I'm never late...

The good life.

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...
Won't you be my neighbor?

Hello friend! I hope this finds you all in the midst of a FaBuLouS Monday! We are busy, busy here but life is oh so good...the sun is shining, Moses is cute as a button, Doug is home (I couldn't tell you that he was gone because what if you were kidnappers ;)), no yucky people ANYwhere in my life...thanks for all your prayers, Doug has Tuesday and Wednesday off AND my dining room is the most happy shade of green. :) Here are a few better photos of said dining room:
I adore how the blue and green go together. :) Isn't it happy?

I buy a new orchid every couple of months...cheaper than buying fresh flowers (which I LOVE) and the blooms last forever...too bad I can never get them to bloom again. :)
Looove it! In case you are wondering...I put my books on the shelf like that on purpose, spines up, to show more of the white...I thought the shelves were too dark otherwise. :)
Man o man...just makes me happy!
I just finished a marathon of new postings in the shop...go check them out...lots of colorful new things to see and buy. :)
You just have to love these sweet and simple bird tags. :)

The winner of this weeks giveaway is Laurie. Please contact me via Etsy and let me know where you would like me to send your loot. :) For all you would be cheaters(wink wink) you know who you are...I read Doug all of the entries and left out any identifying information...He choose Laurie's because it sounded like things I would want to do. :)

Look for another giveaway next Friday!

I hope to get an email/blog post out on Thursday to cover the swap info. :)
Swap sign-ups go until Wednesday! Go HERE to sign up! :)

Please take a moment and take my quick little survey over on the right side...it's anonymous so be honest...I am just curious about other households as I am sure some of you are. :)

Swap sign-ups go until Wednesday! Go HERE to sign up! :)


With the help of Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Prairie Dawn I just finished repainting my dining room. With time to spare to blog about it before Moses wakes up. My husband has no idea. Shhhhhh. Brush Meadow. Perfect. It is rainy out so I couldn't get a great photo...this color doesn't create its own light like the other one. Better photos tomorrow. :)
Happy Sunday!

I think I may cry...

so shortly after posting the pics below the Earth shifted or the sun changed color or something strange happened in my home and turned that lovely shade of green NEON. NEON!! N.E.O.N. I am going back and forth between crying (at the thought of doing it all again) to wanting to throw up (at the thought of buying more paint)...I need to drown my face in chocolate to choke back the tears...luckily Doug is off this Tuesday and Wednesday so guess what we will be doing..... :(

My day is full of color...

This is my friend Jessie...we were best friends in high school forever ago and (sadly) only recently have managed to get back into each others lives...she has a shop on Etsy, too and yesterday she came into town to visit...I put her to work painting my dining room. :)
Doesn't that look fresh and clean?
See my wall of memories in the corner there...simple clip frames that I add to now and then.
I just love it. Such a change.
Makes the white kitchen whiter and the blue living room bluer.
Do you know this trick? Do you see how in these photos it looks like there is a bit of crown molding around the top? Just an illusion...using painters tape, start taping off at the top of the wall and not on the ceiling. Tricks the eye and looks great, too.
For some reason Jessie insisted on buying me trims...after painting for me and buying me dinner and driving an hour to see me....I tried to stop her.
She left a bit ago and I found some goodies in my mailbox...treats for me and Moses from Janesays.
Sweet little posey tags...
And little birdy extras. :) Thanks friend...Moses is sure to love the monkey sponge...he loves to clean!
A sweet sign for the shop...
And another. Need to claim it? You know where to find me. :)
My fab sister in law sent me this recipe:

SUPER yummy---banana-chocolate chippers
oven 350
3/4 c. butter or margarine, softened
2/3 c. sugar
2/3 c. brown sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
2-3 over ripe or just ripe bananas (mine were super over ripe)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 c. all purpose-flour
as many chocolate chips as you like--i added a bag
Pre-heat oven to 350
Grease a 15x10x1 (a cookie sheet) baking pan, (set aside)
Beat the butter/margarine alone with a high-speed mixer for 30 seconds, add sugars, baking powder, salt
add in eggs, banana, vanilla
add in flour, then chocolate
(you can also add chopped walnuts but i skipped them)
spread even in pan, bake for 22-24 minutes until golden brown
cool completely then cut into bars
they are a spongy cake consistency with amazing flavor--ENJOY!

Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!! :)

Don't forget to sign up for the swap by going HERE!

My Sense of Humor.

So I have debated for a long time whether or not to share this web site with you...it will either make you love me more (I hope) or think I need to get a life. LOLcats is one of my favorite places to go for a funny on the internet. :) Something about the spelling, expressions of the animals and situations makes me cry with laughter and lose a lot of time from my day every time I go there. Either you will get it or you won't...forgive me if I waste your time either way.

Enjoy...I'm going to paint my dining room "Lucky Clover" green. :)

Giveaway Friday

Here are the goods this week...paper, buttons, bag-o-ribbon, glitter, stickers, embellishments, etc...I plan on doing this until my supplies reach a "normal" level.
We will be doing this for a while. ;)
All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite summer time activity. : )

I'll let Doug choose the winner on Saturday!

A sneaky peek...

So here is proof that I did get SOMEthing done today...despite the rough start...above is hopefully a first of many...Tooth Fairy Cottages. :) What tooth fairy would pass this by?
My poor little stinker made a stinker in the middle of the night and didn't tell me about it (not that he has that ability yet)...resulting in terrible diaper rash...I despise diaper rash...we started the day with a bath/hose down and then I fed him his breakfast in bed...read some of Doug's boyhood books to him...all while he lay in the nudey. :) Poor puddin' butt.
Lots of new frames and a few signs...I know one will say "Abide" but other than that I haven't decided. Need one with a special word? Let me know soon and you can claim it. :)

And don't forget......tomorrow is GIVEAWAY DAY!!

And don't forget to sign up for the super awesome swap below! :)

Peace and chicken grease ya'll!

It's that time again...

Swap time!!!

So the theme for this swap will be "State Love"! I don't know about you but I happen to think that my state is the best in the union so I am more than eager to share why in a box of love to an out of stater! If you would like to participate in this swap simply leave a comment on this post with your email address AND state on it! If you would rather you can go to Etsy and leave me a message there!

Sign ups will go for the next week and then I will assign partners
and send out details!


I know I have been promising some new crafty goodness for a while...and I promise that it is coming...as soon as the crazy calms down in my home...above however is a photo of one of my current projects....a world map where I will put a pin for each location that I send an Etsy sale! :) How fun right? Only 600 or so more sales to go... (thanks for the inspiration Amy)


And scroll down two posts to see an announcement about anonymous commenting.


Thanks to all who participated in yesterdays post...we will do it again sometime...with more notice!


Failure and Good Things.

First I must confess that I have failed in my campaign to ignore. I went to close that account out and there was a third email (yes 3 in 12 hours or so--the pattern). I read it and responded. I am such a dummy. Guilt tried to eat away at me for the rest of the day...not for the words that I said because they were not horrible words but the fact that I said them in the first place. And then on the drive to a playground last night a comment, from Trish I think it was, came into my head...not to give the enemy a foothold. And I realized that that was what I was doing. The enemy wants me to feel stupid and guilty. I immediately prayed against it...asked for forgiveness for failing and prayed for the yucky person in my life (thanks Meg, I needed that reminder). As I prayed, bits and pieces of so many of the comments that I received popped into my head and fit together to help me make sense of it all...And then I came home to an email from another wonderful friend, reminding me to focus on the good in my life...which is SO so so abundant. With that I started fresh. The account is closed so they have no way of contacting me...and I really am removing them from my life. I can tell a change already...I feel a freedom that I haven't had in a long while. I share my failure with you as a form of accountability. You would never know otherwise but I would and I have that darned drive to be authentic. So here I am...starting over...again. :) Hope you can love me anyway! And with that I am officially SICK of talking about it...no more of that!
In an effort for ALL of us to focus on the good in our lives...here is a fun game for us...make a post on your blog in the next 24hours or so then come back and link here...in that post I want to see some of the good things in YOUR life!
Above is a great shot of Moses and I on the slide yesterday...here is to GOOD times!
My garden is doing so well this year...here is to GOOD growing!
Moses insisted on carrying this tape measure around...clipped to his pants that sagged as a result...here is to a GOOD boy!
Yesterday I taught Moses how to swing on the swings superman style...here is to GOOD fun!
Here is my wonderful, fun man...here is to a GOOD husband!

