You say goodbye...

This will be my last post...after some good heartfelt discussions with my honey, we have together decided that I spend too much time blogging and etsy-ing and that something just needed to give...I was concentrating too much on my blog and my shop and not being the wife and mom that I should be...that I could be if I weren't so distracted by blog and etsy...that being said we have decided that I need to quit blogging and phase etsy out...I will probably finish posting the items that I already have made and figure out a date where I will just shut down the shop completely....... this was a super hard decision but one that I think is for the best...I hope you can all understand my decision and respect what I have to do for my family...

....ummm sike and APRIL FOOLS!!!!! know I'm not going anywhere! :) Have a fun day!

I dress like a greeting card...

at least today I feel like I do...look at me for crying out loud...what grown woman dresses like this to go out in public? ...polka dots...bright pink pattern, more green and matching socks...I found it comical as I caught a glimpse of myself walking out the door this morning...Can't you tell how much time I spend getting my "look" just right? The sad truth is that I am old lady in training...never without a sweater or hoodie...always wearing a tank top underneath to suck things in and smooth them out a little...anyone got some tissues I shove up my sleeve?Aaaannnnywho...I did get lots done this weekend...not as much as I wanted to but I will take what I can get. Above are April's cute birds! They heart pinwheels.
And here is my pillow to date...I hope to finish it tonight during TV time...if you would like to stake a claim on it, please do let me know...I can't tell the difference between cute-i want it and for real-I want it both are good but I don't want to sell it out from under you! :) ...lots more will be added to it...buttons, ribbon, etc. ...wait 'til you see these houses come to life...cuteness you can hardly stand. I also got this fabric is Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller...would you like it to be a bag for you?
And for Mrs. is where my bag lands each and every day. I actually really hate the hook that it is on and want to replace it...but the poo poos that owned this house before us painted AROUND it instead of removing replacing it will take more work than I am ready for...
And this is my magic tray. If you do not have a magic tray STOP and go to Target and get one...they are two for $1.99. Moses will eat ANYTHING off of it...anything. Things that before would launch out of his mouth upon arrival WILL be eaten off of this tray...I can hardly believe it but it is true...I would never lie to you.

I'll show you mine...

if you show me yours...get your mind out of the gutter...I'm talking about your fridge... is my happy fridge...almost the only place that I allow reckless and random clutter to accumulate...if you look close you can find a little Doug, a little Crystal, Moses in utero...all sorts of fun stuff...interesting right? It's ok to admit now...I dare ya, let's see yours...I know who reads this...I'll be lookin'...
Here is the starts of my first pillow...super can claim it.. :)I also started April's little bird. :) a cutie...with nice long legs. :)
Last night I also got to watch my DVRd about a heart wrenching tale. I'm a sucker for true stories...of any shape or form so I LOVE Dateline in general but the one I watched last night was about a car crash where two girls got mixed up...and one family buried who they thought was their daughter while the other family hoped and prayed for the recovery of the girl that they thought was their daughter...only to find out FIVE weeks into it that there had been a huge mix up...what a crazy story...but also very cool in the way that God used it ALL and the two families ended up being good friends...can you imagine...thinking your child was dead and gone and having them come back to you??? ugh...I cried the whole time. It was awesome.
Well...have a happy day...I hope that there are blue skies where you is gray and wet!

Nest, Steeple, House, Dateline, To-do, Soundtrack to my life....

I love happy mail...this cute little nest arrived from Radford yesterday...Michelle, I have looked at this nest a million times...I'm glad I didn't buy it...much more fun coming from you! It also came with its' own supply of peeps.....mmmmmm....I hope you got your box today...
A few weeks ago we taught Moses "Here is the church, here is the it up and see all the people" is his steeple...he does the people by flapping his hands like he is saying bye bye...the concentration he takes to make his steeple and the number of times he misses getting his fingers to touch is priceless...I love that boy! The house is coming will have to have it, I am sure. Look for it on Monday. :)
I also made my duvet this afternoon!! It sucked as much as I thought it would...SO much material to work I was working with a pre-made duvet...adding the fabric to the is by no means perfect...but it is lovely and it didn't spontaneously combust while I was making it so I am thrilled.
Doug is working nights this weekend so that means Matt Lauer and I have a date (I love my DVRd Datelines and Matt L...even if I am a Republican...blindly hating people because of their political preferences has never made sense to me) is the rest of my crafting to do list for the weekend...
1) Finish April's birds
2) Lots of sewn cards
3) Finish at least one pillow

And finally...Karen tagged me with this fun little thing so here are my answers then I am off to tag someone else...

If your life were a soundtrack, what would the music be?

