How great is our God...

This is probably my favorite worship song ever...I would sing it in my house or in the fact we sang it at our wedding...I can't even read it without tearing up.

The splendor of a King,
Clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice,
All the earth rejoice
He wraps himself in light,
And darkness tries to hide
And trembles at his voice,
And trembles at his voice

How great is our God,
sing with me
How great is our God,
and all who sing
How great, How great
Is our God

Age to age he stands
And time is in His Hands
Beginning and the End,
Beginning and the End
The Godhead, Three in one
Father, Spirit, Son
The Lion and the Lamb,
The Lion and the Lamb

How great is our God,
sing with me
How great is our God,
and all who sing
How great, How great
Is our God

Name above all names
You are Worthy of all praise
and My heart will sing how great
Is our God

Today, I am humbled by a love so great that I can hardly imagine...I hope we all take the time to really think about what Easter means...we get to be close to the Father because He SACRIFICED His only amazing is that? How absolutely amazing is that?

Happy Easter!

Enjoy your Easter weekend!! Go be Jesus to someone today!! :)

Life is still good.

Life is good. I am sad at the moment because the youngest Selent is super sick with the flu. Which means no visit from them for Easter but life is still good. I talked the mother of the sick one into starting a blog. That makes at least three friends that I have kindly persuaded. This helps to satisfy my need to feel included in their lives. Now would the third friend kindly have a first post please? There are others out there that I would like to begin blogging as well. You know who you are. The reason Moses has a keyboard is that he is obsessed with it. The one he has is a decoy...he is always after the computer so we put this one in front of the functioning keyboard to trick him. That's right we trick our child. We have no choice. A keyboard is one of his triggers into what we refer to as caveman troll baby.
Caveman troll baby
: the act of acting like a crazy person by screaming in joy for no apparent reason or for ridiculous ones, such as shadows or fuzz on the carpet, while at the same time possessing the ability to move across the room undetected and stealth like-so as to scare the daylights out of your mom when she turns around (having thought you were in the other room). May be accompanied by running and/or spinning. Yes, I call my son a caveman and a troll but I mean it in the best way possible. Today I bought pretty flowers at Whole Foods. I love to go there. Everyone(hippies) is so happy and polite. Not something you always find in Charlottesville.
I got this cute chick from Middleburg. It was delayed in arriving because all available chicks had to report to the Martha Stewart show where they will be featured!! I want to be featured on the Martha show.... Congrats Susan!!!I also got two more bags finished...and made some super bright cards. :) I need some fresh ideas for sewing...anyone know of any good sewing magazines?

If Jesus had a blog, what would He write about?

I feel pretty certain that He would not be a show off...quoting scriptures, praising loudly, trying to convince you of how good and pure His heart is. I think He would just share His heart. I think He would tell you that He loves you and you and you....and you. I think He would tell you about the people He met that day and the ways that they were changed because of it. I think His heart would show you that He knew all the scriptures, that He praises with His words and actions, that He is good and pure. But He would never have to say it.

Loving Jesus is about just that, loving Him directly and loving Him through loving others.

I hope that my blog reflects my heart. My love for people and how I show it. My success and my failures, my joy and sadnesses too. I hope that what I share reflects what I believe and why. I hope that it encouraging to you if you read it...I hope you are glad you came here.

Below is one of my favorite pieces of paper. I have had it for years, it has been folded a million times, in a million ways. But I love it. It is full of all the true things that I am.

My favorite: I have been bought with a price, I belong to God. What is your favorite? What do you think Jesus would blog about? Especially if He was here and now...the Friday before Easter? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I picked you a good 'un.

So here are the swap partner assignments...I tried to match people up based on a few things in my brain that I knew about each of you...

April and Scottie
Carolyn and Holly
Petra and Karen
Crystal and Meg
Becky and Amy

I hope you all find your partner agreeable. :) I added a link to the folks who I had a link for...Holly I have Carolyn's email for you and Amy I have Becky's.
Here are the "rules" again:
Spend between $20-30 bucks...can include things you make or buy. Try to stay kinda within the budget give or take a few bucks.
The theme for this swap will be "Spring"---this can include things like...candy, cards, tags, seeds, creative supplies (bought or made), gardeny things...etc. Basically anything you can come up with.

