State Love Swap Goodies. :)

Oh the goodies I got from Wisconsin! Mrs. Shelly from Lemon Tree Studios sent me some awesome goodies. :) I thought the package I sent out was pretty fun until I got this...hopefully the person who got mine will be just as thrilled. :) Above are some cute note cards made from Wisconsin maps. :)
Here are some fun burp cloths...which I firmly believe you cannot have enough of. :) I'm pretty sure she made these...and a yummy preggo bar. :)
And this one almost made me cry, Shelly! She made me this nursing cover and I LOVE it!! How crazy talented is she? And how much easier will nursing be without having to balance the blanket over the shoulder gig?
Thanks for the baby have given us our first new baby presents and I LOVE them!
And in honor of the university that is near by to her she gave me lots of red and white craft much fun and I love them all...such an inspiring bag of goodies! :) Thank you really made my day! :)

Go visit A Fresh Take On Paper to see the fun Nebraska goodies that she got!

If you have gotten and posted about your goodies let me know and I will link to you so that we can all share in your fun! Or if you don't have a blog but have a photo let me know and I can post that too. :) Can't wait to hear from more of you!! :)

Be sure to take a peek in the shop later on today to see all the fabulous new goodies that I am going to put in there soon!

Please wait for a revised invoice before paying!! :)


A. Attached or single? Attached!

B. Best friend? Doug (right after Jesus)

C. Cake or pie? Cake unless it's apple pie (with vanilla ice cream!)

D. Day of choice? Tuesday

E. Essential item? My MAC

F. Favorite color? green...grass or spinach

G. Gummy bears or worms? bears if I have to...

H. Home town? Radford, VA...always will be.

I. Favorite indulgence? craft supplies.

J. January or July? snow...married in January.

K. Kids? 1.5

L. Life isn’t complete without? Jesus

M. Marriage date? Jan 7, 2006

N. Number of brothers and sisters? One of each.

O. Oranges or Apples? Fugi apples.

P. Phobias? strangers in my house.

Q. Quotes?

This is how we know what love is:
Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.
IJohn 3:16a

"Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged,
sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and
wrong...because sometime in your life you will have been all of

R. Reasons to smile? My Jesus, my Doug, my Moses and my baby bean.

S. Season of choice? Fall please...and candy corn. :)

T. Tag 5 people: April, Amy, Trish, Shelly and Kristi

U. Unknown fact about me? me on this one...

V. Vegetable? Lima beans....yummm!

W. Worst habit? Blog surfing.

X. Xray or ultrasound? Ultrasound...can't come soon enough.

Y. Your favorite food? Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and green beans. Breakfast for dinner. Sweet and salty things.

Z. Zodiac sign? Leo...but I think they hold no value.

I need a little grace...

I am sad and sorry to announce that I have no giveaway for today...I simply could not get my act(or stomach) together to get it ready, photograph it and come up with something clever to give it away...each day is getting a little tougher and right now I am trying to focus any extra energy that I have on filling up my empty shop. :) But I have some fun new goodies to share with you...RUN to your Target now because this amazing ribbon (above)is on clearance for a great price!
I've said it before and I'll say it again...Lassiegirl has the BEST scraps on Etsy. I love each and every generous piece that I get.
I also came home to a lovely little thank you from Trish...I helped her revamp her blog and she sent me these sweet paper cake slices. :) Her blog is here and her store is here. They are adorable and so well made. :) Thanks Trish!
She even included these sweet little houses as well...can't wait to send a gift in these. :)
My sister in law has the best Big Lots ever...she got me all these goodies for dollar tree prices...and they are fabulous...that is Basic Grey ribbon...almost edible. :)
She also gave me this sweet set of pot holders...they are from BeanPickleSprout...I love them!
And you know I had to stick my nose in her Hobby Lobby...since I am deprived of one a few fun new goodies. :)
And last but not least...this unexpected package came from my dear blog friend Amy. :) She always sends me sweet unexpected times. :) This little box had a fun little top...perfect for my chunking up figure and some sweet vintage trims...perfect for boosting my creativity in new ways. :) Thanks friend. :)

