Brown paper packages tied up with string...

these are a few of my favorite things...
Happy babies...Bright and funky ribbon...Jeans that fit perfectly...

We had a FABulous weekend here. Doug was home and Moses was happy and we were ALL well!!! (Well at least above the 90% mark). I got some custom orders finished and started some others. We got to visit another church here in C'ville and that makes me happy too. We will be going back for sure. I knew I was hooked when the speaker started off the sermon wondering out loud how people can get so excited and riled up for a concert or football game but would be embarrassed to do so for Jesus? I was just sharing these EXACT feelings with Doug a couple of nights before we went to this church. It makes me SO crazy that hundreds of people will go to a concert and raise their hands and rejoice for some fad band but would be embarrassed to do that in church for our Lord. People go nuts for celebrities that give us nothing and all but ignore the Wonder that gave us eternal life. Not me. I could give a rats butt about a celebrity. I'll take my Jesus.

Blast from the past...

When I was "Big 'Ol" week before we met Moses.

Snippets. Typical events in my life. In no particular order.

Start the day with this ray of sunshine. He wakes up like his touching for the first 30 minutes...and don't talk to me either. Where is my coffee (milk)?

Make cute cards while my honey is at work. I LOVE this one. I heart polka dots. All of them.

This card makes me happy too.

I changed the back of this again. Much better.

Went to Target, got things for my new bedroom at 75% off! Do laundry. Decide what to make for dinner. Talk Doug into going out for dinner instead. Watch Dr. Phil. Watch our DVR'd programs (yes I call them programs) while I work on something crafty.

Not typical-today I was told by an online blogger that they were too busy to be my friend. How do I find these people? And no I didn't ask her if we could be friends...I told her I liked her blog.

I'm on a roll...

Our living room now has curtains!! It wasn't until they were up that I realized how naked it looked without them. :) The delay in putting them up? Well besides thinking that the window looked ok without them, I didn't want to spend a small fortune to dress a window but I didn't want cheap 'ol curtains either so I just waited. Then yesterday we were at Tuesday Mornings and found these really high quality curtain panels for $9.99 each (marked down from $29.99). Of course I talked myself out of them, then made Doug go back there with me this morning to get them. I also got a great rod to hang them on for $14.99!! (marked down from $44.95). I can't stop looking at them. :) I love what it does to the room! Yay for good deals!!! Now I just need deals like that for the bedroom redo!

In other news...

Is it just me and the southerner in me who finds this giant pineapple just fabulous? Nothing says welcome to my kitchen better than a big 'ol pineapple. I happily lugged this beauty all over TJ Max the other day and gladly paid the $14.99 listed on the price tag. Jealous?
I found the sweet birds above at my local Michaels. LOVE them...they are nestled in a bed of stale coffee beans and live in the center of my dining room table.


So after perusing on one of my favorite new blogs, The Nester, I just had to copy her idea somewhere in my own house. This was the only spot that would work but I can't decide if it actually did work, what do you think? It was hard to take a good photo of the paper because it is so dark and dreary here and I refuse to ruin a good photo with a flash.
Be warned though, once you visit her site, and you should, you may not feel nearly as creative or cool because she is so clearly very both. :)
We are still working on well. I think I am fighting a sinus infection now, a problem I have regularly since a missions trip to Romania. My creativity seems to have returned so that is a good thing. I am, however, feeling very boring at the moment. :)

Pitiful Man Baby

Poor little man baby. He is over the fever today but yesterday he was so out of it that he kept falling asleep wherever he was. He slept on my lap like this for a little while before Doug took him up to his bed. :)


Well we are all sick now, thankfully, so far I seem to have a much milder version of it. I have been taking Oscillocoxinum (sp) since I started having symptoms and that seems to be fighting it off pretty well. Thankfully this is not the an illness with stomach issues...more of a sleep it off sort of thing and Moses is being great about telling me when he is ready to go back to bed. The most pitiful thing is that he keeps telling me that he is "all done" in "Mom, I am all done feeling bad, please fix it"...I think that defines helplessness for me.
The question from the winner of the contest was "What will I tell Moses' wife someday?"...I have been thinking of this answer for days and the only thing I can think of is, "Welcome, I love you and I have been praying for you since before Moses was ever born. :) I am here if you need me, but far enough away that I don't crowd you, I want to help but know that I have raised a good man, who knows right from wrong and how to treat a lady". :)
Some other questions I can answer with a short answer...
What will I name my next child? Not completely sure but we do want Moses to have a brother named Aaron someday.
What would I do with 100k? Pay of my churches building and and debt that they have, build them an awesome building for kids, pay off my own debt, pay for my children's college. :)
Am I really that organized or do I clean up for pics? Yep, I am...I don't have time to clean up for pics and I get a little kooky if things aren't just so. (Except for my desk). :)
Questions for Jesus...
I have a long list...why do babies/children suffer...ever? Why do some people have children like rabbits and treat them like crap but deserving couples struggle for years and may never be successful in having children? How are some people so blind to You? Are the calories listed on packs of gum for if you chew and spit out or chew and swallow? Why do You love me so much? There are more...but those are the ones that regularly circulate.
One moment to live over and over? The days we spent in the hospital after having Moses and the two weeks that Doug was home with us afterward. Best. Days. Ever. Labor? That is another stories, full of lies people tell you and lack of drugs. Wanna hear?
Do I think Moses is cuter in daddy's mismatched jammies? Yes, but not why you may think...I think it is precious that he has a daddy that will be there every night to put him in jammies.
There were more questions that I will try to answer at some point because they were all really good.
Has anyone really read this far?
Encouraging things that have happened lately...We recently had a friend give us a new washer and dryer. We were willing to buy it from her but after our disappointing tax return, she decided to just give it to us. Awesome.
Discouraging-I had someone give me a heads up in a private email today that they wouldn't buy from my etsy shop because my avatar didn't match my banner and that my shop was too scattered. :(