Try to get your box in the mail to your partner by April 5th or so. :) Take a photo of your goodies to email to me so everyone can see. :)
Try to contact your partner in the next few days with these questions answered....then go from there, getting to know each other...hopefully someone new!!

Favorite vacation place?

What is your most favorite memory you have from your childhood?

Do you have an Etsy shop and/or blog

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite color combination?

What magazines do you subscribe to or buy at the newsstand?

What is your absolute favorite song?

What is your favorite candy or snack?

Annnnnnnddddddd....... GO!

One more.....


We need one more swapper...I'm going to go be productive elsewhere and see if we can reel anyone else in....if we get one more we will still have partners if not we will just do it a little differently. :) email me at mosesmakes3 @ spaces.

Back in a bit...

Happy Spring Ya'll!!

This week is flyyyyyying by... I honestly cannot believe it is Thursday afternoon! Just thought I would share some fun Easter goodies with you....above are some aDORable straws that I got for our visit from the Selent's this weekend. The boys will love them...I think. :) Here is proof that it doesn't have to be a basket to count. :) We got this sweet galvanized bucket from Lowe's...the stickers for the name too. Moses will be speechless I am sure. Here is what we did for the other boys in our top five favorites...we got these funky little paint buckets (from Lowe's too) ...filled them with grass and candy and stuck their initial on each one. I especially think Noah will like it. :) I have decided that I am ready to part with the reasons I fell in love with felting in the first place....I love them...I hope they find good homes via the shop. :)
I have also been completely tickled at how well my bags are selling so I got the material to make two more...let me know if you need to call dibs on one of these beauties to be. :)
And THIS may very well be the most random thing I have ever sold in the shop. I found this funky little pod on one of our recent walks and this is the idea that came to mind immediately...those are two felted peas. :) I think it would be perfect for a shower or wedding gift don't you think?

Coming soon...a serious post about Easter...and all its beauty...and tonight I will post about the swap...honey is working late so I will get it all organized tonight....stay tuned.

A day in the girl-many missions.

I was going to add this to the last post but I thought it needed it's own space. I have been asked repeatedly how I get so much I thought I would lay it out for you. This is the general idea.
6-6:30am awake- I get to see Doug before he leaves for work and get ahead of Moses.
6:30-7ish-Coffee/quiet time/devotional
7-7:15ish-little chores-pick up random stuff, put away random things, sweep a floor, wipe a counter, etc
7:15-8-8:30-make a card or two or finish up a project-cut out a pattern, check email, etsy, blogs, etc. Coffee.
8-8:30ish-upon hearing Moses begin to stir, I go have breakfast, always cinnamon toast...I do this before I get Moses so I don't have to share it with him. Make Moses oatmeal so it has time to cool before Moses gets down there. Go get Moses, sing good morning song-most mornings...nerdy I know but HE likes it. Change dipe, get Moses dressed.
8:30-8:45ish-Moses eats, he asks for dada ten times...I explain that dada is at work...ten times. Coffee.
8:45-10ish-work on craft projects/house projects/cleaning/laundry etc while Moses plays, stopping to read the occasional book or play with him.
10ish-I shower while Moses jumps then we get ready to go out.
10:45ish-12ish-we run errands-post office, grocery store, target, etc.
12ish-Lunch-first Moses than me...he eats half of my lunch. See why I don't share breakfast?
12:30-1:30-play-go for walk-watch Sesame Street-unload dishwasher, clean-up, etc.
1:30-Snack-banana of course.
1:45-3:30 or 4-Nap time for Moses-I take photos of completed items, list items, blog, respond to emails, etc.
3:30-4-Moses gets up-milk and snack. I start dinner...Moses plays, we read, play, etc.
4-5 We watch Oprah if it looks good...if not my dvr'd Dr.Phil.
5-Moses eats dinner.
5:15-Doug comes home.
5:50ish-We eat dinner-Moses eats second dinner ( think this is my fault...I always ate second dinner when I was pregnant)
5:50-6:15 or so...clean up dinner mess, make Doug's lunch for the next day, get coffee pot ready for the next day, Moses and Doug play.
6:30-6:45-Bath for Moses.
7pm-Moses in bed.
7-7:30ish- I check etsy, blogs, email, etc.
7:30-9:30 or 10-Watch Tv while I work on random projects-felting, button flowers, sewing, etc.
9:30-10 bed.

