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Don't forget to give my shop some love while I am gone to be entered into the drawing for a $25 Little Bit Funky store credit!! See ya when I get back!!
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See what happens...

when I don't have five hundred things to do...I sat down at the computer to write out my last post and I basically haven't moved. Don't worry though, I am actually living my life, not just blogging about it. Moses is sleeping and I don't have a TON to do...I am putting off packing until the last load of laundry is done. So I decided to post now what I was going to post tomorrow morning...
First, a couple of random things I keep forgetting to mention...
1) If you can possibly get a wireless remote for your it. We just bought one for under $20 and it is SO great! It is really tiny is in my hand in the photo above...makes taking photos a little easier, especially with little kids. Sara, Meg and Holly, I thought of you both when I bought it and then again when I was playing around in it. It is worth the money. :)

If you link to me, please let me know by commenting on THIS post. I have read so many comments from so many sweet people who have let me know that already and I think to myself "Self, don't forget to come back later and check out that sweet persons blog"...and you know what...self always lets me down and I forget. So please comment here with a link to your blog so that I can look through them all. :) Thank you...and self says thanks, too.

This blog is totally for you. If this blog was for me it would actually be a journal and I would write in that and you would never see it, that is what a blog that is only for me looks like, like a book. Not that I get nothing out of it...I get lots out of it but I like to think that is because I put lots into it...see how that works? That being said, I want to hear what you want to hear about...anything...I still owe Kristi a post about my creative process but other than that...comment here and let me know. :)

I leave on vacation tomorrow and I won't be back until next Tuesday. Vacation for me means no internet, no email, no etsy, no blog. I pretend like technology does not exist, so you can still email, convo or comment away but don't think it is weird if I don't get back to you until next week.

5) While I am gone (starting as soon as you can read this) ALL sales at my shop will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Little Bit Funky store credit!!!! For EACH item that you buy you will be entered into the if you buy 5 things that is five entries...How fun is that? The only thing you have to do besides buy something is come back here and leave a comment letting me know that you want to be entered.

So that is that...Moses is waking up so I better go get 'em...miss me while I am gone, let me know you link to my site so I can check you out and GO BUY SOMETHING!! :)

Love to all you pretties!!
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Six of One...Half Dozen of the Other

This is a post that will point out the obvious. At least is seems obvious to us...but maybe we are thinking a little too much of ourselves....nah. For some time now Ms. Janesays and I have been good "buddies"...we like a lot of the same things(birds, nests, pretty colors, ribbons, buttons, frills and cheap thrills)and papers, embellishments and doo-dads. A thought may have trickled through your head that sounded something like this "Hmmmm, for someone who is so anti-copying Crystal's stuff sure looks a lot like that Janesays girl." Or the other way around. If you never thought that you can go here. It's OK if you thought it because if I did not know April I would maybe think it too...because more times than not and often at the same time, unbeknownst to each other we list a lot of the same or similar items, with similar papers or embellishments. You may have even noticed that we post similar photos on our blogs or talk about similar things in our lives...but we want you to know that we know this...and we are completely OK with it. This is the kind of "copying" where you and your best friend went shopping separately and bought the same shoes...not like you saw the cool girl at school buying those shoes and you snuck in the shoe store when she left, bought the same shoes and then pretended like you didn't see her buy them. Got it? We have talked about it, laughed and giggled about it and think that it is a result of two people who are just similar...we are friends, talk almost every day, encourage and make fun of each other, we buy from each other and send customers to each we know those similarities are there...and in this case the "copying" doesn't bother us because we know the person behind the product. :) Don't you feel better now? In fact, in case you need further convincing...(I see that doubt in your eye) keep on the look out for some Little Jane Funky things...or Jane Says Funky...or Little Funky Jane....
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Pray for the Hokies today...

For those of you who may not know, today marks the one year anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech. This was more than an event in the media to our family...Doug went to Virginia Tech and my college was only a few miles away. This event occurred only weeks after we moved away from there...we were affected in more ways than one...I remember this time last year having to call Doug at work and tell him what had happened...our hearts broke then and they do again take some time today and say a prayer for those fallen Hokies, their families and the whole Hokie community that we are so proud to be apart of.

Above is Moses one year ago exactly...before his first haircut. He loves the Hokies, too. :) Be back later...
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Six things you could care less reference to me...

