that I want my level of protectiveness to go down any...I just want to have peace with the decisions Doug and I make for him that I know are good. Does that make sense?

Keeping all of your prayers in thought and heart!

Seasonal cravings...

Are you a seasonal craver like me? I can only eat the above beauties in the fall. I only like peppermint around Christmas time. Easter makes me crave hard-boiled eggs. Tomato sandwiches are best in the summer...Offer me these things during the wrong time of year and you'll get a funny look from me. Do you have funny cravings like that?

How about smells?? Do certain smells take you immediately to a certain time of the year? Scotch tape always makes me think of Christmas...a bag of mixed candy reminds me of trick or you have these too?

Moses has been super cute as usual...lately his new "trick" is repeating something incessantly until you acknowledge him. Regardless of the fact that he doesn't give you enough time to answer in between words. Here is our conversation from the other day:

Moses: (after asking for something, peas=please) Peas...........peas........peas.......peas.....peas....peas...peas..peas..peas.peaspeasepeaspeaspease

Me: Hold your horses!!

Neigh. (he then walks away).

We have also been teaching him counting and ABC's. Sometimes they are one and the same to him. The other day we heard him counting out loud...two, one, eight, ten.
Another time...two, one, A, M, O, yeyow(yellow).

At least he is trying right?

And a little p.s. I was made aware that there are items on Etsy that are similar to my lunch box pebbles but I do think mine are still different enough of a variation that I can call them my intention is never to try to duplicate someones work. :) And the purpose of mine IS completely my own idea. :)

Fall, Fun and Prayer.

Hi there to you all!! Hope this finds you all having a fabulous and lazy Sunday! All the men folk here are fast asleep and I am just soaking up the quiet and reflecting on the days and weeks to was so so good...left me feeling really thankful that Jesus came and freed us from the old laws and legalistic side of loving God. Today was discussed the woman who was healed by her faith in just touching the hem of Jesus' robe...she had suffered from 12 straight years of bleeding (the female sort) and was therefore considered unclean...unable to love on or be loved on...unable to touch or be touch...for 12 years!!!! She followed Jesus' example in throwing out the old ways of thinking and fought through the crowds (aka touching tons of people and therefore making them "unclean")to receive her healing. Could you imagine being considered unclean for days and weeks or years at a time? Crazy to think about...praise God for being freed from this and so many other things as well. Moses is doing really well in he wiggled out of my hand so that he could go ahead of me to his classroom...turned to me, asked for his snack and milk, kissed me goodbye and walked away. So so great!
Been working on some new goodies for the shop...maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. Above is just the sweetest little pumpkin I have ever just needs its' shiny coat and it will be ready to go.
And I am so thrilled about these...I haven't seen anything quite like them on Etsy...I call them lunch box pebbles. The intention behind them is to sneak one into your little ones lunch box or pocket as a way of encouraging them throughout their long day...aren't they so sweet? I would have been thrilled to find one of these in my lunch box back in the day...I can also do custom words, short phrases or names if you would like...
And if you loved the last zipper simply must love this one...I just can't get over how sweet it turned out...the inside is chocolate colored polka dots...LOVE.


Prayer requests for the week. If you have a new one let me know...if it is the same as last week, please let me know that too...also please update me when those prayers have been answered!! It's been an honor to pray for and with you this week...I am so excited about this!

My back has probably been the best that it has been this past joke. I have even taken less Tylenol than previously so Yay! Jesus! Thanks so much for your prayers.

My prayer requests this week are...continued prayer for my back. Moses and I start MOPS this thing for both of us...for those who don't know its like a bible study for the moms and Sunday school for the kiddos. Please pray that Moses does as well here as he does at church and that I will make some great friends!!
And one more if you don't mind. Doug and I are in limbo about whether or not we will be able to go on vacation this fall (we need his boss' ok). We really need to a time for refreshing more than anything due to the circumstances that Doug started his new job position (we were all sick, plus I was pregnant, tired and nauseous). Plus obviously we want to go! Please just pray that it will happen. :)

Ok, so lets here from you...what are your prayer needs and updates for the week?