Am I boring or what? make me sick.

I am in full winter protest mode. Eventually winter gets to a point where I just can't stand it another minute and I refuse to participate. I have been wearing my flip flops for weeks now. I don't want to wear sweaters or drink hot chocolate. I am having the adult version of a temper tantrum and refuse to do as winter says. So there. I want to play in my garden, buy plants and have a rosy nose and cheeks. I want it to be daylight at 9pm, use the grill every day and go for a swim. I want to leave the house without a jacket. And I want it NOW!

See Jane Run.

I don't even know how to describe my love for this bag. The entire time I was making it today, all I kept thinking was "It's working, it's working...I'm making a cute bag!!". I LOVE the print of the fabric by Micheal super sweet and so great for a spring/summer bag. :) Within ten minutes of finishing it I ran to the fabric store to buy the materials for another one...look for a sassy black and pink combo in a day or two...

Today was Doug's day off...we all needed some time together. :) We miss each other when the days between days off go too long...we took Moses to the local hands on children's museum. Moses loved it. I loved that he loved it. It was great to be somewhere where he could just run and be. Everything was fun and new. He loved this hall the best I think. It was dimmed and made to simulate a rain forest. There are all these buttons on the wall that you can push and they will make rain forest sounds....Moses LOVED running from button to button, thrilled that he could reach them. Running.
There was a place to draw...isn't it cute how they are sitting in the same position, holding the pencil in almost the same way. Cute boys.
I think these mirrors freak Moses out a little...we tried to use this effect on our MAC photo both and he cried.
He loved seeing the bees...busy busy busy.
And for some reason he LOVED this hollowed out log canoe. Cute kid. I love days off. I love my boys. :)


Tainted Love.

Over the last couple of weeks Moses has started to come up to me randomly and pucker up towards me for a cute right? He must love his mommy so much that he spontaneously MUST kiss her at that moment. :) Awww....what a cute, sweet boy. Not quite. Today I was sewing at the dining room table and Moses was in the living room playing with his toys when he comes to me for a smooch...I then realize that he had just gotten into the DVD drawer of the armoir. Coincidence right? A few minutes later he runs in for another kissee...right after he changed the inputs on the TV. Turns out more times than not...or at least WAY more than I was aware, he was coming to kiss me after he was being naughty...and he knew he was being naughty...and is smart enough to know that kissing me makes it hard to be mad at him. Tainted love. Stinker.
So this weekend was Boring...with capital B. Mostly because Doug was working and because I was trying to come up with a doll pattern...and it wasn't working. The first one looked like a voodoo doll...the second, well let's just say she won't be appearing in the shop. She is off to a three year old who will look past her imperfections and dumpy head. So I reverted to the book that the ever so sweet Scottie had sent me and made Jenny. At first I did not like Jenny when she was sewn and stuffed...but the more I accessorized her, the more I loved her. Isn't she precious? I also found myself a little unhappy about the display above my was a little cold-it needed a little something so...I wiped on some robins egg blue paint and wiped it off again...leaving it in the cracks and crevices, added a sweet nest and a bird I made from the fabric swatches I got for this room initially. I think the result is much warmer...and more of what I was trying to achieve. These are my favorite new tags!! I am always trying to come up with ways to use my paper scraps...I hate throwing away anything bigger than a quarter...weird, I know but I think these are just adorable!! Perfect for any occasion!!
I also came up with these for Mother's day!...A cute ribboned up, stuffed heart that says "Mom" on the front and "love you" on the back...if you need is in the shop.
And last but not least, Moses shoe fetish continues. He cannot be without at least one of his crocs. Here he is jumping one shoed. I can't remember the last time he napped without at least one shoe on.
Oh oh oh...DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR THE SWAP...EMAIL ME AT mosesmakes3 @ (no spaces) to tell me that you want to participate and the one question you would ask your swap partner. :)

Gettin twiggy with it....

