How to get your Etsy on...

But first I have to show off the cute skirt I made for my niece...

So cute...if I do say so myself!

OK, so here goes a lot of reading for all you Etsy starter uppers. This is by no means "professional" advice just things that I know that I do in my Etsy experience that make a difference. If any of you other Etsy folks have something to add please comment! If any of you Etsy buyers would like to leave us some hints about what you like to see in a shop, practice and policy wise, leave a comment for that, too. :)

1. List often and at different times of the day. Mondays and Fridays are my best days. The weekends are usually slow...especially if the weather is nice! :) I try to post right before I go to bed. :)

2. No copying just is so not cool to do. It is one thing to be inspired by someone but quite another to copy them completely and call it your own. I have had experience with people copying both my items and my blog posts...neither makes me feel very happy...and I always find out about it. :)

3. If you are looking to get a part time income out of it, you have to treat it like a part time job. Be professional. You can't jump in just when you need a few bucks. If you are looking to just have a hobby and some extra cash now and then, then you have to be OK with sporadic sales. :) Both ways are good ways! I am not saying one is better than the other.

4. Be YOU. Have fun, enjoy yourself, this will show through in your shop and all that you make. If you don't love what you are doing than you need to find something's no fun to force yourself to make things that don't make you happy.

5. Take great photos. Use natural lighting, it always makes for the best photos. Try fun and different angles...choose your backgrounds with care.

6. Be nice and courteous to all of your customers and Etsy peers. Don't ever think that you can get away with being not so nice to will always come back to find you. :)

7. Price your items fairly. Don't way won't become a millionaire via Etsy. At the same time don't under price either...that makes it harder for those of us who price items competitively.

8. No whiney shop announcements! I have seen people actually put in their shop announcement that they are in desperate need for gas/milk/diapers/etc. For me that makes me leave the shop right away mostly because there is no way to judge if this is a true need or someone just trying anything to make a sale but also because that is just not a way to run a wouldn't have a "real" shop owner approach you like that?!

9. Have bargain sales sometimes but not ALL the time. You don't want people thinking you are desperate for patient sales will come!

OK. That is all I can think of for the moment but I am sure I will think of more later...leave any questions or comments you want and I will try to answer/respond as best I can. :) And you can always email me at!

Happy day to you!

Welcome to the bean farm!

So, some time back I mentioned that I gave Moses a tray of rice to play with...later I added a bag of dry beans to that tray and let him have at it some more. Sometimes we would take it outside...he was happy as a lark, scooping away and having a blast. Now if you ever wondered to yourself...could you plant these dry beans and would they grow?...the answer is yes. I have about 30 bean plants or so to prove it...sporadically placed around the entire yard in a way that only a toddler in his own world could. :) They make me smile every time I see them so I have no intention of getting rid of them. :)
This boy has been a joy of all joys lately. I am soaking up the fact that he is and has always been such an easy baby. People have always told me that things about him would change...that his hair would fall out(never happened), that the calm sweet nature that he had in the hospital would be replaced with a more typical personality (never ever happened), that he would outgrow this or that...none of those ever happened either. As far as parenting goes...he has been easy as pie...yes there have been days that weren't great, nights he wouldn't sleep (until we met Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child) but all in all I have nothing to complain about. Today I am especially thankful for the joy and sweetness that is Moses.
He makes me especially proud lately because he will say thank you to strangers who give things to the snack lady at story time or the grocery bagger giving him stickers. A 20 month old toddler who is using please and thank you UN-prompted in such a sweet voice makes my heart melt like butter and my eyes tear up just typing this. Yes, I am thankful for this sweet blessing of a boy.
One more...I just taught him to say "cheese" when I take his photo...for some reason, this pose goes along with saying it. Ok, sappy over...I have decided to paint my dining room...right now it is a shade called brick hearth...I love it but I want something brighter to compliment the shade of my living room which I ADORE. :) A bright and cheery shade of green it is...but which one?
Lots of new cards going into the shop today...
This weekend I made a couple of gifts for sweet little Meira who just turned one! The skirt above is waaaay cuter in person...I am pretty proud of it...considering I had to alter the pattern that is a 5-6 to fit a 12m old. :)
I also made her this way fun tu-tu...Moses may or may not have looked super cute in it. :) My niece will be getting one of each of the above. :)

And the WINNER!
Is Julie from Joy's Hope who guessed Washington D.C!! Technically my friend Pam guessed it first so I will be sending Pam some goodies too...silly me failed to remember that people who actually know me read this I withheld Pam's guess to keep the guessing going. :)

Look for another GIVEAWAY next Friday!!

Have a happy day and be sure to go check out the new goodies in the shop!