It's the little things...

This is what Moses handed to me, most seriously, when I told him it was time for his nap. This is the contents of his pockets so far today...I assure you he will ask for them back the second he wakes up. :)
Today I am 15 weeks!! YAY! Totally much bigger this time around but still have yet to really gain any weight and mysteriously I can still fit into all of my normal clothes with relative comfort...

Baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces! I am almost positive that I can feel the little one here and there...but just ever so slightly. :)

We just barely started on the nursery...just barely. I don't want to do too much before we find out what we are having. :)

Hope your weekend is amazing and wonderful...any fun plans out there?


A warm hello...

Well, hello there friends! Hope your day is shaping up to be a good one! Doug had two WHOLE days off in a row so to me it seems like he has been home for ages (for those of you just tuning in...Doug has been working his bum off...overnight, for days and days in a row and often we would find out about his daY off the morning he was too have it)! We took advantage of his time off and got lots done...took Moses to the park (top priority per Moses), upgraded Moses' room from baby to bigger boy, cleaned out Moses clothes and sadly removed the 80% or so that no longer fit him...then came to the realization that even if we have another boy...the seasons and the sizes most likely won't match up for hand me downs, cleaned up the yard and explored our city just a little.
He is going through a pocket phase at the moment. All things go in his pockets...or "pock" as he calls them. Yesterday I removed no less than 25 rocks from his pockets. We also asked him twice today if he wanted a little brother or sister and both time he said sister. :)

And remember the bedroom redo I was working on forever ago...well it has reached a semi-done phase...cause to me a room is never "done".
Here is a before...blech.
And another before...
And here we are now...warm and cozy...
Inviting, too! We plan on adding more white frames above the bed since we will soon have another sweet face to photograph.
I really love it!
And here is today's treat...inspired by the offering of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte that I saw in the window today(but did not have...yet...I am sure it is in my near future). Fall is here! My next favorite Starbucks seasonal tradition is when you get your order in the holiday red to go cups!! :) Any who...above are the yummy and fabulously wonderful from the oven snickerdoodles. Perfect. :)
Here's the recipe(you can click to enlarge). You should go make some. :)

And a p.s. for all of you who may be concerned with my caffeine consumption...I am very good and limit myself to one caffeinated beverage per day...if any...mama's got cravings you know. :)

Working on his career...

He insists he has a future in modeling...the other day we worked on some of his "looks". :) Above is his forlorn face.
He calls this one classic.
Blue Steel aka the face he made when I said "make an angry face".
He calls this his Abercrombie and Fitch pose.
And if they still aren't convinced...he calls this his money shot...showing off the abs and arm muscles. :) Aka what he does when you say "show me your muscles".

Here is to a smiley, silly day! :)

The other Mary.

I want to be more like her.

So, I don't often share the profound God moments that I have. Not because I am not thrilled with them but because a God moment is such a personal thing and because the person sitting right next to you can have such a different experience from the exact same words. I don't often share them here because they get lost in translation. Does that make sense? I share the little ones, the joys and the struggles but the big- God is talking to me- moments are harder to put into words.
Kind of like, if you have ever been on a missions trip and it totally changes your life and direction and perspective and you get home to tell people about it and they just don't get it...not because they don't want to but because you have to have that kind of experience for yourself.