So what do you think? I have decided that all of the accents in my new room will be white...only having color in the fabrics (but even those will be mostly white). This sweet little collection of goodness was pretty cheap to favorite! I took a painting that I got at a yard sale for $1, painted the frame white and painted the canvas part with chalkboard paint. This way I can change the word or message as much as I want...then I took a twig from the yard (free!!) and spray painted it person it has a nice birchy look to it. :) Drom means dream in Norwegian. :) For more twiggy ideas look here. I love how simple and sophisticated it least I think it does. :) I think I will tackle the duvet for my next big project...but I am terrified of it!!
On the creative front...I am working on a Doll pattern...I bought these fabrics today for dresses for the dolls...or whatever they happen to become...I was thrilled to find the lemon fabric at Joann's today...I had no idea they carried it was a remnant piece for 50% off!! I am also working on new cards but I won't be posting them until the beginning of the week...weekends on Etsy are slow...especially when it is nice out. :)
This is how sweet my honey is...I found this on my pillow when I went to bed the other night...he still makes my heart flutter. :)
And look at this freak of nature...that is two bananas in one peel...freak!

Swappy Time!!!!!

Ok, after much thought and consideration, here is what I have come up with as general swap "rules"...

Spend between $20-30 bucks...can include things you make or buy. Try to stay kinda within the budget.

The theme for this swap will be "Spring"---this can include things like...candy, cards, tags, seeds, creative supplies (bought or made), gardeny things...etc. Basically anything you can come up with.

I also thought as a way to try to get to know each other better, I would assign pairs. Like Betty and Sally would send to each back and forth to get to know each other before swapping, etc.

In addition to the "goodies" the idea to swap recipes was also brought for this swap let's trade recipes that remind you of Spring.

If you are interested in participating in this swap please email me at mosesmakes3 @ (no spaces- I add them to avoid spammers) by MARCH 19! In this email please include one question you would want to know about your swapping pal...once I receive all emails I will assign partners and compile all of the questions into one questionnaire. The deadline to get your package in the mail will be April 2nd. :)

Any questions or suggestions please include them in your email. :) I want this to be super fun and successful so that we can do another at a later time! :)

Here's what's up...

Doug didn't have to go in until 2pm today so we had a half day off together...We ran some errands and had lunch at a great local deli, got some supplies for the continued bedroom redo...the usual day off stuff. :)

I got a great package in the mail that included these ULTRA sweet little white birds...(this may or may not make four new pairs of birds in my house in the last 4-5 days).It also had this super fun journal....LOVE the colors and material...I have the best friends...thank you friend!!! :)
Here is the new little man in the shop...You can own him here.
I also made a few new sets of these sweet birds.....some of my favorites. :) Also in the shop...Not too much going on....working on a fun post for tomorrow and later on today will be a post about the SWAP!!! Stay tuned....

Pretend. My blank canvas.

One of my favorite things about this stage of Moses' life is that he is just learning to use his imagination and pretend play. Today he was pretending to be deaf. I played along and pretended the same when he protested me putting him down for his nap 20 minutes early. :)
These two little guys are my two very first original creations....meaning I made the patterns up myself...the other bunnies and bears were from a book that my friend Scottie sent me. I could not be more tickled with how they turned out. :) I think the moose is especially lovable.
So here is the state of things in my bedroom. Yesterday I finished painting and ironed my new bed it is on to the million other projects I have for in here...curtains for windows and to cover the CA Closets, I have a cute idea for a twiggy thing above the bed, today I found some shelves for my shells at Target (of course) for 85% off-I will have to paint them white, have new Moses photos printed and framed, duvet, side tables, lamps...on and on. I am trying to keep myself busy with the projects I can do NOW so that I am more patient in waiting for the deals for other things to present themselves. I love the color even more. :)

Spring things...

They finally busted wide open....only 8 more days until spring!!!!

I am trying to only *needs* shop until my sewing machine is paid off....but Moses needed these yesterday at can't tell by this photo but they have tails!
And for all you bird lovers out there....I found these sweet birds at Lowe's the other day when I had to go back and get a second gallon of one coat paint to paint over the first coat of one coat paint...grrrrrr
Back later with a room update post...moose debut and more!
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