Happy Sunday!

First, you should meet Esther. :) She is the newest Dinky bird in the shop. She is different from other Dinky birds in that she has legs...and she is vain. She probably thinks this post is about her, about her, about her, she's so vain....Ok, I'm back. She is cute though. :)
My sweet little house is coming right along. :) So many fun patterns and textures. I like to look at it. :0) She already had an owner in mind.
Here is what you will get when you order from my shop for the next few weeks. :) Fun seeds to start your spring off right.
And last but not least, I forgot to mention that I got these fun rustic stars from Nesta on Etsy. Not sure where they will live yet but I am sure they will find a place to pretty up soon. :)
Enjoy your Sunday!

Call off the search...

I found my new "everyday" dishes. I actually found them yesterday when I was out looking for Easter goodies but before I bought them I wanted to make sure Doug would love them too! He did (he has good taste like that)! How cute are these!?!?! They actually don't "go" together, they are from two different sets but I LOVE them combined like this. As previously stated, I am not a fan of matchy-matchy things or expected color combos but instead prefer everything to be a little funky (now you know how I got my shop name). I could not be more thrilled with them. :)
What do you think? For now I just got four of each plate because...well that is how many Etsy bucks I have, so when I have more I will finish up the set and get some bowls to go with. :) The pattern on the orange plates is textured.... DELISH!
I have been busy working on my mother in laws 60th birthday invites...here they are so far...I am about 80% done or so, I hope to finish this weekend. :) What do you think CJC?
AND my most amazing friend Scottie sent me the most awesome unexpected package in the mail. :) She is trying to help me make friends with me sewing machine...this book may do the trick...
She sent me both of these cause she is awesome like that. :)
I immediately wanted to make these pears. mmmmmm.....
And these strawberries....LOVE the jar of them. :)
And these cute pin cushions. :) Fun times ahead. I have the best friends!! Moving right along...here are some random Crystal thoughts to (hopefully) make you smile...just a little.
One day I am sure I will miss him kissing me like this. :) I LOVE that he gives them on demand now...what a sweet boy. :)
THIS is my secret to getting a shower every single day. I am not sure what I will do when he outgrows it...or when it becomes weird for him to see me nekked.
See how much he loves his fish? :)
Walmart is always good for entertainment. We never shop here anymore...mostly because the one near us is gheeeetooooo! We went there today purely to be entertained. There were NO bunnies in this box. None.
I like to put love notes in my honeys lunches(yes I make his lunch). Gotta keep a honey happy right? Alrighty then...and to think, I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to blog about...

So many things...

I have oh so many things to jabber on about today...not sure if any of you will find any of them interesting...or any of my posts for that matter but here they be, nonetheless.
First, will someone puh-lease tell me how absolutely cute my mantle is all Eastered up now? I found some great and darling things at Pier One and I can hardly stand to be in my living room because of how cute they all are...and cheap(no pun intended)!
First of all, I despise matchy-matchy and symmetry, so I will be buying another of those cute little bunnies so that there will be two on one side and one on the other...(I like things to come in threes-more on that at a later time)Oh my goodness...couldn't you just bite him he is SO cute!!!
These little guys are on top of my TV cabinet.
I know I said no bunnies but how could I pass these up...for $2!!
I could smack him he is so cute!
Cute huh? Spring is coming!!!!
I also totally copied Scottie yesterday and made Moses these sweet fish! Karen and April, I thought of you and your wee ones when I was making these...SO easy and Moses LOVED them!!Here is a sneak preview of my current love interest. It is kind of like a soft doll house book...start saving your pennies because it will be coming to the shop when it is done...embellished 'til the cows come home.
Here is a little before and after for you. I collect shells from every beach I have been to and put them in jars. Above is how they looked before and below is the after! These will be part of my bedroom redo...one project at a time.
Look how nice and clean they look. AND the shells that I know where they are from are labeled. Ahh....organization like that makes my heart happy.
Moses was just super cute in his orange vest. :)
This is what I had for lunch...they were giving samples away at Harris Teeter and I had to have some to bring home. I may or may not have eaten enough to hurt my stomach...but at least I was having the reduced fat Triscuits, right?
Also, I got these c.u.t.e. pillows (the two multi-colored ones) at Target today for about $3 each! That is how much pillows should be. :)

Also, I heart LOST. :) And I cannot wait until The Office comes back...

So there you have it...a sneaky peek into my brain...does that make you want more or less?

My acute-dishism.