Allikaye's mama tagged me... :)
1. I drink a pot of coffee a day. Yes, a whole pot. My mugs generally hold 16 oz or more so technically it is only 2-3 cups a day.
2. I sleep with my head under the covers.
3. I can't sleep if Doug and I are facing each other...I get panicky that I am not getting enough oxygen...I regularly accuse him of stealing my oxygen on purpose.
4. I get great satisfaction from finishing off things...not like projects or chores but like finishing a tube of toothpaste, or shampoo. I love throwing away an empty container.
5. I love scaring the bejesus out of Doug. I will stand outside a door for however long it takes to pounce on him when he comes out...then I die laughing....hehehe
6. I am ok with eating nothing on a sandwich but miracle whip.
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A little random...

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and that had slowed me down a lot...which is probably good for me every once in a while...I have gotten lots of random little things done...notes to friends, cleaning out some drawers, cleaning off my crafting desk...little things...I did get some cards made that will trickle into the shop over the next few days...we will be in New Jersey for a few days leaving Thursday so I have a bunch of things to do before then...Doug works closing tonight so I hope to get a lot done before he gets home...Finished this oh so cute album that is waiting for you in the shop. Love. I have been meaning to share this with those of you who have super fine hair like I do...I have never found a shampoo that really lives up to the title of "volumizing" but this one really does...I almost didn't buy it because it refers to my hair as "thin or thinning"...I prefer the word "fine". :) I have tried many many others and none come close to this one...just thought you might want to know.
I have nothing good to say about this vacuum. It is the Eureka Optima Lightweight Upright aka piece of crap shaped like a vacuum. It sucks alright. We have had it for barely a year, never liked it, hardly works and now I can only vacuum one room at a time before it dies. I refuse to buy a new one until I completely kill it. Never buy it. Even if they try to give it to would spend your time better recycling the box it comes in.

Next time you walk into Target, look up immediately. You will notice that, among the signs hanging there are photos of random people. One of them is an older gentleman that has gray/blondish hair with glasses. Moses thinks this is a photo of Doug. When we were in there the other day he kept looking back and forth between the photo and Doug, back and forth ,back and forth, with his eyes could tell he was really studying this thing...then he points and yells "DA!" So say Hi to Doug next time you are in Target!
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A little light...

Because the last posts were so least to me. Here are a couple of lighthearted things...above is one of Moses' efforts to put on his shoes...I only noticed because there was a definite change in his gait. :)
His favorite toy of the moment are my discarded ribbon spools...he has played with them for hours...I made a new Micheal Miller bag...this one is my favorite so far...can you guess why?
And here is a photo album I am working on...I am trying to use up some of the supplies I have...which are getting a little crazy and this album has been hanging around for too long looking plain and's well on it's way to beautiful! :)
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Being authentic. Kristi mentioned in her comment about my last post about authenticity. I think most of you know that this is something near and dear to my heart. Being authentic is what New Horizons taught me, among other things, and is how I was able to let God in to heal so many areas. Being authentic lets people in, people who God places in our lives to help us through the places that we find ourselves in. I think that not being authentic is prideful. I never answer "How are you?" with "fine" unless that is really true. I think not being authentic hurts others and hurts yourself. I think that opening up and sharing your hurts, faults and struggles opens up opportunities for healing. For both the giver and receiver. I think that being authentic with others opens doors that putting up a facade of "having it all together'' closes for many. What helps others more? Sharing my problems, with the right attitude and in the most humbling of ways so that you can relate and share and we can push through together? Or would it be more helpful to you if I made you think my life was perfect, that everyday was a walk in the park, that every day God spoke so loudly to me that I couldn't help but to hear it? I have read blogs like that. And it hurts me to think of a struggling Christian reading it and thinking..."wow, they have it so together, God talks to them every day in amazing ways, they can recite scripture and philosophy, great scholars and such...what a horrible Christian I am". That would make me sad to think that my blog would make anyone feel that way. I would never say something on here that I wouldn't say in the real world. I wouldn't praise God any louder in here than I would in the real world. I can't go back and change my words in the real world, why should do that here? I am me, regardless of what the world would think. I have shared my story at church, CRU, Bible studies, etc. This blog is part of my life and I want all parts to be authentic. That is why I shared. If you meet me one day, I don't want you to see a seam between the real me and the blog me. This is not saying that you have to share every intimate detail of your life on your blog. That is not authenticity. Just be you, the real you. Every person who non-anonymously commented on that last post I feel is pretty authentic (I can't say the same about the anonymous one only because I don't know you. :)) Every blog I link to is someone I find to be authentic and true. In fact most every person I have come across, who takes the time to contact me one on one has come across as really authentic(ie.the same in an email as they are on the blog)'s the ones who are all neat and tidy for show then let the crazy fly when no on is looking that scare me. :) phew....enough heavy stuff for now...but I just wanted to share. I am authentic because Jesus was authentic...He shared and showed His humanness...His struggle on the cross and bearing the weight of the world. If He had made it all look easy how different would that have made things? As always comments are loved and welcomed!! :) Love to ALL of sweet and wonderful readers!
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A girl and her story...

