The narcolepsy game.

This weekend I played a's called get things done before narcolepsy hits you at 2 in the afternoon. I lost this game Saturday and Sunday. I got nothing done. I was basically a blob who followed Doug around on errands. :) Today however, I won. I got things done...thanks in part to Moses waking me up at 5:45...he went back to sleep but guess who didn't? We still managed a fun weekend. :)
While Doug and my uncle played golf they found a new and awesome playground for Moses. We took him there as soon as he was up and ready from his nap on Sunday. :) It was the perfect size for him and he could do most of the things on the little kids part on his own. As he would go down the slide he would say "mama, dada, b (my uncle), mama, dada, weeeeeeeeeeeeee". Every time. It was precious. It's hard to tell who was having more fun, right?

Also this weekend, we took Moses for his first semi-kids meal...I am very anti-fast food...especially for kids, so Moses has never had anything that resembles it. The closest to fast food we eat is Chic-fil-a and even that hardly ever happens. So, Saturday for lunch he had his little chicken bites, fruit cup and milk and he loved it. Doug and I have not enjoyed lunch as much in a was just fun to sit there with him and watch him enjoy his treat. :)

And on Sunday we took him to nursery in the middle of worship, when he started to fidget...and though he protested just a little at the beginning...he was perfectly fine. When we came back to get him he was sitting at a table, having snack...being all grown and all. The nursery workers said that he didn't cry at all but played and had a good time. When we left Moses leaned into the main nursery worker and laid a wet one on her! :) Thank God for answered prayers and sweet boys!

On my heart just how stinkin' blessed I am. I mean seriously...I couldn't ask for a thing. Not one. Sure my life is not perfect but in every area I can see hope, improvement, joys, blessings, this moment nothing seems too difficult or overwhelming. God is all around us as a family and it makes me want to work hard to keep it that way. :)

The winner of the package this week is Amanda (I think that is your name). :) To choose the winner this week I just went through the list of entries and choose this one because it just pricked my heart so much...I am such a baby when Doug is gone for a day or two...I can't imagine not seeing or hearing from him for months! Amanda you can contact me through Etsy also to leave your address. :)

Cute or not?

I made these funky little trees last night and I know that I love them...the questions is do others? Just trying to come up with some fun new things as there are now more than several shops that mirror mine exactly...or at least they try to. ;)
Wouldn't they look adorable tucked into a window ledge or perched on a door frame...or paired with some little houses? :)

Hope your Saturday is wonderful...there are a million things that I need to get done but so far have done none of them... :)


Above is what I should be doing. I should not be blogging...I should be folding the three loads of laundry that is sitting on my bed...looks exactly the same now as it did hours ago when I took this photo. :) There's a real life photo for you. At least the bed is made, right? This morning I awoke to find that my husband had thrown his dirty clothes into the mix (while they were piled in a basket near the laundry room)...I was like "those are clean...can't you tell?" :)

So now I dare YOU to post a real life photo...go on...go find your messy spot and put it out there for all to see...I'll give out a bonus goody to the person who posts the messiest photo...just make sure I know where to come see it. :)
Got some yummy treasures in the mail today...sweet, sweet Jen from Noodle and Lou made these darling little houses just for me...packaged so sweetly...
I simply adore them...especially the little red one with the polka dots...
See...made just for name on 'em and all. :)
One of these things is not like the of these things just isn't the yeah...I may not look pregnant but some overwhelming force made me buy chocolate and peanut butter Pops at Target yesterday. I usually can't stand sugary cereals for the most part but I had to have when you buy four boxes you get a $5 gift card. :)
And I just had to share these ADORABLE little houses with stinkin' cute are these little gift boxes? Love them...just need a reason to buy them...Go see her other fab and cute things at Daisys and Dots.
And speaking of cute and about this one from Janesays. :)
She called me to chat yesterday...sounds as cute as you would think she should...
And one more...can you believe how talented Mrs. Scottie is from Tiddlywinks. She is fabulous should go visit this sweet little flower doll in her shop. :) And she is having a sale!

And exciting home front news...Moses peed in the potty!! When I clapped and made such a fuss over it, he totally gave me this look like he was saying "'s just pee". :)

:) Well that's my day...anyone want to come fold some laundry for me?

Don't forget to post your mess and come tell me about it. :)

And I sent out the swap email...let me know if you did not receive it or if there are any problems. :) Have a fabulous Friday!

