Gettin twiggy with it....

So what do you think? I have decided that all of the accents in my new room will be white...only having color in the fabrics (but even those will be mostly white). This sweet little collection of goodness was pretty cheap to favorite! I took a painting that I got at a yard sale for $1, painted the frame white and painted the canvas part with chalkboard paint. This way I can change the word or message as much as I want...then I took a twig from the yard (free!!) and spray painted it person it has a nice birchy look to it. :) Drom means dream in Norwegian. :) For more twiggy ideas look here. I love how simple and sophisticated it least I think it does. :) I think I will tackle the duvet for my next big project...but I am terrified of it!!
On the creative front...I am working on a Doll pattern...I bought these fabrics today for dresses for the dolls...or whatever they happen to become...I was thrilled to find the lemon fabric at Joann's today...I had no idea they carried it was a remnant piece for 50% off!! I am also working on new cards but I won't be posting them until the beginning of the week...weekends on Etsy are slow...especially when it is nice out. :)
This is how sweet my honey is...I found this on my pillow when I went to bed the other night...he still makes my heart flutter. :)
And look at this freak of nature...that is two bananas in one peel...freak!

Swappy Time!!!!!

Ok, after much thought and consideration, here is what I have come up with as general swap "rules"...

Spend between $20-30 bucks...can include things you make or buy. Try to stay kinda within the budget.

The theme for this swap will be "Spring"---this can include things like...candy, cards, tags, seeds, creative supplies (bought or made), gardeny things...etc. Basically anything you can come up with.

I also thought as a way to try to get to know each other better, I would assign pairs. Like Betty and Sally would send to each back and forth to get to know each other before swapping, etc.

In addition to the "goodies" the idea to swap recipes was also brought for this swap let's trade recipes that remind you of Spring.

If you are interested in participating in this swap please email me at mosesmakes3 @ (no spaces- I add them to avoid spammers) by MARCH 19! In this email please include one question you would want to know about your swapping pal...once I receive all emails I will assign partners and compile all of the questions into one questionnaire. The deadline to get your package in the mail will be April 2nd. :)

Any questions or suggestions please include them in your email. :) I want this to be super fun and successful so that we can do another at a later time! :)

Here's what's up...

Doug didn't have to go in until 2pm today so we had a half day off together...We ran some errands and had lunch at a great local deli, got some supplies for the continued bedroom redo...the usual day off stuff. :)

I got a great package in the mail that included these ULTRA sweet little white birds...(this may or may not make four new pairs of birds in my house in the last 4-5 days).It also had this super fun journal....LOVE the colors and material...I have the best friends...thank you friend!!! :)
Here is the new little man in the shop...You can own him here.
I also made a few new sets of these sweet birds.....some of my favorites. :) Also in the shop...Not too much going on....working on a fun post for tomorrow and later on today will be a post about the SWAP!!! Stay tuned....

Pretend. My blank canvas.

One of my favorite things about this stage of Moses' life is that he is just learning to use his imagination and pretend play. Today he was pretending to be deaf. I played along and pretended the same when he protested me putting him down for his nap 20 minutes early. :)
These two little guys are my two very first original creations....meaning I made the patterns up myself...the other bunnies and bears were from a book that my friend Scottie sent me. I could not be more tickled with how they turned out. :) I think the moose is especially lovable.
So here is the state of things in my bedroom. Yesterday I finished painting and ironed my new bed it is on to the million other projects I have for in here...curtains for windows and to cover the CA Closets, I have a cute idea for a twiggy thing above the bed, today I found some shelves for my shells at Target (of course) for 85% off-I will have to paint them white, have new Moses photos printed and framed, duvet, side tables, lamps...on and on. I am trying to keep myself busy with the projects I can do NOW so that I am more patient in waiting for the deals for other things to present themselves. I love the color even more. :)

Spring things...

They finally busted wide open....only 8 more days until spring!!!!

I am trying to only *needs* shop until my sewing machine is paid off....but Moses needed these yesterday at can't tell by this photo but they have tails!
And for all you bird lovers out there....I found these sweet birds at Lowe's the other day when I had to go back and get a second gallon of one coat paint to paint over the first coat of one coat paint...grrrrrr
Back later with a room update post...moose debut and more!

Go listen...

to this. If it doesn't make you smile...go get your ticker checked. The best part is at the end.


Scottie tagged me so now I am supposed to share seven random things about me then tag someone you will know that I am a freak. :)

1. I like ketchup on my scrambled eggs. (Now so does Moses).

2. We bought a new MAC in October and I can't bring myself to throw the box away because I have convinced myself that the trash man will see the box, know we have a cool MAC, then proceed to break in and steal it. I wish I were kidding because the box is huge and annoying.

3. I sometimes buy cookie dough with no intention of baking cookies...if you get my drift.

4. I watch COPS every Saturday night religiously.

5. I also watch "My Big Redneck Wedding" and "Snoop Dog Fatherhood"(thanks Michelle!!).

6. I have owned multiple copies of George Micheal's greatest hits....and I would totally buy it again.

7. I enjoy both Kenny Rogers and hip hop music...(Q I still occasionally listen to RP's Jams). :)
We finally started painting our bedroom yesterday. I am slightly annoyed because not only did I pay more bucks for the fancy one coat paint that did not cover in one coat but I also had to go buy a second gallon of it because apparantly it is not one can either. grrrr....that means we didn't finish yesterday and I have to finish today. I at least LOVE the is the same color as I like my coffee in the mornings. :) A Yummy creamy brown. These pics do the color no justice because it is still wet...but you get the idea.
Here are some cute recent pics of Diesel for your enjoyment... Currently he is obsessed with his Target brand Croc shoes...he HAS to be wearing them all waking hours and the other night he slept in them....all night....with footie pajamas...