So the sermon on Sunday was about Mary, Martha's sister. He discussed the three mentions of her in the Bible. The first being her realness with God/Jesus. Jesus approached her soon after the death of her brother Lazarus and said to Jesus "If you had been here my brother would not be dead". She was wrong to say it but right at the same time because she was being real. My favorite quality in a person. She said what was on her heart and let Jesus sort it out. Isn't it funny how often we try to put on a front for God. He is ALL knowing for crying out loud...we know this but we try it anyway. This was a great reminder to me to be real. Always. much easier than pretending.
The next mention he talks about is how she sits at Jesus' feet while her sister slaves away in the kitchen, making dinner for Jesus. Martha complains to Jesus about this and Jesus tells her that Mary has found what is good and that it won't be taken away from her. How often do we need to be reminded of what is important!!!! The dishes can son still wants me to hold him. I can do that son wants to snuggle. We can clean up that mess another time my husband is home and has free time! I can finish that craft later because my friend could use a phone call from me. Love it. Love the reminder.
The last one discussed was Mary pouring a years worth of wage's of perfume onto Jesus feet to honor him. A YEARS WORTH. Not a trickle or a little bit. A year. She took what had to be one of her finest possessions and dumped it on the feet of her Savior. I want to be that free with my blessings. This is not the first time I learned this your best in every way. When I was in Romania, we spent time with what is considered their lowest of the low, the Gypsies. I can tell you that I have never felt Jesus love pour from a people like it was poured from them. They had NOTHING. We slept in dirt huts, peed in a hole in an unsteady outhouse(our pastor, a big guy, jokingly told us to not try to save him if he fell in but to just shoot him) and pigs slept right outside the door. But I have NEVER seen a more giving group. They gave us the best of what they had...they spared nothing, they shared and blessed us beyond words. It is because of that trip that I save nothing "for good", I use it everyday. Everyday is good as far as I am concerned.

So that is what I have been thinking of constantly since we left church on Sunday...I couldn't fall asleep last night I was so wrapped up in thinking about it all...hopefully it wasn't all lost in translation and it blesses you in a tiny bit.

On a little funny note, as I was thinking about this Mary, my thoughts would drift to Mary, mother of Jesus. I caught myself thinking about being the mother of Jesus and what a huge responsibility that would be...instantly I thought, I couldn't take being the mother of Jesus, I am having a hard enough time being the mother of Moses. :) Maybe it was only funny to me but that statment in my head made me laugh out loud. :)

Hope you are well and blessed tonight! xoxo


I had a totally inspired post all ready to fact I was just sitting down to write it when I got an anonymous comment on the prayer request post. It was ugly and hateful and now I am too upset to feel all warm and fuzzy about what I wanted to write about. This is NOT a place to spit your political agenda. I have freely shared my beliefs both spiritual and political and have NEVER resorted to name calling. I expect the same treatment in return.

Isn't it just like the enemy to take something that you are feeling so good about and try to make it ugly?

I am overcome with humbleness by those of you who choose to share your heart and your prayer requests with me and I promise to take each and every one to heart and lay them at the feet of Jesus. Thank you to all who have shared...I really look forward to hearing about answered prayers and sharing the journey with you!

I'm going to distract myself for a while.

How I Spent My Saturday Afternoon...and something less frivolous...

Here is how I spent the boy's nap time yesterday...organizing, cutting and getting ready to make a new load of towels...the TV was on of course but I can't really recall what it was that I was watching...just enjoying the quiet and mostly motionless time...
And here is my "little" sewing basket...I try to limit myself to just this amount but I'd be lying if I said that there isn't an overflow in my craft room. :)

Onto something less frivolous...I have had this idea for sometime but keep talking myself out of it because I convince myself of one of two things 1) that you will think it is dumb or 2) that you will think I am dumb for suggesting it...then I decided that it can't be dumb. So there.

So my idea is to have a post a week...preferably on Sunday to offer a place where you can leave a prayer request. I'll be turning on the anonymous commenting (I assume that my psycho stalker has moved on) so that if you feel more comfortable doing it that way then that option is available. I am not claiming to be a great prayer warrior or anything but I do pray daily and I will do my best to pray for each and every request listed on the Sunday post as often as I remember to during the week. You can do the same to pray if you feel so led. I know we all have needs and sometimes don't know where to drop them off at...

I'll even go first...for at least the last month or so my back has been in terrible pain...I can hardly lift and carry anything...especially Moses...and our insurance, as good as it it, doesn't cover chiropractic medicine so I am left to just deal with seems to get worse everyday and I am dreading what is to come if it doesn't go away...