Giveaway Friday

Yep, it's that time again!
To enter the drawing for this stash of loot...leave me a comment on THIS that comment tell me something you are looking forward to! :)
I'll draw the winner on Monday!
Good luck! :)

helllllooooo again!

Sorry to drop such fun news on you then run! It's been a busy couple of days around here...Doug was off so we do our best to do fun things and really enjoy the family days together...we went to the lake yesterday and Moses tested out his new swim vest...he was starting to get the hang of it and really liked the freedom from us holding him that it gave him. Above is a photo of the kids is all shallow and has a fun fountain...Doug and Moses are in the pic...near the rope line. In the past couple of days we also bought Moses a potty...not that we have high hopes of him using it right away but we thought it would be good to have around for him to get used to...we do put him on it right before bath...when he usually pees on the floor at the sound of the water running. :) Then today we went to story time at Barnes and Noble and got Moses an "Elmo uses the potty" book. :) We had a great couple of days...AND he is off this weekend too. :)
I have also been busy trying to stock the store's a sweet little birdy that is waiting in the shop for you...needle felted by yours truly. :) Complete with her own little nest. were at an all time low and I am currently in the process of posting more as we speak...these blossom ones are my favorites...


As for our big news...we are more than thrilled and excited...blessed beyond what we could ever earn or deserve. :) I expect another perfect pregnancy. :) Moses was about as easy as they morning sickness, NO stretch marks (I know you hate me, right?), very few overwhelming cravings, quick labor (too quick= no epidural)...nothing too too bad...except the 55lbs I gained with him...and the terrible sunburn I got (my dr failed to tell me that pregnant women are more prone to sunburn (I NEVER burn)and when I asked him about it his reply was "well there are a million side affects to pregnancy...we can't be expected to tell you all of them"...umm it was summer...somehow that one seemed important.)
I am slightly narcoleptic at the moment but other than that perfectly normal (except that I have already reorganized my entire house in my you may guess from my current personality, pregnancy puts my productive levels into if you need a is the time to ask me. :)---no lie-I was recaulking the bath tub at like 8 1/2months pregnant with HAD to be done.)

And this time we plan to find out what we are having...we didn't do that with Moses and while it was fun to find out at the very last minute, I'm pretty sure we will find out this time. :) And Meg...if you could kindly email me your address...I have some orphaned Starbucks coffee that needs a good home... :(

And already I have a wish list of things I will probably never buy...why? because I am terrible at buying things for myself...but if I were better at it here are a few things that would already be on their way to my house...

Isn't this maternity tee adorable? It's from Wonderfully Made 4 You...
...super cute and does NOT say "Baby on Board".
Another adorable top...LOVE it! This one is from Sky Harbor Clothing. Doesn't it look comfy?
I wish these had been around with Moses...instead of constantly tugging at a blanket...and you know I love the dots...this one is from For the Love Boutique.
And this one is my favorite...I have hearted this shop for months now just waiting for an excuse I just love the tree graphic...this one is from Discobelly.

Other things on my to do list for the day:
1. Send out email and swap info.
2. Blog post about swap info?
3. Finish posting new cards/towels/house tags
4. Get giveaway ready for tomorrow.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!
Leave me some love and come back tomorrow for the giveaway! :)

The good life.

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...
Won't you be my neighbor?

Hello friend! I hope this finds you all in the midst of a FaBuLouS Monday! We are busy, busy here but life is oh so good...the sun is shining, Moses is cute as a button, Doug is home (I couldn't tell you that he was gone because what if you were kidnappers ;)), no yucky people ANYwhere in my life...thanks for all your prayers, Doug has Tuesday and Wednesday off AND my dining room is the most happy shade of green. :) Here are a few better photos of said dining room:
I adore how the blue and green go together. :) Isn't it happy?

I buy a new orchid every couple of months...cheaper than buying fresh flowers (which I LOVE) and the blooms last forever...too bad I can never get them to bloom again. :)
Looove it! In case you are wondering...I put my books on the shelf like that on purpose, spines up, to show more of the white...I thought the shelves were too dark otherwise. :)
Man o man...just makes me happy!
I just finished a marathon of new postings in the shop...go check them out...lots of colorful new things to see and buy. :)
You just have to love these sweet and simple bird tags. :)

The winner of this weeks giveaway is Laurie. Please contact me via Etsy and let me know where you would like me to send your loot. :) For all you would be cheaters(wink wink) you know who you are...I read Doug all of the entries and left out any identifying information...He choose Laurie's because it sounded like things I would want to do. :)

Look for another giveaway next Friday!