So, here we go...Kristi left a comment wanting to know my story...not sure if this is what she had in mind but I will share it just the same...I'll start from when I was saved, around 18...before that time is a whole other story...for a different time and place and because I don't know who reads this little blog...

I was saved at a concert called "Creation". It's this week long celebration of Jesus, all sorts of bands and is an amazing time. Takes place in PA at a place called Agape. Go was the first time I truly, wholey and wonderfully felt 100% pure love, even if it was at the darkest years of my life. There was an alter call and you know how that goes. I wish I could end here with...happily ever after but that is not how my story goes. At the time I was dating a man I will call Dumpas. Dumpas is narcissitic and condescending, smokes, drinks, etc...neither of which I did. Why I dated him I will never know...why I married him is still a puzzle to me. I will always be thankful to his parents for pushing me to go to college, something that no one else ever did for me. We moved to Radford together, this was before we were married. I started school and so did he. Yes, I was technically saved at this point but there was no relationship with the Lord yet, at least not a two way one. I had no example of this to follow, no one to mentor me or show life went on. Early spring following the fall we moved there I went to a women's conference with Dumpas's mother. It was a good one and I loved it. I wanted those feelings of fullness and rightness forever. I wanted Jesus to be close that way...the way He is when there are no distractions. I went back to Radford. Life went on. Then I got a call. From another girl who had been to that conference. She called me because my name and number were in the directory for the conference and she was shocked to see another from Radford there. She invited me to church. We went for the first time that Easter. I was at home. Immediately. I could feel the love and rightness of that place immediately. It wasn't long in going there that we met with the pastor. The best kind of man you could know. He talked to us about the "living together" situation. I knew in my heart is wasn't the right thing to be doing (living together) and I wanted to make it right. We decided to get married. That summer. I knew it was wrong as I was doing it. But it was the easy thing to do and far less scary than moving out on my own, standing up for myself and going my own path without him. I wanted to make things right. And you see, I can look back now and know that I honestly didn't think I deserved any better. I thought that this was life. This is how you lived it. I convinced myself that most people lived like I do...unhappy. Unloved. With a man who was selfish, perverse, alcoholic, addicted to pornography, mentally abusive. The kind of man that would go through a drive through window and order himself dinner and never ask if you wanted anything. The kind of man who spent many nights with girl "friends". The kind of man that is married to one of my best friends from that time. I woke up one day and decided that if I had to pay the price for divorcing him for the rest of my life I would. Even if it meant I lived alone for the rest of my life and never knew if real love existed. Even if I ended up with 50 cats. Anything had to be better than that life. Anything. I left him and didn't look back. He made it easy. He didn't want counseling or help. I took EVERYTHING. Even if I didn't want it. Even if I threw it in the dumpster. And I moved in with friends. Healthy, happy married friends. And began to learn. And heal. From everything that had ever hurt me in my life. The darkness began to lift. I felt alive. I read a lot and joined some self help type groups that actually helped myself. I had graduated from college the summer before I left but decided to take a menial job that didn't require much brain power, that I could leave at the door. I still had some work to do on me. I got a job at Target as a cashier. My first day was the day after Thanksgiving. Time passes and they offer me a job working the 4:30am-12:30pm shift. I loved it. I was alone a lot and could think a lot. It was great. Now let me tell you that of the people working that shift...mmmmm like 2% are normal folk. Most are like moles...squinting at the sun when they leave in the mornings. Doug worked that shift. He didn't want to date me because I was a "bad girl" aka I had tattoos AND a nose ring. The shame. He eventually gave me a chance and discovered that I wasn't so bad after all. He was the first and only I dated after the divorce. Out of the pits of hell and into the arms of heaven. That was how my world changed. I honestly NEVER knew that there were men like Doug out there. I had some great examples of good men in my life now but that is different when they are friends you know. Doug has manners, holds doors, carries things for you, is patient, loving, amazing, wonderful. Is a gentleman. All the way. To me he is perfect. A dream come true. In our wedding vows, which we wrote, I said that he was not only my dreams come true but God's dreams for me come true as well. This is so true because there are traits and qualities in Doug that I never knew I could even ask for in a man. There is not a day that goes by that I am not absolutely in love with him and thankful that he is mine. That God really loves me so much that He would allow me to be Doug's wife. I often think of the life I have now and still expect to wake up...that is how good it is. Moses was conceived on our honeymooon and is absolutely the light of our lives. We talk about him all the time, always right before bed. All the cute things he did that day. Our hopes for him. Our amazement that God is allowing us to care for him, one of His children. When Moses was about 6 months old, Doug was promoted and we moved to Charlottesville. Two months later I started my little Etsy shop and God showed up again. How blessed I have been because of these things. New friends and purpose. Life is good. I am excited for whatever God has in store for us next.
If you read all of I share my story because I know that sharing it in the past has changed peoples paths directly. Kept them from living the life that I had to live. I love that God has used my stupidity to help others.
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A boy and his daddy...

