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We're back in Charlottesville...our little mini holiday was relaxing and it's not over...today we are going to Monticello and Michie Tavern, both of which are right down the road from us...but first here are a few shots of our weekend...Above is the view from out little cabin...which was uhhhhhh...rustic.
Doesn't look so bad on the outside...
This is where Moses likes to bathe while on vacation.
Doug got up early enough on Saturday to catch this...
The area was very pretty...I have been here a hundred times...it is near where I went to middle and high school...
Moses ran....A LOT.
We introduced him to play-doh.
And all it's squishy...
Moldable wonders. :)
We blew a lot of bubbles...Moses doesn't quite get the concept...here he is eating the wand.
He also had diaper rash issues and had to run around in the buff a while...which he didn't mind, so long as he had his faithful crocs. :) Well, we are off on another adventure today...hope your Monday is wonderful!

Cupcake in a Jar...

Yes, this is a re-post...but it's one of my most popular...and I thought it would be perfect for the holiday season...for teachers, mailmen, bus drivers...all those folks who you never quite know what to get...you could mix it up with seasonal goodness like peppermint. :)

First you bake cupcakes as usual...buy some little jars...these are half pints I believe (I found them at Target but you can also get them at most grocery stores). Take the cupcake out of the paper and divide in half...place in jar. Make sure there is a gap between the two sides...these makes a nice place for the goodies to settle. :)
For these I added Oreos broken up...you can add anything you like...peanut butter cups, jelly beans, snickers, chocolate chips, marshmallows...on and on...whatever yummy things you like.
Then add a huge dollop of any kind of frosting the floats your boat. Don't seal off the jar with it...you want the sprinkles you will add next to be able to fall into the jar. Add sprinkles before or/and after this step.
Take another cupcake, de-paper it and smash it into the top. Mush on the lid. Seal tightly.
Goodness in a jar.

You can also dress it up all fancy...make it pretty.


Friday Fill In the Blank

It is earlier than I want to be awake...Moses and Doug are still asleep so I thought I would sneak in one little post this morning...a fun little MEME!

You can copy and paste the questions below and fill-in-the-blanks for yourself!

1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to _____!
2. _____ reminds me that summer is almost here!
3. I cannot live without my _____.
4. _____ and _____ are two things I'd like to try.
5. When life hands you lemons _____.
6. _____ is my favorite childhood memory.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

Here are my answers:

1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to eat canned meat!
2. Light this early in the morning reminds me that summer is almost here!
3. I cannot live without my starbucks.
4. The new Starbucks chocolate and whale watching are two things I'd like to try.
5. When life hands you lemons put them in your sweet tea.
6. Mr Wizards world before school is my favorite childhood memory.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to being with Doug and Moses, tomorrow my plans include more than I want to do and Sunday, I want to come home and relax!

Can you tell I haven't had my coffee yet?

I am tagging April, Amy, The Gerster Family and Kristi.

You can ring his bell...

On his very first bike!! Moses got his very first bike yesterday...it may not seem exciting to you but it was around here...who is this little boy who needs a bike...and where is that sweet baby I used to have?? It will be perfect for our trip to the park this weekend.
It's so cute...and the best part is that it has a handle on the back for the parents to push the bike and you can use this handle to control the steering...eventually it can become a regular tricycle, too.
Moses was all over Doug as he put it together...he could hardly wait!
He jumped on the moment it was all together...among all the times he jumped on pre-assembly.

This is true Moses form...never too busy to stop for a finger suck and a head pat. You can tell that he is relaxed by the way that he is patting his head with one finger...the more anxious he is the more fingers he uses.
We went on a stroll around the block today...Doug is closing tonight so we always try to take advantage of the extra family time when he goes in later in the day.
And this friends is the start of my new wardrobe. With all of the encouragement for all you lovely readers and my own sweet honey we went shopping this morning...while Doug went food shopping, I went to Old Navy and tried on everything. I only got stuff I loved and that fit well.
Including two pairs of not-mom jeans! I didn't look at prices or think about the things that the money could go to instead...I just got. I still feel guilty a little but at the same time I am glad that I did it...thanks for all the encouragement and advice.And joy of all joys! Look what my mother-in-law bought us as an early Christmas gift! We vacuumed the downstairs immediately and as soon as Moses is up from his nap I will do the same upstairs. :) LOVE!