Love and the WINNER!!!!!

Doug and I aren't huge celebrators of Valentines Day. We do love a good excuse to buy each other a gift (for both of us, a primary love language is gifts). But we are showing love to each other on a daily and regular basis so Valentines isn't that big a deal. To us, if you wait that long to show love then.... I did get Doug this cute plate (shown above). It reads "I Love You" in Norwegian. And he got me the movie "Becoming Jane". My favorite kind of movie. :) I also made some yummy festive cupcakes. :)
But I think our celebration ends there. Doug came home early from work today and went straight to bed (Doug is not the kind to do this lightly). Noooooooooooo!!!!! I hate and dread sickness in the is exhausting, and gross and so not fun...AND I am the only one in the house who does not get a sick day. :( Please be praying that somehow Moses and I are spared this illness and that Doug gets better quickly. :)

Ok, more happy stuff. Just because I know you are wondering...I love Jesus, my Doug, my Moses, cable knit sweaters, ketchup on my scrambled eggs, sweet AND salty snacks, good coffee (instant coffee is not coffee), funky socks, little birds, red birds, blue birds, black birds, nests, acorns, dishes, bowls, big things, little things, tank tops, sunshine, flip-flops, black and white photos, the beach, walking on the beach, being a mom, being a wife, hugs, friends and good family moments. :)

And the WINNER of the goody bag is Amybell!! Her question was:

"For the mother in us, what is one thing you will tell Moses's wife someday?"

I had a hard time being unbiased in choosing a winner so I had a third party choose for me. :) I will have to think on this answer so stay tuned...

Please send me your address so I can get your goodies in the mail to you. :)

How to Needle Felt a Dinky Bird

This is for all those friends that I talked into trying needle felting. My best shot at a "how to".

First, take a portion of wool that will be the main color in your creation. Here, this dinky bird will be a Robin with a brown body and red breast. Roll the wool up, tucking in the ends as you go...tuck more to make it more of a ball and less to make it more like a oval shape.
Begin poking with your needle, focusing on the areas that least look like what you want it to look like, here I concentrate on the ends. Poke all over, and not too deeply because the deeper you poke the more of a dimple you will make in the wool.
See here.
To catch the stray hairs, lay the needle flat against the project, drag a little, then poke.
See here. :)
Keep going until your body is smooth. Or as least as smooth as you would like it.
Next, to make the breast of the bird, take the wool that you have chosen for the color and shape it into roughly the shape that you want it to end up like.
Tack onto the bird body(by poking it a few times) and sort of outline the shape that you want it to be. Begin to poke all over the breast of the bird and continue to outline the area of color, dragging in stray bits of wool to keep it within your outline. Continue until the breast area is as smooth as the rest of the body. You can also add wool on top of any area, at anytime you feel like it needs more.
Next, for eyes, take a small amount of white wool and divide it into two bits (so your eyes can be equal). Kind of roll them between your fingers a bit to make a loose ball. Tack it into place and use very specific pokes to outline the eye shape and drag in the stray hairs.
Do the same with the next eye.
Repeat the same idea on a smaller scale for the pupils.
And again for the beak, using your pokes to shape it into a beak.
Continue to tidy him up until you think he is perfect.
Hope this helps you. :)

Today...and bedroom before pics.

still slumping it but other good things are going on. For example:
Moses is still really, really cute. He is learning to say his Aunt Carolyn's name (aah yin). He has also learned bag, and buh tuh (buster is the name of our friends dog who we stayed with in Radford-now all dogs are a buh tuh)....and uck (truck). :) I am thankful for him everyday. I also got some goodies from my SIL. I had ordered the satin hands kit from Mary Kay and SIL sent me some extra goodies because she is cool like that. It took me forever to buy this kit because I find it so much easier to buy for others and forget about me. You can go buy stuff from her HEREI also bought two of these sweet little birds from Pier One today. :) They may end up in my new room...that currently looks like this:
Don't you love how I have hardly hung anything and that the photos I did hang were covered up when I moved the bed and I have yet to move them. :) And yes, I almost always make my bed.


