Yay! A finished project!!!

Just a quick post today...Doug is off so we are trying to get a lot done...I just couldn't wait to share these fun frames with you!! How cute did these turn out??!! I LOVE them! I also finished a couple of other lingering projects as well...now I am off to plant some flowers in my garden!
Hope you are enjoying your day!! Go hug your honey!!

rainy day post...

Hello friends! Where did the weekend go? I can hardly believe that it is Monday already...always feels that way on the weekends that Doug is not off...I think I got a lot done this weekend...not really sure where my time went...I am still trying to catch up to myself from vacation and I am getting there...slowly but surely (I think). I did get twelve of these towels done for a custom order this weekend...and got some cards made for some other custom orders that I have...Need a pretty frame? They will be available soon in the shop...with rows of houses as far as the eye can see....I am also working on a cute trinket box...needed some non-sewing projects to work on a little...This goody arrived in the mail for me today...I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much you sweet Julie!! :) LOVE this girl and her signs...you should go get one...you will love it too!
Also got some order goodies from Janesays...they are perched in the soon to be cute trinket box...

Do you know what your Love Language is? Love language is the way that you show and feel love...you can go here to find out. Learning AND utilizing this tool changed my life in such a positive way years ago that I thought I would share it...it helps you to learn how to show others (friends, spouse, children, etc) love in a way that is relevant and real to them...I would love to hear what you learned...

Soaking up my son...

I often wonder if other mothers love their children as much as I love mine. I wonder if other mothers wonder this too. I think I wonder this a lot partly because I am a mom and partly because of my history...my degree is in social work with an emphasis in child welfare.

Up to the day I had Moses I worked as a case manager with 25-30 kids on my caseload and I know that those kids were not as loved as my son. It saddens me just to type that but I know it to be true...most social workers could tell you this, though it is not true of all those in need of a social worker but for the children I worked with...And it is not that the moms didn't love their children at all because I am sure they did...to the point just before it became inconvenient to them. I think to show true love, of any kind, you must go beyond yourself and what is convenient for you to do. Do you know what I mean? The mothers I worked with would take care of the very, very, very basic needs (bathing is not considered basic) but anything that took away from "their" time was too much to ask. With many of my kids it got to the point that I would just focus on one thing with them...to be the ONE person in their life to do what I said I would do, show up when I say I will and KEEP the promises I made to them. 95% of my kids had nothing else like me in their lives. I loved to bring them back to my office and indulge them...with attention, with my time, with concern and care, with no distractions. They loved it. My degree and that job has made me a better mother because I have seen first hand how easy it is to break a creature as fragile as a child.
At least once a day I find myself wondering how anyone could receive such a precious gift as a child and not cherish it always! Not only is it amazing to me that I get to be Moses' mom, that GOD choose me to do that but that it gives me a tiny glimpse of how much God loves me. Because if I love Moses SO much, to the point of random tears, swelling pride and joy, infatuation and utmost devotion then how much more does my Father in Heaven love me? It overwhelms me to think about it. And makes me feel more love at once and from more directions than I have ever deserved or earned.
Each and every day is a precious gift with this wonderful boy and I pray that I daily remember that and never take a moment for granted. I kiss him, hug him, hold him, love him and tell him I love him at every chance I can... This boy will never have a day where he is not told he is loved and treasured.

What is something that motherhood has showed you?

The dirty underbelly of LBF.

Do you have nicknames for your children? Yes, I said nicknameS because I am hoping that I am not the only one who has roughly 500 nicknames for my son...I was thinking about it today and decided that I was amazed that he even knows which is his real name...here are a few of my most used...
Booga baby
Mighty Mo
Bubba (for the life of me I cannot make myself STOP using this one)
Stinky Binky
Stinker Binker
Suga Booga (serioulsy...what is my problem)
I also may or may not have made up a song about him going disco dancing with his ladies. Do you make up songs about your children? Let's hear some of your best nicknames...

Also, would it be socially acceptable for me to choke my neighbor for thinking it is OK to drive his seven(or so) year old daughter around the block on his motorcycle....without a helmet on? We live on a street that cars come and go on a lot...and they don't drive all that slow. It makes me crazy when I see it...like I want to run out into the street and shake my fist at him...dummy.

I would also love it if my other neighbor would cut their grass already. We have cut ours three times already and they have yet to touch theirs...it's over a foot tall if not more in some places. I can't say that I am looking forward to their cutting method however...who uses a weed-whacker to cut an ENTIRE lawn you ask...welp my neighbors do...more than one house on the block actually...don't even get me started on what that noise will do to your brain if you have to listen to it for an hour and a half.

And since I am on the subject of neighbors...what in the world must I do to get my neighbor to STOP letting her weenie dog use my lawn as a potty??!?! I thought it was common curtesy in the dog world to not let dogs do this but lo and behold...lots of mornings when I go to open my curtains in my living room there she is with the flipping dog...LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!!

Do you have annoying neighbor things that you simply must get off of your chest? Well here is your chance! :) Comment away my friends...
Despite all that, it is a pretty happy and beautiful day here in good ol' Virginia! We have actually skipped over spring and pretty much moved into summer...ahhh...I love the sun! Have a good weekend!

My Digits.


BOGO Sale in the shop! Go HERE for details! Happy Friday!

As promised...

A creative post but first...do you SEE how money it is here today!!?? Look how much spring we have!!
My pretty, pretty Dogwood tree. :) So happy!
Here is one of my latest projects...per a request and idea from my sister in law...bibs...giant ones. Two things annoy me about 90% of the bibs we have, they are either too short or the neck is tiny...these bibs solve both of those problems! Made from a hand towel, they are super absorbant, cute and sweet to boot. :) Is this what you were thinking Alli?
Cute ribbon tie in the back...
Birdy applique.
Here is what 50 4th of July invites look like unassembled...I am trying to do like five a day so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. :)
And here begins the goods I got in NJ...all this ribbon for $2!!!
Cute new papers...
Fun ribbon from my other SIL...she got it from her BigLots!!! One of my favorite brands...FYI CC...I went to my BL and it was ggggghhhhhheeeetooooooOO!
More fun supplies...
These new stamps define fun!
LOVE these too! Cute proverbs for life....or cards!

And the winner of the $25 store credit, chosen at random, is Allikaye's mama!!

Stay tuned for another fun giveaway coming soon!!!

Lanny-- You can get those letters HERE. :)

I am working hard to get through all of the comments about linking to me...but I am still playing vacation catch-up! Thanks to all who let me know!! I will stop by soon! :)

This one's for the fam...

Creative post later but first here are a few more photos that surely you will enjoy...Moses and Aunt Alli...Bop-Bop, Moses and me....
Moses playing with Doug's old toys...
Who doesn't love an Uncle Dougie?
We ALL played...
All of us!
This and all the ones below by Uncle Don...his camera makes me envious...
Ma-ma and Bop-Bop.
Brian, Kyleigh and Alli...
Jas and CC...
Jen and Eric...
Doug, Moses and Me!
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