is teething I a result we haven't gotten much done this weekend. BUT I do have lots to share...but later. :)

Phew....that was close...

Both of us almost didn't make it until nap time...moms of toddlers, I know you feel my's not that he has been naughty but that there has just been so much of him....more than once this morning I would look at the clock and say...."oh dear Lord...there are still 2 hours 23 minutes and at least 5 seconds until nap time"...
Doug was a good honey last night and took me out for a latte...and bought me a new Starbucks mug. :) Instant smile on my face. I LOVE Starbucks mugs and I have a nice collection to prove it. :) Always room for one more....Even though it is rainy and gloomy here , I am making my own sunshine...In the form of this darling and wonderful care package that I got in the mail from one of my best good friends. :) She knows how to make a girl feel loved. :) Look at all that goodness...custom collected just for me. Those who know me know that my love language is gifts...this definitely made me feel loved. :) Thanks sweet friend!! These little guys also arrived today. :) My "March" order from Tiddlywinks. There is one more in the bunch but Moses is already napping with him. :) These little critters will make three little kiddlets very happy on Easter. :) If you haven't been shopping at Tiddlywinks you simply will never buy a store bought stuffie ever again...I promise. This sweet little bird was in with my package.....polka dots and birds...two of my favorite things. :) I also made some sunshiney cards...this one is my favorite. :)

Just a couple of cute shots of Moses I got today...not much light with all the rain but these I still like. How cute is this kid?!
A couple of thoughts...ok for like over two years now I have been in "Pampers points purgatory"....collecting those points(that come on packages of dipes and wipes) like crazy and saving up for something to show for all of the diapers I have bought for this kid...I am like two seconds away from having enough for 200 free prints from Snapfish so if you have Pampers and you are not in purgatory...I know someone who would like them.......I'm just saying.

A fun thing...I was thinking of organizing a Spring goodie swap with anyone who might want to participate...just something fun where we swap names and each of us send one person a box of goodies for Spring...candy, crafty things, fun things, sweet things, things you make,etc...if you would be interested in participating please let me don't have to have a blog or anything like that...just be willing to put some love in a box and ship it to someone...we would each have one name and could come up with a reasonable $ to spend. I would love to have each of you participate...just leave me a comment or send me an email. :)
This is what our sky looks like's not a black and white photo. :(

Good news and bad news...

Well the good news is that I finally made friends with my sewing machine...bless her heart. After attempting to follow the instructions for making this handy tissue box cover I realized that I do not read Swahili....(props to my friends Scottie, Kristi and Cindy who apparently do) I did what I do best and tried to just figure it out. I did not make it reversible like the fancy one that Amy Butler did but who needs a reversible tissue box cover? The other color was baby peas n poop green and I do not need a reminder of that color anyway. So I was happily sewing my way to tissue box cover stardom is the bad sewing machine died. Weird noise. No more sewing. Dead. This is not the kind of sewing machine that you get fixed. :( Just when we were being friends again...I was reminded of why we weren't friends in the first place. So to the top of the Etsy bucks list "sewing machine" goes...I am kind of stalled on a few projects until I can afford a new one...bummer...this makes me sad. I had to finish the last 25% by hand...
But at least it is cute...and matches my cute green and brown bathroom. :)
I was going to make a few more of these cute little houses but due to the death of Ms. Sewy I only got one made but I heart is already in it's place in the shop. :)
ALLLLLLLmost here...I hope to see these babies open tomorrow!! Oh I miss you!
Moses is always happy when I go to get him in the AM...I am not sure where he gets that from because neither Doug nor I are the best waker uppers.
Today has been one of those days where you can just tell that the enemy is just trying his best to eat away at you. You know what I mean? you names, cast doubts and generally just make you feel bad about yourself...I am doing my best not to let him...but instead pull myself in the opposite direction...After my machine died early this morning I was kinda grumpy and poor little Moses was the one to have to witness it...Long story short, I pulled my act together before lunch, apologized to my little boy, we prayed and moved toward a better day. It may sound simple enough but have you ever apologized to your child? It is hard to do even now when I know he doesn't completely understand me but I want him to grow up seeing me make my mistakes, owning up to them and handing them over to Jesus. Do as I do not as I say I do. I even take comfort that the enemy is so strong after me...that just means I am walking in the right morning quiet times have been just what I needed each morning and I find myself thinking about what I read all through the day...which helps in more ways than one....lately God has been showing me that life is not about balance but about being centered on Christ...He does not want an equal portion but all of it.
Well those are my ramblings for the day...feel free to leave thoughts...I always read the comments and try to go back and respond as well.
Don't forget about the giveaway too!!

I heart days off...

Even though the day was rainy, Doug, Moses and I had a GREAT day off together!! We got SO much done it was crazy...we started the process of spring cleaning and going through EVERYthing to see what we could haul off to goodwill...we only got through our bedroom but we already have 8 garbage bags of clothes!!!!! How ridiculous is that!!! It feels so good to be purging things though and luckily for this spring cleaning I am in a great state of mind for letting things go...I FINALLY got all of my maternity clothes out of my real clothes and in their own storage...Is it weird that I kinda miss my granny panties and all their cottony goodness? If you haven't had a baby yet, don't you dare knock the granny panty...they will be your best friends and you will search endless stores looking for THE granny panty...anywho....I wish I could just spend all day organizing and going through stuff but there are lots more other things to be done...
My little tulips are on their way out...they have been a great breath of fresh air and reminder that SPRING IS COMING!!
I got these lovelies in the mail can get some here. I am using some of them to embellish these sweet baby hats that I am making for some friends of my sister in law. :)
I also finished my house!! She is already bought and paid for...sorry if you were in love with her...there will probably never be another...
Here is the outside...the little ribbons on the side tie it closed!! :)
Inside...the little white dot is velcro...there is also velcro on the backs of all of the little babies. :)
Cute little babies!! :)
I also made these sweet little pears and apple yesterday..LOVE them...they are already in the shop.
And last but not least I also got a sweet little curtain made to hide my computer junk and bill sorter. Here is the before....
And the after...before you get too excited, I did not finally use my sewing machine, I used no sew iron on binding tape. Too cute and TOO easy. :) Like I said, we got lots done!!