Here’s how it works:
1. open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing
5. new question — press the next button
6. don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

opening credits: "Bad Reputation"- Freedy Johnston

waking up: "Everyday" - Rascal Flatts

first day at school: "Worlds Apart" - Jars of Clay

falling in love: "Todays the Day" - Amy Mann

breaking up: "In and Out of Love" - Bon Jovi

prom: "Stuck in a Moment" - U2

life’s okay: "Major Label Debut" - Broken Social Scene

mental breakdown: "Hanging By a Moment" - Lifehouse

driving: "Shake Ya Tailfeather"- P Diddy......... yep.

flashback: "Forever" - Ben Harper

getting back together: "No Place to Hide" - Alison Krauss

wedding: "Chocolate"- Snow Patrol

birth of child: "Paperweight" - Josh Radin

final battle: "Scarlet Begonias" - Grateful Dead

death scene: "American Music" - Violent Femmes

end credits: "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" - Performed by Pearl Jam

Super fun things...

So first I must introduce you to Meira!! She is just THE cutest girl baby you will ever meet. These three photos are from a little photo session I did with her last summer...she is almost a big girl now and ten times as beautiful...if you can believe that. She belongs to one of my best good friends, Katie...while taking this photo I caught Katie trying to "fluff" Meira's buns up...just one of those priceless Katie moments. :)
This little girl makes my womb thump....if you know what I mean...and no that does not mean I am pregnant...They are coming to visit us next week and we are OH so excited!! ::) Yay for girl and Moses time. :) Katie...I can't wait to catch up with you girls!!! :)
And say hello to a new obsession....I have been toying with wanting to get one of these little yo-yo doo dads and I was finally talked into it by Julie.
Julie made me all of these cool signs...she will make one for you too if you ask her real nice. :)

And coming soon to the shop....Funky Little would be surprised at how many folks really want to see me make some pillows...who am I to say no? Get a good look cause they won't be this boring for long. :)
Neither will this sweet little house...soon it will be covered in fabric, paper and for it in the shop. :)
I am working on gettin' my garden on. I got a few of these today at a local greenhouse...they are perfect for planting where nothing else will grow and can take getting stepped on a lot....I am dying for Spring to come and STAY!!
We also live right down the road from Monticello...these seeds are from his own garden...they are vines that I am hoping will cover an ug-O fence in the back yard. :)

And the winner of Critter is.................... Julie from Joy's Hope. :) How could I deny him Disneyland? Don't worry...another giveaway coming soon...probably involving some of those new little yo-yo's and hair clips....oooooOOOOooOooOOo.

p.s....I'm about a 7-8 today! :)

Look Meg!!! I did it!!!

Favorite vacation place? The beach, any beach...I could walk on the sand for hours collecting shells and bits of fun things.

Do you have an Etsy shop and/or blog? You know it...

What's your favorite color?
grass green probably...but it's hard to pick just one...

What's your favorite color combination? pink/green, red/blue, pink/brown, green/brown, turq/brown....color combo I hate...primary blue/primary yellow-

What magazines do you subscribe to or buy at the newsstand? Family Fun, Parent, Paper Crafts, Cottage Living, Wonder Time---sometimes buy Real Simple...tempted by Martha.

What is your absolute favorite song? Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik

What is your favorite candy or snack? I LOVE salty/sweet combos...chocolate covered pretzels, (real) kettle corn, etc...and apple pie and vanilla ice cream. yum.

One reason I love my husband...

My dear sweet husband is one of the best "mix tape" makers that I have ever met. He has a knack for finding amazing music in the far reaches of the world...months before the world knows they exist...and arranging it on a CD in such a way that is really beautiful and perfect. This is not the reason I am talking about honey recently gave me these three CDs that he made...if you look closely at what they are labeled you get a glimpse of Doug that not many get to see...or expect. They are labeled as "Conway Twitty Sings Opera", "McLytes Greatest Hits and Right Said Fred featuring Hanson" and "Kenny Chesney, Kids Bop and Now That's What I Call Music 88"...NONE of which is on these CDs...not that I even mind CT or KC...he thinks he's funny...and he is ...most of the time. I LOVE making cards with the sewing machine!! I have made so quickly and I love it!! Here is my favorite of the moment...I love the thought bubble with the heart in it. :)
I thought I would share with you my favorite yard sale find of all time. We got this WHOLE locker set for $5!!!!! at a yard sale a couple of years ago. We had to paint it and clean it up but it works great in Moses room for his day we will switch to using it for toys...I alternated the bins facing in or out for the checkerboard pattern. The best part of this whole thing is the trip bringing it home. I am a girl that will strap anything to a roof of a car and haul it anywhere...tied down of course but I am generally fearless...Doug has a heart attack if the trunk is not shut...needless to say, we couldn't shut the trunk with this in it...but we got it strapped in pretty well and I was certain that we would make it home with everything in tact...Doug was sweating bullets all the way the point that I had to literally cover his ears so that he could not hear it rattling around in the kidding. I printed labels onto magnetic paper so that each bin is labeled with what is supposed to be in
there...this was really nice when Moses was little because 0-3m shirts were separated from 3-6m shirts...I still love it.
Here is my latest bedroom project. I made the little curtains to cover the tops of these from a sheet I got on clearance at Target. You can't tell much from the photo's but it does a lot to change the room...makes it warmer somehow...and hides my junk. To be honest I am still hovering around a five...give or take a point...though some of the reasons have flip flopped and come and gone. I have been having back spasms all day, dealing with some drama (I don't want to write specifics here because I can't control who reads this and I don't want to hurt feelings), dealing with having my parenting skills attacked...basically I feel beaten and broken...but I do know that God is good...everyday! Even today...I am so glad that I shared the other day because it seemed like so many others DID need to hear that someone else was in the same place...I got so many great calls and are all awesome! :) I'm not beaten though...