I hope to get an email/blog post out on Thursday to cover the swap info. :)
Swap sign-ups go until Wednesday! Go HERE to sign up! :)

Please take a moment and take my quick little survey over on the right's anonymous so be honest...I am just curious about other households as I am sure some of you are. :)

Swap sign-ups go until Wednesday! Go HERE to sign up! :)


With the help of Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Prairie Dawn I just finished repainting my dining room. With time to spare to blog about it before Moses wakes up. My husband has no idea. Shhhhhh. Brush Meadow. Perfect. It is rainy out so I couldn't get a great photo...this color doesn't create its own light like the other one. Better photos tomorrow. :)
Happy Sunday!

I think I may cry...

so shortly after posting the pics below the Earth shifted or the sun changed color or something strange happened in my home and turned that lovely shade of green NEON. NEON!! N.E.O.N. I am going back and forth between crying (at the thought of doing it all again) to wanting to throw up (at the thought of buying more paint)...I need to drown my face in chocolate to choke back the tears...luckily Doug is off this Tuesday and Wednesday so guess what we will be doing..... :(

My day is full of color...

This is my friend Jessie...we were best friends in high school forever ago and (sadly) only recently have managed to get back into each others lives...she has a shop on Etsy, too and yesterday she came into town to visit...I put her to work painting my dining room. :)
Doesn't that look fresh and clean?
See my wall of memories in the corner there...simple clip frames that I add to now and then.
I just love it. Such a change.
Makes the white kitchen whiter and the blue living room bluer.
Do you know this trick? Do you see how in these photos it looks like there is a bit of crown molding around the top? Just an illusion...using painters tape, start taping off at the top of the wall and not on the ceiling. Tricks the eye and looks great, too.
For some reason Jessie insisted on buying me trims...after painting for me and buying me dinner and driving an hour to see me....I tried to stop her.
She left a bit ago and I found some goodies in my mailbox...treats for me and Moses from Janesays.
Sweet little posey tags...
And little birdy extras. :) Thanks friend...Moses is sure to love the monkey sponge...he loves to clean!
A sweet sign for the shop...
And another. Need to claim it? You know where to find me. :)
My fab sister in law sent me this recipe:

SUPER yummy---banana-chocolate chippers
oven 350
3/4 c. butter or margarine, softened
2/3 c. sugar
2/3 c. brown sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
2-3 over ripe or just ripe bananas (mine were super over ripe)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 c. all purpose-flour
as many chocolate chips as you like--i added a bag
Pre-heat oven to 350
Grease a 15x10x1 (a cookie sheet) baking pan, (set aside)
Beat the butter/margarine alone with a high-speed mixer for 30 seconds, add sugars, baking powder, salt
add in eggs, banana, vanilla
add in flour, then chocolate
(you can also add chopped walnuts but i skipped them)
spread even in pan, bake for 22-24 minutes until golden brown
cool completely then cut into bars
they are a spongy cake consistency with amazing flavor--ENJOY!

Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!! :)

Don't forget to sign up for the swap by going HERE!

My Sense of Humor.

So I have debated for a long time whether or not to share this web site with will either make you love me more (I hope) or think I need to get a life. LOLcats is one of my favorite places to go for a funny on the internet. :) Something about the spelling, expressions of the animals and situations makes me cry with laughter and lose a lot of time from my day every time I go there. Either you will get it or you won't...forgive me if I waste your time either way.

Enjoy...I'm going to paint my dining room "Lucky Clover" green. :)

Giveaway Friday

Here are the goods this week...paper, buttons, bag-o-ribbon, glitter, stickers, embellishments, etc...I plan on doing this until my supplies reach a "normal" level.
We will be doing this for a while. ;)
All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite summer time activity. : )

I'll let Doug choose the winner on Saturday!

A sneaky peek...

So here is proof that I did get SOMEthing done today...despite the rough start...above is hopefully a first of many...Tooth Fairy Cottages. :) What tooth fairy would pass this by?
My poor little stinker made a stinker in the middle of the night and didn't tell me about it (not that he has that ability yet)...resulting in terrible diaper rash...I despise diaper rash...we started the day with a bath/hose down and then I fed him his breakfast in some of Doug's boyhood books to him...all while he lay in the nudey. :) Poor puddin' butt.
Lots of new frames and a few signs...I know one will say "Abide" but other than that I haven't decided. Need one with a special word? Let me know soon and you can claim it. :)

And don't forget......tomorrow is GIVEAWAY DAY!!

And don't forget to sign up for the super awesome swap below! :)

Peace and chicken grease ya'll!
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