I am also praying that this won't be the only post that no one comments on! :)

Happy Sunday to you! I look forward to seeing answered prayers! xoxo

Pics from the past...

This week baby is the size of a can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb. Thanks to brain impulses, his facial muscles are getting a workout as his tiny features form one expression after another. He can grasp, too, and if you're having an ultrasound now, you may even catch him sucking his thumb. In other news: Your baby's stretching out. From head to bottom, he measures 3 1/2 inches — about the size of a lemon — and he weighs 1 1/2 ounces.

Below are some photos of my first sweet baby...from about a year ago this month...looking at these just amazes me at how much he has changed in such a short time...his looks at least...he continues to be super sweet and cuddly. I think he is taking after his dad in that he hates to get into trouble to displease you and often a firm 'No' is enough to get to him. Other times he is like a crazy banshee.

This photo is from about a year and a half ago I believe...look at those sweet wisps of hair...I can't wait to meet this new little one to find out how similar or different they will be. :)

Hope your weekend is nice and relaxing...don't forget to soak up the last bits of summer! xo

Just a hi!

Just popping in to say hello!! It's been super rainy here...which we desperately needed so we have been doing lots of cuddling and playing indoors...I have actually really loved the's been so long since we have had any. This weather has made me crave all my favorite cold weather chili! But I know better to make a whole pot and expect my husband to eat I had to break down and have Wendy's chili (OH yuM!!) the last two days for lunch. :) Now I am not at all a fast food person but I LOVE this chili!! It warms you up and hits the spot!
On the food topic...all you mama's out there...I need some ideas for my little kiddo. I feel like I am feeding him the same things over and over...he doesn't seem to mind but I would like to give him some toddler friendly food ideas out there? We try to eat pretty healthy and avoid processed foods and buy organic when we can...but I don't break the bank over it. :) So any ideas you would love to share?

Also, I know I have asked this before and if you answered then you don't have to again...unless you really want me to come visit...if you link to my blog can you let me know so that I can come visit you? :) I love to "meet" all the folks who stop by. :)

Hope your day is blessed! xo

Don't judge me...

I had a chai tea latte and a cheeseburger for lunch. It was heaven.

Sweet Faces...

Would you just look at this sweet boy? Some times I love him so much I could just squeeze him to bits...he is such a joy in my life and I am daily, daily thankful to be his mama! Say a little prayer for me would you? I can just feel the enemy poking at me...through this and that he is working his way into my head trying to convince me that I am not a good moms know how it goes...a remark heard here or there, thrown at your direction or just at people "like" you...and before you know it you are questioning your mothering skills...
If you click on this photo to enlarge it you can see his most recent injury. In the nursery at church yesterday he fell off of a bench and hit his the time they came to get me he was already done crying and off to play...we don't dilly with minor injuries here...I either tell him "Save your tears for important things" or "It will get better before you get married". :)
Bop-Bop, if you are reading this...I hope it makes your day to know that Moses was asking for you all day...I kept telling him that you are in NJ and that we will see you soon!
Here is another sweet face that I just love...I have been trying forever to create my own little dolly to sell in the shop...a hard task for many reasons...mostly my lack of skill and my desire for it to look like my own creation...hard to do with a million dolls on Etsy. I love how she turned can go meet Alice and Annie in the shop...
Here is another of my favorites at the moment...I had some zippers I wanted to use up and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out...also ready and in the shop!

Onto the all are the biggest bunch of weirdos, er I mean most wonderful readers ever...some of you had me gagging...April, if my husband did that...there would be fighting words, Kate-I grew up in Howard County mostly, Smith family-peanut butter chili sandwiches...barf, Mique-you are better woman than I, Amanda- I put ketchup in my eggs too-yum!, Jennifer P-you made my day! but the strangest and most gagging to me of all was.......