Spreading some love....

First, what you are all waiting for....the GiVeAwAy!!! Here he is...affectionately named Critter. He is part lamb part bear and part lover boy....and he could be yours with the winning comment...any old comment will do...but you can try flattery if you must.... comment away and I will choose a winner on Friday!!

Now it's time to share some wonderful goodies with you...things and people you didn't know you couldn't live with out...
First of all, my friend Michelle sent my honey and I this sweet card, a thank you for the previously posted birthday gift for Canaan. She sends these awesome cards through her Sendout Cards business that she and her husband have...(Holly I think you would especially love this!) You can upload photos, store your address book and even add your own handwriting! It is way cool plus you get the benefit of supporting a stay at home mom. :)
Next is my super sweet friend April...she just has the happiest little Etsy shop that you could ever have the fortune of stumbling into...color and flowers everywhere! She makes these awesome little paper blossoms that sell by the dozen! Everything she makes is sunshine and fun! You will love her...go see....
And is my favorite little potter on Etsy....LOVE every little piece that she makes and I am daily tempted to buy like five or 50 of her plates a day...she is super sweet and accommodating...and her prices are crazy good. Birds everywhere.
And here is my lust item. I cannot tell you how how how many times I have put this little bird bag into my cart, and take it out, and put it in, and take it out and put it in, heart it, unheart to avoid temptation, heart again, put in take out....if you need a gift idea....I'm just saying.
Here is a bag that Kristi made that I own. I love it and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. I wish I could tell all the people who ask me if I made it, that I did. But that would be lying. Kristi makes all sorts of awesome should go get one...or two. Tell that bag I said "hey".
And last but not least is this sweet little seller...she impossible not to love...if not for her cute Etsy shop, then for her sweet personality...actually both. She is forever sending me fun ideas or encouraging words...I love these little button embellishments...couldn't you use a few for something?

So there is my love for the day...go check out these great folks....AFTER you leave a comment to enter the GiVeAwAy!!! ...then go spread some love yourself!

The number system...

so in our family we use a number system (1-10)to rate where we are (as individuals) and how we are doing (as a couple)...a lot of nights Doug and I will ask each other what number we are and how to make that number go up. We will use this one day with Moses when he is old enough to understand the concept. Most days I can honestly say that I am an 8 or a 9. Today I am around a 5. First let me say that I have debated about sharing this but decided that 1) it sticks with my be real philosophy and 2) maybe you are in the same place and need to know that someone else feels this way too. So please do not read this a plea for pity...that is the farthest from what I want...So back to my is just one of those days that I feel like I am failing at more things that I am succeeding at. I can see the trail of things that has led me to this place...and here they are...see if you can stay with me...Etsy sales have been slow since February, I use Etsy bucks to contribute to our household income, less sales, less income, I feel like I am contributing less and spending too much, I feel like a burden as a stay at home mom because I am not contributing an income...repeat. Can any of you follow that? You would think that because I can lay it out like that, that it would be easy to fix it right? Not so much...I have kind of learned to ride the wave until it passes, eat some chocolate, be encouraged by my husband and move on...and wait for it to return...because it always does. I should also say that I have the best husband a stay at home mom can ask for...supportive and wonderful and would not want me anywhere that is the story of my 5. What number are you today?
So this post isn't completely depressing... take a look at this egg...I took it out of the package the other day and sat it on the counter and this is how it stayed...I didn't try to stand it like just did...I tried it with other eggs in the carton and none of them would stand like this...and when I tried to re-stand this one it wouldn't...weird. I also attacked some cards with my sewing machine...I love how they came is a sneak preview...look for them in the shop tomorrow. And here is my very first kitty, Petal. She is in the shop now if you really, really want her. :)

Come back tomorrow for a brand new giveaway...I'm off to work on my numbers!! :)

Because I know you wanted more....

and because I know that the last 500 pics I posted on my last post just weren't enough... I had to share these.....look at my new scraps from Lassie Girl...these are the BEST scraps in all of many fun designers and very nice sized pieces of fabric too...can't wait to see what comes of these...My new favorite bag...And another...I was going for 10 bags made this weekend but only two got made....
And I am in love with this card I made this sweet. Speaking of sweetness...I got an unexpected treat in the mail from my good friend Amy...she is one of those people that you have no choice but to like...she is that sweet...thanks for the birdie friend...always room for one more in this nest. I also got, a couple of days ago, some sweet card making supplies from my other sister in law...even though they are completely photo worthy, for some reason I can't remember to take a photo of them just the same!
And last for the day...I promise...I got these for Moses while we were out getting an emergency back up pair of his favorite doesn't seem fair that he gets cuter shoes than me... :)

And yes, Q, I am calling you out. Post already. :)
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