A while back I shared that I was addicted to paper. Paper is what I would like to refer to as a gateway drug. I have many other addictions as well...all legal in every state. Today I will share with you what my good friend Q calls my "accute-dishism"...AKA my addiction to dishes...sets of them. I do not think it is a problem nor is it abnormal to own this many sets of dishes. Let's begin.
On the right are my winter dishes...only to be used during the calendar winter season, not just when it is cold out. I have 16 of them. To the left are my Thomas O'Brien dishes. These are used willy nilly like. I have 8 of them.
These black ones are my "everyday" dishes. I am sick of them. I have the whole set of these...big plates, little plates...two different kinds of bowls...I'm fancy like that.
These were my grandmothers. Whole set here too, including dainty little tea cups. I like to use these in the spring or summer.
These were Doug's grandmothers. I have bits and pieces of the set and I love every single piece. They are made by Johnson brothers.
These belonged to another grandmother and are another whole set. Spring and summer.
I LOVE the little flowers on here...so sweet.
These are my plates for Christmas Day and New Years Day. I only have four of these. Eventually I want to have separate plate sets for Christmas and New Years.
These are what I refer to as "birthday china". They are one of the most expensive sets that Lennox makes/made. I hate these too and I am selling them (there is a story behind them). I have almost a whole set. The pattern is called "Liberty" and is part of the presidential collection. Email me if you want a price quote.
So there you have it-I hope that was interesting to someone out there. Believe it or not I am down a few sets AND I am not ashamed to admit that I am on the hunt for new "everyday" dishes. I say "everyday" because I don't really save any of my dishes "for good"...I like to use them whenever I can.


I have NO Easter decorations whatsoever. I have decided that that needs to change...so...I am off on a mission to find chicks and eggs...no bunnies. :) I made these guys in tribute. :)

Doug's day off...bedroom redo...Moses is the best!

Doug had the day off yesterday. I LOVE these days, they are the best and we do the best things together. Doug and I always have such a great time. We LOVE days off!! :)
First we went to the fabric store and I bought fabric that comes on a tube for the first time! I must say that I felt the need to be cute when I went to this shop because a very flamboyant man works there and I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing. Even Doug commented on me pulling out all the stops. (All the stops for me just meant that I wore my cute jean jacket and my cute Rocket Dog shoes) I don't have a crush on this man or anything, I just didn't want to look completely homely next to him. :) Here are my bedroom goodies so far. The jar showing is one of many that I am going to use to put shells in. I collect shells and sand from every beach I go to...in these cute jars the collection will go and be labeled. :) I also LOVE the brown pillows with the bows on it (75% off at Target).
Next we went food shopping. I got some of my favorite Easter treats! Yellow peeps are the best...but I like them stale so I open them and eat them a week later. :) Then I made French-errr Freedom toast for dinner...YUM!
We ate it on our winter plates. :) Don't you miss these Q? This is what the house looked like at the end of the day. :) We always clean up right after we put Moses to bed. :)
Today has been a great day so far...lots of lovely emails and comments from lovely people in regards to the situation I am dealing with! I feel prayed for, so THANK YOU! Moses and I ran to Whole Foods for milk and while I was there I treated myself to a little retail therapy.
One of these:
And some of these:Moses has been so amazing today. I am so blessed. For real. Besides just being his normal sweet self he has gone above and beyond today. Yesterday Doug and I bought him a book about Easter. I was reading it to Moses today and when I got to the part where Jesus rose...he clapped!!!! Then later when I started to put the clean dishes away, Moses took nearly every piece of silverware and put it away in the drawer it belongs in! I'm leaving it that way so Doug can see it. :)
Also, for those who don't own a Wii yet...I highly recommend it. :) It is a great stand in for those of us who cannot go on many dates anymore plus it is good exercise. Doug and I boxed each other yesterday and today I could hardly shave my legs or take off the emergency break in my car. :)

Brown paper packages tied up with string...

these are a few of my favorite things...
Happy babies...Bright and funky ribbon...Jeans that fit perfectly...

We had a FABulous weekend here. Doug was home and Moses was happy and we were ALL well!!! (Well at least above the 90% mark). I got some custom orders finished and started some others. We got to visit another church here in C'ville and that makes me happy too. We will be going back for sure. I knew I was hooked when the speaker started off the sermon wondering out loud how people can get so excited and riled up for a concert or football game but would be embarrassed to do so for Jesus? I was just sharing these EXACT feelings with Doug a couple of nights before we went to this church. It makes me SO crazy that hundreds of people will go to a concert and raise their hands and rejoice for some fad band but would be embarrassed to do that in church for our Lord. People go nuts for celebrities that give us nothing and all but ignore the Wonder that gave us eternal life. Not me. I could give a rats butt about a celebrity. I'll take my Jesus.
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