Today has been wonderful. I am absolutely in love with this stage of Moses' life. He is so cute and SO precious and I am so so so thankful that I get to be part of his day to day life. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the opportunity I have in staying home with him. Apparently, we have been saying no a lot because Moses current favorite thing to chant is "no, no, no"...he walks around singing it to himself and shaking his finger in the I really do that?
We also decided that this weekend we will paint our bedroom!!! And today at Target I found a duvet and bed skirt for 75% my discount (my honey is a Target Exec). I am going to use the pre-made duvet and add on an applique of sorts with the material that I have already bought. SO excited to get some of the big projects started. :)
Gosh I ramble a lot...are my entries too long?

Nude snapshots...

Doug is off today so we hope to get lots done and have fun...rainy and yucky here but I hope your day is sunny and fresh!! :) Enjoy these shots of Moses...he insists on looking into the mirror to say hi to himself as he leaves the tub...

Only fun stuff...

Today we are so very productive. :) Except for the fact that Moses woke me up screaming my name(breaking the no talking for 30 minutes rule) in his deepest voice(there was nothing wrong with him...this was just part of his stream of babbling) we are having a great day! I am working on assembling a birthday gift for one of our favorite little people, Canaan who turns five soon. How fun is this present?!?!
It is one of those holders for matchbox cars...he has hundreds I am sure. Along with a few new cars we stashed some other fun things in the each of the compartments...stickers, $1 bills and candy of course! Makes me wish I was five. :)I topped it off with bits of a garland that I had...cut into little chunks and shoved into each hole to look super festive and to cushion a little for shipping. :) Today was SO nice outside...almost 70 degrees., so Moses and hung out out back for a bit...I sipped on some Chai and worked on my little doll "book" while he played with his dump truck and did little boy things. This photo shows the inside.I think it is coming along nicely and besides Moses, may be the most beautiful thing I have ever my ever so humble opinion. :)I am also pretty tickled with these the shop now! I love how bright and fresh and SPRING they are...I have also been trying to get somewhere on my Moses is kind of a mix between journal and scrapbook...since I do neither journaling or scrapbooking but still want some sort of documentation of Moses life I thought this little book would do. I think I was jipped on the scrapbooking pages look a little sorry but it serves it purpose in a sort of cute way. :) These two are my favorite pages so far. This book picks up where his baby book leaves off. :)And because I know you are fretting about it...thought I would let you know that I found some great slippers....on clearance of course for the low low price of $5.24. :) I heart them.
I hope you are all enjoying some sun fun today...keep holding your breath for is bound to get here sometime right?
Also, for anyone caring to take a moment...what I would love to hear your thought in reference to this little blog o mine...what would you change to improve it? Just curious...always looking for fun new ideas.

Happy Sunday!

First, you should meet Esther. :) She is the newest Dinky bird in the shop. She is different from other Dinky birds in that she has legs...and she is vain. She probably thinks this post is about her, about her, about her, she's so vain....Ok, I'm back. She is cute though. :)
My sweet little house is coming right along. :) So many fun patterns and textures. I like to look at it. :0) She already had an owner in mind.
Here is what you will get when you order from my shop for the next few weeks. :) Fun seeds to start your spring off right.
And last but not least, I forgot to mention that I got these fun rustic stars from Nesta on Etsy. Not sure where they will live yet but I am sure they will find a place to pretty up soon. :)
Enjoy your Sunday!

Call off the search...

I found my new "everyday" dishes. I actually found them yesterday when I was out looking for Easter goodies but before I bought them I wanted to make sure Doug would love them too! He did (he has good taste like that)! How cute are these!?!?! They actually don't "go" together, they are from two different sets but I LOVE them combined like this. As previously stated, I am not a fan of matchy-matchy things or expected color combos but instead prefer everything to be a little funky (now you know how I got my shop name). I could not be more thrilled with them. :)
What do you think? For now I just got four of each plate because...well that is how many Etsy bucks I have, so when I have more I will finish up the set and get some bowls to go with. :) The pattern on the orange plates is textured.... DELISH!
I have been busy working on my mother in laws 60th birthday they are so far...I am about 80% done or so, I hope to finish this weekend. :) What do you think CJC?
AND my most amazing friend Scottie sent me the most awesome unexpected package in the mail. :) She is trying to help me make friends with me sewing machine...this book may do the trick...
She sent me both of these cause she is awesome like that. :)
I immediately wanted to make these pears. mmmmmm.....
And these strawberries....LOVE the jar of them. :)
And these cute pin cushions. :) Fun times ahead. I have the best friends!! Moving right are some random Crystal thoughts to (hopefully) make you smile...just a little.
One day I am sure I will miss him kissing me like this. :) I LOVE that he gives them on demand now...what a sweet boy. :)
THIS is my secret to getting a shower every single day. I am not sure what I will do when he outgrows it...or when it becomes weird for him to see me nekked.
See how much he loves his fish? :)
Walmart is always good for entertainment. We never shop here anymore...mostly because the one near us is gheeeetooooo! We went there today purely to be entertained. There were NO bunnies in this box. None.
I like to put love notes in my honeys lunches(yes I make his lunch). Gotta keep a honey happy right? Alrighty then...and to think, I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to blog about...
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