I hope to be back on track with a lot of things real cross your fingers for a giveaway next week because I still have lots to go through. :) Say a little prayer for my gag reflex won't you? ;0) xoxoxo

Love for Alaina. :)

Today, April of Jane Says and I have the honor of hosting "Love for Alaina", a mini fund-raiser for little Miss Alaina Joy…the daughter of our blog and etsy friend Trish, of Daisys and Dots. You can read more about Alaina here.
Today at 4:00 p.m. EST.....Little Bit Funky and JaneSays will be listing 1 large tote bag filled with treats and 2 small goody bags filled with originals from JaneSays and Little Bit Funky, there will be 3 listings in both shops. All of the goodies bear a little polka dotted heart to symbolize sweet little Alaina. ALL of the proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to help with Alaina’s medical expenses. The photos included here are just a taste of what will be in the shops today! :)
We hope that along with your help and prayers Alaina’s family can accomplish their goal.
If you would like to make a donation we can direct you in the right direction…please let us know.
Thanks so much for your continued support.
Have a funky happy day!!!

A successful return...

but just barely...the drive home was a bit of a took us a looong eight hours to get home but we enjoyed our visit south. :) Above is sweet little Moses with his gang of buddies that accompany us often on short trips and long...
We always have a few new little toys to entertain him on long trips...along with our dvd player...he was as good down and back as you can expect a child of his age to be...he was a little tearful towards the end...but honestly we were nearly at that point too. :)
We all took Moses to some new playgrounds...the ones in the shade were the best...suuuuuuper hot down there...another reason that I LOVE Virginia...just the right amount of cold and hot. :)
Moses loved playing in his aunt and uncles slip and slide. :)...though he did more slipping than sliding really. :)
He is that pale because he always wears the strongest sunscreen I can find...not because I never take him out. :)
We went to a fun local BBQ place...
They had live bluegrass music...which Moses loved and danced around to...he also loved the BBQ...which he continually stole off of my plate by heaping spoonfuls.
Not that kind of pickin'.
For you city folk. : )
We introduced the family to the wii. :)
Moses was Hokie proud...even in Clemson country.
I think Moses had the best time...he slept great at night and naps, got to see lots of new playgrounds and hang out with folks who had little better to do than play with him.

We were pooped when we got home...after we unpacked, we just hung out and were lazy for the rest of the night...Doug and I went to bed at 8:30...and I slept like a rock until 6am. :) The nausea has kicked it up a gear and I have developed the nose of a bloodhound...right now the smell or thought of corn is making me even more sick...Moses and I spent the morning cuddling under blankets and watching Sesame Street because that is as far as I could move...I have a little more energy at the moment but can't shake the nausea no matter what I do. :( Poor me right? :) And of last Friday baby was the size of a blueberry...hands and feet are forming.

Since I know you miss me... ;)

Here is a fun game of I I'm not back, just cleverly posting. :)

1. Three ducks.
2. Two phones.
3. A TV remote.
4. An airplane.
5. A rooster.
6. Bunny ears.
7. Pompoms.
8. A brown bear.
9. A turtle.
10. Two snakes.
11. Cute new Crocs that we got for $15, thank you very much. :)
12. A saw.
13. The letter X.
14. A helicopter landing pad.
15. The phrase "God made you and He loves you".

Have fun and see you soon!! xoxo

Fun for Friday!

The winner of this giveaway will be whoever posts the 46th comment...comments as much as you like...the only catch is that you won't be able to see how many are already posted because I won't be publishing them until we get back on Tuesday. :) So have fun and leave me some love!

Colors in toyland...

Who couldn't have fun with all those colors right?

Sorry to leave you hanging and all but its been all I can do to keep up with life at the moment...let alone share it all via blog land. :) The last two days have been ummmm...nauseating. Literally. With Moses I had zero "morning" sickness...right now I have morning, noon and night sickness. Constantly. Ugh.