BEFORE you link here PLEASE make a post on your blog about the GOOD things in YOUR life! :)

P.S. Crafty new things and Fun announcement tomorrow! Giveaway on Friday!

Loose ends...

I have a handful of things I have been meaning to post or share...and since Doug is working late, I thought I might catch up. But first, thanks to everyone who took time to comment for me...I really needed to hear the same answer over and over again and I intend to take your advice. Delete (emails), (mark as)spam, ignore(any or all contact). I am even thinking of getting rid of anonymous comments, too. That is my plan of attack. Not out of malice but in an effort to protect myself and family. I know that ignoring her is the right thing...it just helps to know that everyone else thinks it's the right thing too, you know? So, thanks fabulous Blog friends. ;)

Above is a favorite shot of mine that I got of Moses last week during our heat wave and we introduced him to the sprinkler...set on 12in of sprinkle mind you.
And this is another favorite...he is trying to drink the water...he would go from one end to the other...this boy is too cute! I love his little hands and chunky thighs in this photo.
This is another great shot from last week...I was watering my plants and he kept running into the spray of the water...before we knew it he was soaked and I was spraying him full on with the hose...he loved it! He never noticed that his diapered bum was hanging out of his drenched pants. This boy has a special place for all things water!
He loves to play in this bucket with water...he likes to sit in it...legs up, crocs on, bum down and water up to his eyeballs if he can get that low!
And this is long over due...but sweet Mrs. April sent me a box of goodies...a comfy shirt, note pad, paper soap and a cute little coin purse...which for some reason, Moses has claimed. :) Thank you thank you my dear April! I get the best love from friends in the mail...so much so that I have been hiding from my mail lady...because to deliver a package to me she has to go out of her way and walk it to my door...the other day I was telling Doug about this and what does he say..."She thinks you're the QVC lady"...thanks honey...that makes me feel so much better!
And then...just last week...the kind Mrs. Julie sent me some patterns to try out...I knew they were coming to me...what I didn't know was that she also included a big 'ol bag of Starbucks coffee and a coupon for a free Starbucks chocolate bar....tasty. Thank you sweet friend!
And it must have been my week for Starbucks...cause my honey brought me home a brand new mug. He loves me...he really loves me. :)

And here is one last thing that has been on my mind...ok, so you know how I said that I am not one to worry? Well that is generally true...I am not by nature a worrier...I am slightly neurotic (in a charming and not weird way mind you)...and I make my husband help me contain it. For example...we have a code word that I will use if I am being kidnapped. HaHA! I can't believe how crazy that sounds as I type it. But seriously...we recently had delivery guys at our house...and Doug was unable to be there. So it was just me...so I told Doug that I would call him as they got there and make sure that they heard me tell Doug that I would call him as soon as they left. Doug was under strict instructions to do something if he didn't hear back from me. And if I called and used our codeword then that would mean that I was being kidnapped. Because of course I would tell the kidnappers that my husband knew to call the cops if he didn't hear from me. As crazy as that sounds...just saying it out loud to Doug made me feel better and I was no longer worried about being kidnapped. So, I guess I am wondering if this is a normal kind of crazy...or what? :)

And p.s. check out the crazy hail we got last night!