Jenn-whose hubby puts SWISS cheese on poptarts!!! I would link to you if I could but please contact me via Etsy to get me your address. :)

Hope your day is happy!! :) xoxo

Maryland is most definitely part of the south and the givewaway.

So just to set the record straight, Maryland is part of the South both historically and according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Yes, Old Bay is a Maryland thing...I grew up there and it is a staple condiment in most restaurants. :) And it is fabulous!! I have also had it up and down the coast so I guess it is hit or miss...anywho...onto the free stuff! And yes my husband butters iced poptarts as well. So does his whole family. :)

This weeks giveaway is a bit of a will receive the above sweet little tin just full of fun goodies but I won't tell you what they will'll just have to trust me! :) To be entered to win you must leave a comment on THIS that comment you must tell me you or your spouses weirdest habit...I'll choose the winner on Monday!! :)

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Guess what...

there will be a GIVeAway!! later on come back later!! :)

Fabulous things...

Don't you just love it when you get the perfect gift? My dear bloggy/etsy friend April sent me the above print for my birthday and I just LOVE it...I would like to think of it as one of my mission statements for life...taking ordinary things and making them extraordinary! :) I can't wait to frame it and find a place where it will remind me of a life goal! Makes me feel all loved and whatnot! I almost even cried when I opened it. Thanks April!! :)
And here is another fabulous favorite scraps of all time are on sale for 50% off!!!! Ashley has even lowered the shipping making it an even more fabulous deal than usual...head on over to LassieGirl and get yourself some...I PROMISE that you won't regret the box of fabulous scraps that you get in the mail!! Perfect for a million things! And if there are none listed just ask...I am certain she will hook you up!! :)

And onto fabulous as my dear husband and I sat down to lunch this afternoon to cooked at home hamburgers and french fries, I began to shake one of my favorite condiments of all time onto my fries. My husband looks at me and without batting an eye calls me a redneck. I am surely offended. I refuse to believe that it is a redneck trait to use such a fine condiment in a way that it suggests on the very container...which he read only to find out such information.
So please tell me, or my husband rather, that it is not a redneck thing to do...but merely taking advantage of a delicious southern goody. He puts BUTTER on Poptarts for crying out loud...who is he to talk?

If you have no idea what Old Bay is...then you are missing out...and you live either too far North or too far from the East coast. :)

Hope you are fabulous today! :) xoxo

And then it hits you...

There's a baby in there!! We had our first peek and listen was jumping all around and having a good 'ol time...and best of all looks absolutely perfect! :)

um....where's the weekend?

Seriously, where did the weekend go? It zoomed by so fast that I am not even sure what to share from the last few was a great weekend, mind you, just church on Sunday we had a Hawaiian themed cookout and it was tons of fun...above are the fruit kabobs I made as the dish we brought....yum!
Moses loved the lei and cried when he broke it...isn't he a cutie...all dressed up in his Hawaiian outfit. :) He was also walking around the cookout like the party was for him, waving and saying hi to people as he passed by them. :)
They had this enormous slide that we rented...Moses braved it twice and then decided he wanted his clothes back on. :) Look at the face!
Doug had been ridiculous in spoiling me this birthday...I got these FUN bowls one day, a flash diffuser for my camera and today I got a wii fit! SO fun...even if it will tell me about my increasing weight gain. :)
I think he has a problem.
And here is an actual belly shot for you...taken two days after 12 weeks...i am pretty sure I didn't show this much with Moses at 12 weeks but here we are. :)
And we have cake!!! Yummy, delicious and perfect cake!! Goes great with the flowers my honey brought me home the other day too! He should be careful not to spoil me too much...he has to live with me. :) Not too many plans for my birthday does go on you know. We went out to lunch and frozen yogurt and now both of the boys are sleeping. :) We are praying for Doug's crazy schedule to even out a bit soon...thought he did surprise me yesterday with the night off!! :)
So here's to the last year of my 20's!! Hope you are having a fabulous day!
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