Lucky for me we will be taking a break for a few days...heading out of town tomorrow morning to visit my fab sister-in-law, her wonderful hubby and her little dog babies. :) We can't wait. And you know my vacation rules: no internet, no Etsy, no blog.
I need a break when I can get one. :)

...and don't go thinking of breaking into my house...we have one of those nice house alarms that is in with the police department...and neighbors to keep an eye out for you. :)

I will still be publishing a giveaway for tomorrow...the winner of this one will be whoever posts the 46th many comments as you like...the only catch is that you won't be able to see how many are already posted because I won't be publishing them until we get back on Tuesday. :) POST YOUR COMMENTS ON THE POST TOMORROW. :)

And here is some happy mail that you will be sure to be jealous of...
Check out my yummy new paper...mmmm...can't wait to dig into this.
Sweet fun stamps...
And these must be the most adorable rub-ons that I have ever seen...all mine. :) Can't wait to see what comes of all these cute new goodies!

And, don't forget to get your swap goodies in the mail in the next day or two! :)

See you when I see you! Peace and chicken grease! ;)

This may be my nerdiest post yet.

Apparently I have a jar problem. I never noticed until my husband pointed it out to me a while ago. Thanks honey. Since he mentioned it I am finding them all over the house. The ones in the photo above and the next couple of photos don't live there but were temporarily relocated for photo sake. :)
Look April...there are my buttons, then my sharpies, then Doug's bouncy ball collection, then all the empty thread spools I have used up so far.
There are dum dums for package thank-yous, ribbon (of course), clips and flowers. On top of the last two is a jar of faux cherries. I want more of those but can't find them...
Oh, look. Moses' oatmeal in a jar!
What household doesn't have one of these?...
A jar for all the random metal do-dads that somehow multiply.
And here we have a box of jars, some super old, that have yet to make it out of the box from when we moved...
Jars in the kitchen for cookie cutters, sugar and flour. :) It's nice having big jars for the holidays...less trips to stock up!
And finally...jars for all my shells...from every beach I have ever been to. :)

And as I type this I am remembering at least four more jars that I forgot to photograph...oops.
Having this many of something isn't a problem if they look this cute right?

Do YOU have a collection of something? Let me see!

Recent Fun Stuff.

First things first my friends...the winner!
Kate had an amazing 322 comments!
Followed closely by HeatherW with 284 comments!
Since you both tried so hard and commented waaaaaay more than I thought anyone would, you can BOTH send my your address via Etsy and you will BOTH get a goody bag!! :) You gals kept me entertained all weekend! Thanks for being such good sports! :) I'm sure to feel lonely for a while...not getting hundreds of comments and all...
I was Lazy with a capital L yesterday...and pretty much all weekend...but yesterday I even stayed in lounge clothes...and they earned their name. :) I did rearrange the living room and mantle, though. Does something look funny to you in these photos? If you can't tell...I'm not telling. :)
I love a good change. :)
And I still love the color of this living room. :) I even touched up all the scuff marks this weekend (see Bethany...your not the only one who does that). :)
Moses is doing many cute things at the moment. One of which is making me sing "If your happy and you know it..." but he only like the "Shout Hooray" verse. And boy does he shout "Hooray!" and jumps at the same time. :) I have lost count of how many times a day he makes me sing it...when his dad comes home he get him to help him jump even higher while he shouts "Hooray!"
Lately he has all the guys come to breakfast. Saturday morning we had to take all these guys minus Elmo to the post office and the bank. :)
I love it when he wears this hat. :)
This morning we went to Panera for breakfast and then took Moses to the playground.
He love the slide.
Not as much as he loves his daddy!
This is the view we pass on our short walk to the playground. I love Virginia. :)
And just how precious is this? He stopped to pick a couple "pretties" as he calls them and held on to them through snack time. :)

Hope your Monday is a grand as mine has been so far. :)
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