A Man, His Son, A Day, A Tote, A Problem

Ok, so there is a LOT running through my head at the moment and I really want to get it all out so I can think a little straighter...so you might want to go grab some coffee or a soda. :)First things first. We had a fabulous Father's Day weekend. I mean top notch, not a thing could have been better. Moses and I are blessed beyond measure by having Doug in our lives. He is such a wonderful man and father that it is often baffling to me that God choose him for me. Doug is far more than I deserve and I truly thank God for him daily. He is an amazing father to our son...his parents should be proud of the man that they raised!
Moses just adores Doug...follows him around, asks for him when he is not there, waits for him to come home from work...and Doug does more than his "share" of parenting. He is a hands on Dad...I pray that Moses will one day truly appreciate that and all the great things about his dad.
On Sunday we went to church and Moses was just a jewel. The best best part of the day was Moses dancing and clapping along to worship and spontaneously yelling "Yay, Jesus!"...melted my heart right away. The worst part of the day was leaving Moses in nursery for the first time. Yikes! Bawling and sniffling...it was tough...please tell me it gets better...Moses and I then took Doug out for a fancy lunch. :)
Then we piddled around window shopping...one of my favorite Doug traits is that he likes to shop. :) Meg I think of you every time I see this display. :)

Another favorite Moses moment was last night before we were putting him to bed...I asked him for a kiss and he obliged...only I didn't make the kiss noise so it was a silent one...he giggled and tried again, I gave him another silent one, more giggling, more silent kisses...then he looked at me, puckered and made the kiss noise...as if to say "this is what it should sound like"...then Doug did it to him...more giggling and funny baby...a great way to end our day. :)
And today I found out that I am a featured artist on a local website. cvillestyle.com
How fun is that?
And the winner of the loot this week was Bethany!! She was the first to guess 55 bouncy balls! Yay, Bethany!!...Watch out next Friday for another fun giveaway...and coming later this week...a super fun announcement...what will it be?
One more fun thing...check out the new market tote in the shop! Get it while you can...and if you miss it and need one let me know quickly...you never know how long they will be available. :)
And finally...a plea for prayers and advice. Do you have a yucky(for lack of a better word) person in your life? Someone who only brings hurt and drama into your life but no matter what you do or how you beg you cannot get them out of your life for good? I do. And I have tried it all...begging, writing, praying, ignoring, having others who are relevant to the situation write, pray, beg and ignore...but nothing. I was doing well and thought that this person was finally getting the hint, was finally moving on...only to receive another email from them. Yes, I could have just hit delete but I am an eternal optimist...I really wanted to hear them out and hope against hope that they had changed. This person has done nothing but reek havoc in my life from the day I was "introduced" to them via several emails they wrote to my then fiance' telling him what a huge mistake he was making by marrying me. So I read the email. And immediately recognized the pattern that they go through in my life...drama, accuse, judge, talk it out, friend, we don't live up to their expectations, drama, accuse, etc...repeat. And immediately felt yucky. Not knowing what else to do, I went to their blog...after days of digesting the email...to see if the change was true...if I should, like a fool, give them another chance. But no. More lies and judgments. This time, they stated that I didn't want to be their friend because I was jealous that I could see God pouring into their life and not mine. More baloney. I immediately deleted the email to remove the temptation to say anything to them...but it sits there in my trash can and mocks me every time I log in. The worst part is that they don't even know me. Literally. They have never met me. I am at a complete loss as to how to get rid of the yucky feelings this person gives me...or rather that I let them have the power to give me...I can promise that there is no malice in my heart for them, no anger or lack of forgiveness...I have long ago learned that un-forgiveness and anger only hurt the one carrying it.

Honestly the only non-positive thing that I associate with this person is dread aka yuck(dread for the drama and mess they spread). I just want to be left alone but that doesn't seem to be happening so this is where I need help and/or prayers. Is there something I can do? Is there a verse I can cling to to take away their power to fill me with dread? Give me anything you got that may help. I just don't know what to do anymore. If the answer truly is to ignore...then I need some prayer support to do that. Talking it out with them has proven over and over to not be an option. And a protective order seems to be taking it a little far.............just kidding. ;)

So please comment away...I am anxious for your replies. :)
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