Another perfectly lovely day here in Virginia...perfect temperature, sunny, a little breezy...beautiful! Above is one of my favorite things about Charlottesville...we see these hot air balloons quite often...apparantly their path goes right over our house...
Very cool to see fairly regularly...
There is a second one right in the tree line...they usually travel in threes...
Moses thought they were cool...He thinks his dad is cool too...he should.
Every boy and his daddy should be best friends...don't you think?
Some freshening up on the go with the fresh weather we are having...Complete with birds and nests...Food and family is my favorite FREE magazine...if you go here you can get it free has some of the best and most simple recipes you could ever ask for...
AND ribbon is on sale at Micheal's these were $1 each...I got a little carried away...Hope you are enjoying the sunshine...

I would LOVE to hear some of your ideas for posts...leave me a comment about what you would like to hear about and I will see what I can do. :)
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Hello Beautiful!!

Looky looky who came out to stay's our old friend blue sky...ain't she pretty!! I was SO thrilled that she and Mr. Sun decided to grace us with their presence today...I am sure I could not take another gray day. nice. We left the house today without a jacket and didn't think twice...that is freedom!
I could not resist a trip to the nursery on such a pretty a couple of pots of this...mmmm mossy. Moses had an extra good time outside today...we even ate lunch out there...having a boy stresses me out a fear of injury or dirt. I better get used to it I guess.
This is his come hither pose..."Hi, Chloe!!!" ...wink, wink. (only he would probably "wink" with both eyes). :)
I asked my honey to bring me home some chocolate last night...this is what he came home with...that is 4 lbs of chocolate my friends. He loves me...he's going to make me a chunko but he loves me... See how much he loves me... he also brought me home TWO new Starbucks mugs...the one in the back is my very favorite shade of green on the inside...the logo on the front one is their retro logo...I thought of you Meg!
And here is a fun project I have been working on...they are "Make your own tu-tu " kits...they will be favors for my good friend Holly's little girls...Above is what the tu-tu looks like made...easy enough for littles to make it...and below is what the kit looks like...I may add a button to the flower (which has a safety pin attached for adding to the tu-tu). Cute huh? How fun are these for a ballet party??? Questions answered section:
The towel set was listed in the shop but sold immediately. I am working on can let me know if you want me to reserve one for you.

Yes, they did leave out the word Jesus in the song last night...which is dumb to start with but also because they did sing God and Lord. I was just happy to see such an amazing display of Jesus on prime time television!
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My Jesus...

a mini anyone else amazed that they just sang "Shout to the Lord" on American Idol???
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My friend the sun...

Came out to say hello today!!! Just a little peek but much enjoyed (and needed) just the same!...I took a photo for all of you who didn't get to see it today...there is even a bit of blue sky there for you too. :) You're welcome!
I couldn't decide which shot of my tulips I loved the most to share with you...I LOVE how they all turned's hard to tell by the versions here but they are SO crisp and sharp...
My vinca is blooming like crazy too...and spreading....YAY!!
Even my sweet little dogwood is getting into the Spring spirit and working hard to's the state flower AND tree of Virginia!!
April I took this photo for you...look what Moses started carrying around today...just a bucket of a few favorite little things. :)And this is my favorite crafty thing right now...a cute hand towel and washcloth set...How stinkin cute is this!! :) LOVE. Will be in the shop within the hour. :)
And here is my poor poor desk...under there somewhere I promise...this is the messiest thing I have...and this is bad...better go get on that...

But anyone else as STOKED as I am that tomorrow night is a new 30 Rock, a new OFFICE!!!!!! and new Scrubs!!! The Office gets me laugh-crying every time and I LOVE anything with Zach Braff in favorite Office quote is also a favorite all time quote...

"Would I rather be feared or loved? Both, I want everyone to be afraid of how much they love me!".

:) Have a good day!!!
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