Today I hope to finish painting...I am also working on my very first pattern for a Moose!! Expect a post by the end of the week about the swap..... Have a great day!

The winner is.....

The Fasanas ---She won the scarf because as soon as I went to her site I saw the word Giants...even if it was in reference to a baseball team...AND the first photo on her site made me cold...look at all that snow. Yay for you!! :)

Stay tuned for a new giveaway this week. :) Doug is off today so I am hoping to paint my bedroom...I will have the details of the swap a roo hopefully by this weekend. :) I am so excited to have so many participants. Made two more critters last night and today because the last ones sold out immediately!! I was so shocked and excited (and full of myself). :) You can come snatch up these guys here. I also bought some fun new fabrics....some in the mail and some in the store...I am hooked!! :) Must. Go. Be. Productive. Until tomorrow!

There is no living with me right now.

Be grateful that you don't have to live with me right now...cause I am a little full of myself. As you know my "sewing machine" died last week...very sad because I had just decided to try to be her friend again only to learn that she still hates me and is a piece of crap. After conferring with my money maker AKA honey we decided that with a cut here and there in our budget we could afford to get me a NEW MACHINE!!!!! I went to my local Joann's with my 50% off coupon in tow to have a look see and do a little damage. When I get there and ask for some help looking at/learning about the machines they have to offer, the lady informs me that they do not accept my coupons because they are a separate Viking dealer...(enter brakes noise here)...I go home sad...especially since she demonstrated a nice machine to me...I leave with the hope of finding one at Joann's online...where they take a poor girls coupon. Honey decides that if we are going to buy me a machine that we should do it right...he bought me a Viking!!!!! It works like a dream and I am totally in LOVE with it!!! It has a great warranty and comes with a free class!!! I piddled around with it Saturday night but Sunday I really got into it...sicky baby and all. :) I made Dexter the bear, Lillianna the bunny, a house door hanger and this sweet little dress for my niece...ALL last night!! :)
I won't be carrying these dresses in the shop but if you have to have one I would be glad to make it...there are a few different fabrics to choose from...I love these dresses because they can be worn as a dress in the warm weather, then with a shirt and jeans underneath in the colder weather. Contact me if you want one or more. :) I may or may not have made my son try it on...he may or may not have cried...I realize that I am by no means a pro but I hope I make my sewing pals proud...if it weren't for them I am sure I would not have ever touched a machine again. I am loving this SO much...I find myself rushing through chores and doing irreversible damage to my bladder cause I don't want to take a potty break...just so I can go cut out pattern pieces or work on something sewy. :) (Edited to add that I just realized I didn't eat is 3pm!) All my new creations are in the feeling won't be hurt if you have to have them. :)

In other news....this rainbow walks across the floor each morning as the sun comes up...Moses likes to play with it...he especially likes it when I *hold* it in my hand.
Poor baby had a rough weekend...I think it was teething but you never can tell...he seems to be back to normal today so that is good.
He found it in himself to enjoy some tunes on daddy's ipod. Daddy makes all things better.

We didn't get the room painted this weekend because of sicky...but we did get the paint bought and I found a quart of mis-tint in a robins egg color for $3!! :) Maybe we can paint this week...

There are also lots of folks who want to participate in a spring swap. Yay!! It will be so the top of my head I am thinking $20-30 bucks...would you rather know who has your name or have it be a surprise? I'm working out the details in my head...


is teething I a result we haven't gotten much done this weekend. BUT I do have lots to share...but later. :)

Phew....that was close...

Both of us almost didn't make it until nap time...moms of toddlers, I know you feel my's not that he has been naughty but that there has just been so much of him....more than once this morning I would look at the clock and say...."oh dear Lord...there are still 2 hours 23 minutes and at least 5 seconds until nap time"...
Doug was a good honey last night and took me out for a latte...and bought me a new Starbucks mug. :) Instant smile on my face. I LOVE Starbucks mugs and I have a nice collection to prove it. :) Always room for one more....Even though it is rainy and gloomy here , I am making my own sunshine...In the form of this darling and wonderful care package that I got in the mail from one of my best good friends. :) She knows how to make a girl feel loved. :) Look at all that goodness...custom collected just for me. Those who know me know that my love language is gifts...this definitely made me feel loved. :) Thanks sweet friend!! These little guys also arrived today. :) My "March" order from Tiddlywinks. There is one more in the bunch but Moses is already napping with him. :) These little critters will make three little kiddlets very happy on Easter. :) If you haven't been shopping at Tiddlywinks you simply will never buy a store bought stuffie ever again...I promise. This sweet little bird was in with my package.....polka dots and birds...two of my favorite things. :) I also made some sunshiney cards...this one is my favorite. :)

Just a couple of cute shots of Moses I got today...not much light with all the rain but these I still like. How cute is this kid?!
A couple of thoughts...ok for like over two years now I have been in "Pampers points purgatory"....collecting those points(that come on packages of dipes and wipes) like crazy and saving up for something to show for all of the diapers I have bought for this kid...I am like two seconds away from having enough for 200 free prints from Snapfish so if you have Pampers and you are not in purgatory...I know someone who would like them.......I'm just saying.

A fun thing...I was thinking of organizing a Spring goodie swap with anyone who might want to participate...just something fun where we swap names and each of us send one person a box of goodies for Spring...candy, crafty things, fun things, sweet things, things you make,etc...if you would be interested in participating please let me don't have to have a blog or anything like that...just be willing to put some love in a box and ship it to someone...we would each have one name and could come up with a reasonable $ to spend. I would love to have each of you participate...just leave me a comment or send me an email. :)
This is what our sky looks like's not a black and white photo. :(
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