And a random thing...I have this camera bag, which is brand new. If you would like to have it for the cost of shipping I will gladly send it to you. It is just too small for my camera, other than that, there is nothing wrong with it. :) Just leave a comment or let me know...first come first serve. :)

I will be gone Friday through Sunday, then Monday and Tuesday we plan to go to all the local attractions so I won't be available at all Friday-Sunday afternoon and sporadically Mon and Tues. :) Have a great weekend! We'll catch up when I get back! :)

Closet problems.

Hello again friends! Yesterday was Doug's day off so we spent the day playing together as a family...plus I was avoiding the blog a little until I could clear some thoughts in my head...more on that in a bit but first, here are some fun shots from our day! We took Moses to one of the local playgrounds so he could get his play on. He had a blast. :)

I know...you have never seen cuter, right?
We had a great time! We had to drag him away from the park...One of the things I love about Charlottesville is our awesome downtown. It was voted #1 city in the USA in 2003 or so and I can see why...there are tons of cool shops, places to eat and things to see when you are downtown.
Lots of old fun buildings that are pretty well taken care of.
Trees and lush flowers are everywhere...it reminds me of some sort of fair every time we venture downtown.
There is this cool wall down there too...there is chalk available and you can write on it whatever you want. There are usually great messages here...until someone has to ruin it with political garbage. Be nice to one another. :)

I have also been working on this lovely little pillow for a special customer and friend. :) What do you think so far Mrs. Holly?

Also, I found this fun website...full of lots of ideas for crafts and activities for kids.

So here is what I am grumbling about at the moment. And here is to hoping that you can relate and that I am not just a spoiled brat who needs to get over it and be thankful for what she has (which I am). So, my closet is a disaster. Not like unorganized or messy but like I hate everything in it. Or at least like 90%. I have very few clothes that I can say that I love. Part of the problem is that when there is extra money to be spent on clothes, I always insist on spending it on Doug or Moses. Doug because he deserves it because he works so hard and/or because he needs clothes for work. Moses because he outgrows things in like half day, by the time I get something through the wash I feel like he has outgrown it. Recently I went to dress him and realized that he had like two pair of shorts that fit him. So, I have been buying a pair of shorts every time I go to Target and we are getting there but I digress... The last straw happened this morning when I went to get dressed and discovered a hole in the BUTT of my favorite express khakis. :( Because of that it took me 45 minutes to find something to wear and I ended up feeling like I looked like a mom in what I was wearing. Yuck. Another part of the problem is that I have so much trouble finding clothes that fit me well...I am pretty tall and slim and I also enjoy being dressed modestly. This is like the worst possible combo it seems as everything is skimpy, too short or on the other end of the extreme...frumpy and tasteless. Add to that the fact that I have next to no fashion sense or sense of style and you have a recipe for what is going on my closet right now. Everything is plain, doesn't fit right or is just ridiculous.
I need help. Or at least to go shopping. Doug, my sweet honey, told me to go out and buy whatever would make it better. He is sweet but that is easier said than done...I have serious issues with convincing myself to buy things for me...others, no problem, me, I can think of 1000 reasons not to. Anyone else struggle with this? Or am I just a brat who needs to get over it and be thankful that there are any clothes in my closet?

Topless painting.

This morning Moses expressed to me that he had some creative juices that he was itchin' to use...so we broke out some paints he got for Christmas. He was enthralled...he enjoyed painting on himself as much as he enjoyed painting on the paper. I think he might have tasted the blue...what do you think?
How could you not have fun when your paints smile at you?
He is a musher and proud of it. It wasn't until he was almost done that he realized that he had gotten some on his hands but he loved that too. He is also back to being my sweet boy...all better. I found the culprit of his poo-poo-ness the corner of a canine was just poking out of the skin today...I hate teething. :)

Does anyone have any simple and fun toddler activities that they would like to share???
I didn't get AS much done this weekend as I had hoped for but I did get a few sets of towels made...run on over and get some if you have been wanting them...they go fast. :) I also got some fun pears made...love these. And two new bags are in the shop...I tweaked the pattern and made it mine...go see. :)
And new house tags are moving into the shop.

