A pic, a peek and a present.

One of my favorite things. This clock is bigger than Moses. :)
This phrase has been stuck in my head since the pillow I made. Look for this sign in the shop soon...need to claim it? You know where to find me. :)
This is what my honey brought me last night. :) He loves me and I love him and it. YUM!
You need one....today...it's as good as you think it might be.

Getting things done...

Let's start off with some shop talk...above is the only crafty thing I did all weekend! :) It is a custom order for a sweet customer...I may have to make more...it is such a sweet little brag book don't you think? I'm switching things up a little in the shop...I may start carrying some supplies and such as I go through some of my stash...
AND I have white house towels again! Let me know if I can make some just for you! :)
Everything seems to be blooming in the yard...LOVE these Canterbury bells. :)
And these sweet pink hydrangea...
Nothing says warm weather like watermelon, right? Gettin' ready for some of our BEST friends in the world to come visit tomorrow. :) They don't make people much better than the Selents
They are more than friends to us...they are family. Shoot, Michelle was there when Moses was born...front and center (I have blocked that from my mind) and still loves me. :) We can't wait to see them...tomorrow will be a great day!
And this is what we did all weekend...this is our poor fence before. We have no idea what the previous owners were trying to do...unless they were both blind, there was no reason for this fence to look like it did...different heights, sizes, etc. It was a mess.
Here is the during. Getting the lattice up. Foreman on the project, front and center.
All finished...minus a new stain job that will happen some time in the future...all the same height...cute little copper caps on the posts, lattice...we also found some HUGE perennials 75% off...and a sweet Wisteria that I am hoping will take over the other side of the fence. :)

Hope you all are well and blessed!
I'm thinking about doing another goody bag giveaway in the next few days...stay tuned!

I Heart the Weekend.

So far we have...
Introduced Moses to sidewalk chalk!
Got a hair cut.
Played with water...
...and loved it...
...a LOT!Given daddy lots of lovin'.
Got some goodies at yard-sales! The Starbucks mug was .10!!!! I actually got the canister from Starbucks where we stopped for a treat! I thought of both of you Meg and Scottie!

Happy Saturday Lovelies!

Are you sure you want to read ALL of this?

Doug was working last night. Moses and I hung out the whole time. No Etsy or Crafting. Just pat a cake, twinkle twinkle little star, this little piggy and a few other favorites. I love when he wants to cuddle with me. :) I taught him how to use his toy hammer and screwdriver. :) It really is the little things you know. There is A LOT in this post so hang on...Someone recently asked about my crafting space...I have shown this before but I don't mind to share again. I love having a nice little nook where I don't have to put everything away each time I use it...I am in the process of reorganizing it. Kristi--this IS my creative process...pull out a million things that I want to use...and turn a table full of workspace into five square inches.
Here is where my MAC lives. I love my MAC. Here is where I sew. For now. One day we will have a basement where my paper and fabric can live together. :) It isn't always this neat...but I do try...for Doug's sake. Do you have a craving that takes you over? Mine is Better batter ice cream with oreos and rainbow sprinkles from Maggie Moos. I wait to eat it until Moses goes to sleep so I don't have to share...terrible aren't I? Do you see this delish jar of ribbon? You can win it...just go here! Mmmm. Look at all those polka dots and ribbony goodness. :) Those jars are huge, I have them, so that is a TON of ribbon....go, go, go!

AND THE WINNER OF THE GOODY BAG IS........................AMANDA!!
Go check out her lovely blog! Amanda you can email me at littlebitfunky.etsy@gmail.com to send me your address!

And one more thing...I have had these books (as well as many, many others) on my list for a while now and thought, before I buy them, I would see if anyone has a copy they are dying to get rid of? Just shoot me an email if so...littlebitfunky.etsy@gmail.com

And FINALLY...I know I already said one more thing...but this really is it... a BOGO sale in the shop...Buy one item and get the next one 50% off...go here for details!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Spy.

1. Two Chicken Feet
2. An Electric Razor
3. Six Stars
4. An Empty Ribbon Spool
5. A Basketball
6. A Remote
7. A Flag
8. A Shovel
9. A Family Portrait
10. An Upright Bass

More cupcakes will be available at approx 2pm today in the shop!

Lots of great fun...

Hello friends! Hope you are as happy and pleased with your life as I am in this moment! Yesterday was Doug's day off. I have made it one of my personal missions to try to make his days off as fun and enjoyable as possible...this man works so hard for his family...I want his days off to be awesome...you have to plan awesomeness you know? We started the day with cinnamon rolls for breakfast...how can you have a bad day with that kind of start? I have also decided to make Tuesdays a pseudo day off for me too...I do less Etsy and less bloggy stuff and we try to do at least one house project and spend lots of time together just enjoying being together and having fun. Last night while we were watching NOTHING on TV I remade some cupcakes (see above). LOVE them! I also found some micro-mini-tiny marbles that may work as sprinkles...I also got some suggestions for other sealer and seed beads...I may give those a try too. The cupcakes are in the shop now if you must have them. :) You can get that cute pin cushion from Kristi...go HERE.
Today started as a bleak day...wet, gray and dreary. Moses and I ran some errands and since I was in Starbucks anyway, I decided to treat myself to a white chocolate mocha...and was instantly taken back to the days that my friend Q and I would sit in Barnes and Noble for hours...sipping, snacking, knitting, reading each other funny books or interesting magazine articles. Those were the days...and so are todays days, too. :)
And THIS idea really made me like myself for being me today. So I am in love with those fun, chunky necklaces that are so popular at the moment...but I refuse to pay $15-20 or more for ONE necklace...made of plastic mind you. So while I was in Micheal's today I saw these beads and remembered all of the short silver chains that were sitting in my jewelry box at home(because every pendant you get comes with one) and realized that I could make them myself...these three cost me less than $10. Each set was $2.99. Is it just me or is that great!?!This is all done...and waiting to be picked up by its new owner. :)
We found a new use for our AC/heater fan thingamajig. Fills the sky with bubbles and I don't nearly pass out from lack of oxygen. :)
And here is a new item I am working on...personalized magnets! Here are Moses and my sweet niece Kyleigh. :) This is what happens when you try to hold them both at the same time...one is happy and the other screams. :)
And finally...all these sweet goodies came in the mail from Ms. Amy. Vintage purse handles, trims and a lovely pink tupperware. :) Thanks friend! :)

That's all for today! Hope you are well and blessed!!