So, if you frequent my shop at all you will know already that I was out of town for the weekend. We finally got to go home to Radford!! We visited friends and went to our home church. This church is not just a church that we attended in Radford, it is a deep seeded part of who I am and how I have been shaped over the last eight years or so. I LOVE this church, the people, the worship, it is all wonderful. The teachings are relevant and real, dealing with human things and not far away ideas. It meets you where you are and I LOVE that. Since moving to Charlottesville we have had the hardest time getting around to visit churches and finding a place that is anywhere close to what New Horizons is. I have had a pastor from one of the churches here tell me straight out the we will never find New Horizons again. We finally got to visit a church, where we had been told repeatedly that kids/infants/toddlers were welcome part of service (meaning that Doug and I could keep Moses in service with us until we all got used to the people, place, etc) well the one time we got to go, I can't remember how many people reminded us where the nursery was. And they weren't all being polite. At New Horizons no one would blink an eye. And those of you who know Moses, know that he is not a loud child and this Sunday visit was not an exception. So anyway, just being there and seeing what we were not a current part of was really sad, but it reminded me of some core values that I learn and live by and needed to be reminded of.
One is TRANSPARENCY. If you are a friend, you know what is on my mind because I will come out and say it. If you ask me how I am doing, I will tell you and not just say fine. If I make a mistake I will apologize and admit it. I am as real as I can be. One of the things that drove me nuts about my stalker (Hi stalker!!)is that she would constantly flame me on her site, then go back and change it so that she could keep up her perfect Christian appearance. Never for a second being real. You won't catch me going back and changing something on here (except spelling or grammar-those things wrong drive me bonkers). I want to be a person who makes Christianity appealing. I don't want to be a person who walks around pointing my finger at others while I am tripping on the plank in my own eye. I might as well try to convert others to Christianity but throwing mud at them.
Another is LOVE. I am loved, even when I am not there. While living in Radford, I made friends for life. The kind of friends who I will be in touch with and close to 50-60-70 years from now. Friends who I can pick right up with where we left off. Friends who love me for who I am and nothing else.
Another is ROOTS. That church will always be a part of me. I was there from nearly the beginning of it and that church body and I grew together so much that it was hard to tell where one stops and the other starts. Loving God is that good.
So that is where I am right a state of content meloncholy.

Oopsie Daisy...

So I made some fab cookies last night except for one thing...I failed to add the brown sugar. :( They are still very tasty but leave me thinking "what if". I was dying to make these gems at home since the other day when Doug and I had lunch at a local deli and had some of the best cookies of our lives. Oreo cookie cookies. Yum. Ridiculous yum.Like I said, they are still very good and there is no lack of sweetness, they are just a little crispy and go down well with a glass of milk. Here is the recipe for you to try: (I doubled this recipe).

Oreo Cookie Cookies

12 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 egg
2 cups unbleached all purpose flour (8 1/2 oz by weight)
1 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
10-12 broken (into halves and thirds) Oreos
Half a bag of chocolate chips.

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Beat butter and sugars until smooth. Add vanilla and eggs and mix until combined.

In a separate bowl, stir together flour, soda, salt, baking powder and cream of tartar. Add flour mixture to butter mixture and stir until incorporated. Stir in oreos by hand.

Place dough balls 3 inches apart (6 per cookie sheet) on parchment lined or non-stick cookie sheet and flatten tops slightly. You don’t want to flatten it too much, you just don’t want it to look like a ball. Bake for about 15 minutes or until brown around the edges. Cool slightly on cookie sheet for about 5 minutes, then transfer to a rack to set: remove from baking sheet. Cool on wire rack. Makes about 12 big cookies


Signs of Hope, Following Directions and Pumping Up His Ego

Look what I found just outside my door today? My sweet little tulips miss me and want to say hello...what a tease! We all know how fun February and March can be, these poor little babies have some tough times ahead. Last year I got photos of snow sitting on the tulip blooms. :)
Moses is good at following (some) directions. :) The banana sticker (of course banana) says place on forehead and smile. :) What a good boy! ANd because I thought it was hilarious to do so, I let him walk around for quite a while with this sticker on his head...he had no idea even though I kept telling him "Moses, there is a sticker on your forehead"...I know I'm a nerd but I am ok with that. : )

And below, is it just me or is this shirt hilarious? I got it for Moses today at my favorite place to shop. Like my husband, I think my son will be slightly full of himself, a quality of Doug's that only a handful know of....but love about him. :)
Coming soon? The BEST cookie recipe EVER!

Room redo...

So since we moved here in April, we have done something major and fun to each of the rooms in our home. Except our bedroom. I have been looking for months for THE color or THE pattern that would lead to inspiring me to redo the whole room. Well today we meandered into a fabric store and what do you know...I fell in love with these fabrics:
In my plan...the floral one will be used to make a duvet (remember I can sew straight lines), the chocolate one will be a valance, the white a curtain that hangs behind it and the fourth fabric will be pillows for the bed (along with some from the other fabrics as well). I FINALLY feel motivated to do something in that room. I will have to take a photo of the before to show you.

Also in our outings, I stumbled on these beauties for the 10th time...

It says birds AND nests...might as well have my name on them. They are perfect and I love them. Here is Moses, enjoying some freedom outside in the 70+ degree weather we had today. :) Today he learned the words Amen and shoes. :)

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