Today has been a much better day than yesterday. Thanks to all of you who emailed me and shared your stories, offered encouragement or just wrote to say Happy Mothers Day. I have the best readers! Happy Monday to you all!! :)

The ups and downs of Mother's day...

Mother's day, like some other holidays tends to leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth. For reasons that I can't really go into here because as I have said before, I don't know who reads this blog and I am not out to hurt anyones feelings. On one side I am thankful to be a mom, always. I know so many with the desire to be one that can't be and that makes me all the more thankful that being a mom came so easy to me...physically (Moses was conceived without trying), emotionally (I am overwhelmed with love for my son and I have a great support in my husband) and spirtitually (God seems to be there in all aspects of being a mom(even if I do sometimes wonder where He is)). I love all parts of being a mom. I can honestly say that. I am thankful to be home with Moses and love my "job" as homemaker and caretaker of my family. I take great pride in being a stay at home mom and will defend that position always.

On the other hand....(if you would like to read this paragraph you can email me at mosesmakes3@gmail.com).

I think God knew that I needed a little love yesterday...while out on a walk with Moses...Hearts everywhere...
God is always trying to talk to us...it's up to us to try to listen.

So to all you fantastic mothers out there...Happy Mother's Day! You are a blessing to your family, to your children and your children's children. You were hand selected to mother the children that you have and don't you ever forget that! God sees every selfless act, every time you put your needs aside to care for one of His children, He takes note and it makes His heart happy to see it. He sees your toiling, your stress, your love and knows each hope you have for your children. He is proud of you and He loves you.

To Tidy Up a Bit

First, if you click on Howie Long's name in the previous post you can read about how I literally RAN into Howie Long and failed to recognize him...that may make the fact that I ignored his son a little more funny to you. :)

Second, please take a minute and go here to read the importance of commenting to bloggers. I think she puts it very well. I heart commenting...and it really is like a payday to us bloggers. :)
Third, I am all done with these! An order for a sweet family member...not shown is the other order for another sweet family member that is also done!
Fourth, here is the box of goodies I got from Mrs. Scottie over at Tiddlywinks. We traded. I love me some trading and do it a lot but I don't mention it usually because I don't want to put the other person in an awkward position...you know? But I will say that 75% of the things I get off of Etsy is done through trades...it made Christmas so fun this year...anyway...since she mentioned it on her blog I thought it would be ok to mention here...if she is still up for trading I would go ask because you are sure to get some fun stuff. :)
Fifth, I got these and some other goodies from my SIL the other day...cute little leather flowers...can't wait to use them! Thank you CC!!
Sixth, Mrs. Amy went and bought me this paper and then wouldn't let me pay for it...she even included chocolate and goldfish for Moses in the package. :) He was so excited to get his own little box of them and I am excited for this YuMmY paper! Thank you Amy!

Seventh. One of the main reasons I love living in Virginia is that in general we do not suffer with extreme weather of any sort. The worst that we usually get is some heavy rain or wind as a result of a hurricane...but generally nothing to get excited about. I like that. Last night was the first time I was ever afraid for my safety because of weather. From roughly 8-11pm or so we were under Tornado WARNING! With crazy thunderstorms, heavy rains, wind and all that mess. I was terrified...my heart raced the whole time, until they took down the Tornado warnings...not watch mind you but Warning! I was so scared that I made Doug come up with a plan with me...like what we will do as soon as they warn us to take cover...who will go get Moses (both of us), where will we go (downstairs bathroom). I am just glad that he was home and not closing like he usually does on Thursdays...I would have been a mess. I was terrified and hardly slept at all last night. This is not the Virginia I am used to.

Eighth, someone anonymous asked if I could do a sign/card for them with a specific verse on it...please contact me via Etsy to discuss. :)

Ok done. :) Happy Friday!
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