Free Stuff Giveaway!!!

Yay for free goodies!! Here is what is up for grabs...a sweet little collection of some of my favorite papers, embellishments, ribbons, buttons, flowers and more! These little goodies will add a little flair to your scrappy goods! :) All you have to do is leave a comment and I will pick a random winner on Friday!! :) Happy Tuesday to ya!


Today is not my day. Well, at least not my Sculpey day. My super cute idea for cupcake pins has been repeatedly thwarted. First, after baking them, I added real sprinkles to make them extra cute. And they were. Oh. So. Cute. Then I tried to seal them with Mod Podge and then with Sculpey sealer. Neither worked...they all ended up a nasty brown mess. Boo. I have tried at least five different ways of adding the sprinkles and none of them are working. So, tonight I will make more cupcake pins. And try again. Then I discovered that there are other cupcake pins on Etsy. Who knew?!? Boo again. When making new things, I try to avoid Etsy, as to avoid any known copying or creative influence on my behalf...then I will go search for what I just made...just to see. And there they were. So I am thinking that since they would only be a side item in my shop and I didn't copy them from her...that I will still sell them. What do you think? Is the line too fuzzy there? I don't want to be that girl. So, seriously, tell me what you think.

I didn't find houses like the cute one in the photo above however...though I have to find another way to make them cute because as previously mentioned...the sprinkles don't cut it. Here are my brown gooey messes. They have been banished from my sight.
So do you think it is weird that before I even put this little pint container, with blueberries, into my shopping cart that I already knew that I would do this? That is normal right?
And this is what it has come to in my house. One of Moses' newly learned skills is opening the doors. He especially likes to do this when the person that he has to talk to RIGHT NOW is in the bathroom. He was not pleased at me putting this on the handles of the doors that he loves to bypass...where else can a boy toilet fish?

On a cute note...Moses has been learning to say please and thank you. We try to remember to make him use it as often as possible so that it's ingrained in him...please is sticking. If he asks for something I will say..."and what do we say?" to which he replies "psssss mama". :) Makes a mama proud.
This is what I did for you today. Right after Doug left for work, I realized that my Nikon was in the glove compartment of his car. So I forced myself into the car and trekked to Target to retrieve it...because I promised you new cards and goodies in the shop today. :)

And because I don't have the giveaway ready. :) I hope to have it ready to post tomorrow morning...and I know what it will be now...so be sure to check back in the AM.

Kristi-I will reserve that card for you in the shop.
Bethany-If you let me know which one you wanted I will do the same for you.

And someone asked about the shelf life of a cupcake in a jar....I would estimate 5-7 days. Longer if you put in the fridge or freeze it. :)

Happy day to you!!!

I'm not one to be left behind!

So, you just know that as soon as I saw that Mrs. Janesays was playing with clay that I had to go buy me some right? She is cooler than cool and I have to be just like her. :) Well not just like her...like her in a funky way. So today as Moses and I killed time in Joannes a sign came down from heaven and it said 50% off of sculpey. That was all the encouragement I needed. And above is the result. Just look at those cute little cupcake push pins. Can't get any cuter can they?...or can they? Just you wait and see what I do with them next...you'll be begging for them...I hope. :)
And I did a little something different with my towels today...I call these "trees in a row" because I am so creative with names and all. The are single and available in the shop right now!

Happy Etsy-versary to me!!

Today marks a year exactly since I started my Etsy shop. :) Yay!!

Here is the first card I sold. I feel like I have come a long way and grown sooo much in my creativity, met some WONDERFUL people, made some great friends, paid some bills, got some great gifts for others and from others, started blogging, kept my sanity, got to be something other than mom and wife, bought lots of paper, learned some new techniques, made some people happy, encouraged others, was encouraged by others and all this because God nudged me to start an etsy shop. Yay!

To say thank you even further...I am going to have a giveaway!!! I will come up with something good to give away...so check back tomorrow!! :)

Yes, I still make cards. :)

Hello there friends!! :) Looky, looky what I got made last night!! Doug was closing so I got to piddle around with my card making goodies and since I am blessed with a TON of goodies at the moment I thought I would reflect that in some over embellished cards. LOVE them! They will start showing up in the shop on Monday. :)
I also decided that this pillow was lacking in buttons...better fix that, right?

AND I finally got a bib in the shop!! :) Cute!
And here is what happens when you try too hard to get your toddler to do something that he just learned for the camera. Like ten minutes before this photo Moses smiled on command...the cheesy "here are all my teeth" smile...not too different from the look above. At one point he was so annoyed with me that yelled "ma-ma!!" as if to say "enough!"

And to all you lovelies who commented on my last post. Thank you to those of you who can say what I believe in a way that sounds fluent and intelligent. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my "old-fashioned" way of thinking. I by NO means or in ANY way am trying to say that there is one way for all women...we indeed must each follow the path that we feel God is leading us down. :)

Happy weekend to you!
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