Oh, oh, oh and someone asked about Etsy tips for success...tomorrows post will be dedicated to that so come back tomorrow! :)

Stylin' and profilin'

Just me showing off my adorable son again. :)
He is wearing one of my favorite outfits of his at the moment. :)
You see any Moses in this face? (That is baby Me by the way).
Moses looked more like me until he got his first major haircut but he still has my brown eyes.
Me and my little it just me or does that bunny look terrified?
Who can forget the Glo-worms and Cabbage Patch Kids...
...this one is named Rodney Dale...I still have him. :) Me with my little 10 years ago...loved my pixie haircut
and yes my sister is still this skinny. :)

Busy busy weekend...lots of new goodies in the shop on Monday! :)
Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

It's GIVEAWAY day!!!!!!

No, you can't have him but couldn't you just squish him he is so cute! :)
Here is this giveaways bag of goodies...full of papers, flowers, embellishments, tags, ribbons...
Stickers, hearts, cute little tin and way way more...

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on THIS POST. :) In that comment leave a guess for what major U.S. city you think I was born in! The closest answer wins!! You can guess more than once as long as someone else didn't already guess it! So tell all your friends and get to it!

I'll choose the winner on Monday!
Have a happy Friday!

Birds, Bugs, New Things

Some glimpses of the day...A sweet little visitor to the butterfly bushes by the front door...
The detail in something so small is amazing to me...
Funky little owl the shop now.
So are these yummy little tags...citrus and berry, what could be more summer?
A fun little shadow box type thing I am working on. :)
Sweet trims and buttons for crafty things.
A fun new frame in the shop.
Along with these fun new frames which I will gladly personalize for you with any short name, initials or word. Go check them out here. :)

Another goody bag giveaway starts tomorrow! Stay tuned!


We had a lovely day with the Selent's! We took them downtown for lunch where we had possibly the worst waitress experience to date. :) I won't list all the fun details that made it so umm...interesting but I will say that when we asked to talk to the manager they told us that he was "busy". Yea, that about sums up the experience. But we still managed a fun day overall. Above are the two youngest boys, Zion and Canaan...who looked so much alike to me when they got there that I couldn't tell who was who!
Eric and Michelle...we are so sad not to be living just down the street from them anymore. :(
These are delightful boys with wonderful parents!
I thought Michelle was adorable in her hat and glasses. :)
Some of the boys played in the sprinkler. Here is Noah.
Moses has always had a special place for ZZ. He was all over him just about the whole time.
All of us together. :) LOVE these friends. :)
Playing Apples to Apples.
Moses was after the Apples to Apples cards so I gave him his own deck...which he LOVED. :)
Moses making sure that all eyes were on him. :)

It was a great day but now I am in that place where Charlottesville seems so lonely again. We loved our life in Radford and honestly can't say we love C'ville nearly as much. It seems like whenever I explore an avenue to get us more engaged in the area a roadblock is thrown in my it's trying to come up with an extra $100 to get into MOPS before its completely full...which happened to us last year. So today I am contemplative, quiet and gray...kinda like the weather outside. Here is to the day getting better...

And P.S. Traci...the sign is not in the shop yet...I hope to get it in there in a day or two.

A pic, a peek and a present.

One of my favorite things. This clock is bigger than Moses. :)
This phrase has been stuck in my head since the pillow I made. Look for this sign in the shop soon...need to claim it? You know where to find me. :)
This is what my honey brought me last night. :) He loves me and I love him and it. YUM!
You need's as good as you think it might be.

Getting things done...

Let's start off with some shop talk...above is the only crafty thing I did all weekend! :) It is a custom order for a sweet customer...I may have to make is such a sweet little brag book don't you think? I'm switching things up a little in the shop...I may start carrying some supplies and such as I go through some of my stash...
AND I have white house towels again! Let me know if I can make some just for you! :)
Everything seems to be blooming in the yard...LOVE these Canterbury bells. :)
And these sweet pink hydrangea...
Nothing says warm weather like watermelon, right? Gettin' ready for some of our BEST friends in the world to come visit tomorrow. :) They don't make people much better than the Selents
They are more than friends to us...they are family. Shoot, Michelle was there when Moses was born...front and center (I have blocked that from my mind) and still loves me. :) We can't wait to see them...tomorrow will be a great day!
And this is what we did all weekend...this is our poor fence before. We have no idea what the previous owners were trying to do...unless they were both blind, there was no reason for this fence to look like it did...different heights, sizes, etc. It was a mess.
Here is the during. Getting the lattice up. Foreman on the project, front and center.
All finished...minus a new stain job that will happen some time in the future...all the same height...cute little copper caps on the posts, lattice...we also found some HUGE perennials 75% off...and a sweet Wisteria that I am hoping will take over the other side of the fence. :)

Hope you all are well and blessed!
I'm thinking about doing another goody bag giveaway in the next few days...stay tuned!
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