well I never...

Some recent events in our household have me saying things like "well, I never...". Either they are absurd, out of the ordinary or just something I never expected...some examples...
1. We bought an ARTIFICIAL tree! I still can't believe it...I have never had an artificial tree that I can remember...we decided to get one for a few reasons. I like a tall tree, 7ft or so...around here that means $50 or MORE. That is crazy to me and hurts to think about. Also, I just plain and simple wanted a few less things to do this holiday season...and an artificial 7.5 ft tree makes it no less Christmas but does make it so I don't have to water and clean up after the thing everyday...not to mention constantly making sure my toddler isn't trying to climb it.
2. I never thought I would say the words "If you touch the Baby Jesus one more time you are getting a time out.". Who knew there would ever be a time in my life where that would not be a strange thing to say? Moses is obsessed with Him...we may be issuing an Amber alert before the season is over...for the Baby Jesus not Moses.
3. I never would have thought that Moses' arms were long enough to reach that pan of brownies that my sister in law brought for Thanksgiving...by the time I got to him he had a plate sized piece of brownie tucked under his arm, football style and was shoving as much brownie into his mouth as he could with the other. He cried when I threw it all away.

4. I never knew you could mail a rooster. Or Three. That was apparently happening when Moses and I went to the post office on Monday. Moses was amazed and dumbfounded the entire time we were in there...every time one of them crowed he looked at me or a nearby patron with wide eyes and his mouth completely open in shock. When we got to the front of the line the rooster crowed again and immediately Moses did his best impersonation...as though no one was in the crowded post office...at the top of his lungs he shouted "do, do, do!" to which each and every person in the place laughed and smiled at him. He felt like a celebrity. :)
5. Never thought I would love something with a cranberry in it. :) My sister in law made this DELISH pie for Thanksgiving...I made it again last night for a ladies Christmas tea. It was a huge hit...easy to make and has enough sugar and butter to do some serious damage to your arteries. I have also fallen in love with Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash...

Here is the recipe: (Even if you are not a cranberry fan you may love it...I'm not and I DO! :)
For the Filling:
Butter, to grease the pie plate
2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped

For the Topping:
2 eggs
3/4 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon almond extract


For the Filling: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Place the cranberries in a buttered, 10-inch pie plate. Toss the sugar and walnuts over the berries.

For the Topping: Cream the eggs and the butter with the sugar. Add the flour and almond extract to the mixture, lightly tossing with a fork.

Pour the topping over the cranberry mixture and bake for 35 to 40 minutes. Serve warm with whipped cream.

6. Never thought I would eat a food out of fear. I call bananas my fear food. I am back to eating them with a passion after two nights in a row of leg cramps. Last nights was SO bad that I was in tears and had long enough to think about how I could get a hold of Doug if it didn't stop...it lasted at least 3-4 times longer than any that I have had so far AND I purposed to stretch my legs before bed. It was long enough and painful enough to put me in a mild panic. :(

7. I also never thought I would have a blog that ANYONE would care to read. :) Thanks to all you lovelies who stop by to see me and for all your wonderful words. :) I really try to answer all of your questions but sometimes I just plain forget...if there is something that you have been wanting to ask or have asked and not gotten answered then leave a question in the comments on this post and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them! :)

The WINNER of the sweet prize from I Love Plum is Catherine!! :) Catherine, please let me know you saw this then contact I Love Plum to claim your prize!!

If you would like to offer something up for a giveaway just let me know via Etsy...if we can keep it up I may make this a regular feature on my blog! :) We will have another FuN giveaway on FRIDAY!! :)

Anon comment-I can do the ornaments to fit any size photo you would like. Currently they fit a 2 by 3in photo.

Ashley-Contact me via etsy and I would love to make another birdie for you. :)

Hope your nose is rosy today! :) xoxo


ArtGirlBlue said...

Oh I hear you on #6. Ouch! That is the worst.

Margaret said...

YUM! I love cranberries and am going to have to try this!

Jessica said...

thanks for today's daily dose of smiles ... i laughed out loud about moses being obsessed with the baby Jesus! today was a tough day (court) but between a shopping trip to target and your blog, i feel a little more human again!

have a nice day!

Ali said...

Oh I love it. Amber alert for Baby Jesus... and the brownies, only a sweet innocent can get away with that, I wanted to do that with a cake the other day. Hope you holiday season is going well.

i love plum said...

First. I'm TOTALLY making that pie...sounds SO good! Second. When I was preggers with Stella I had the WORST leg cramps too. A big spoonful of Calcium Magnesium did the trick! (fyi) :) Third. Love your blog as always! xo

Mummy McTavish said...

I love the thought of shoving a plate size brownie under my arm football style and running off to hide with it.
I was having huge cramps with plenty of tears and my OB said a half a glass of tonic water before bed. I cant stand the stuff but it worked, it's the quinine in it, it's a muscle relaxant. I'd dutifully chug my half glass each night for cramp free sleep and if I forgot and felt cramps coming I would leap out of bed and drink straight from the bottle!

meg duerksen said...

this was a sweet post. :)
the roster is so funny. who receives a rooster in the mail...let alone who mails them?!
and i forgot about the leg cramps.....OH THEY ARE AWFUL! i completely understand teh panic. i never had one when craig wasn't there to shake awake in my tears. he'd just straighten my leg and all was fine. but being alone...that'd be awful - you poor thing. yay for bananas!
the pie looks too good.
way too good.

today i took a 15 minute nap...came downstairs to dora still on but no annie in sight. she was under th table with a chocolate popsicle and a pair of scissors trying to open the wrapper. she looked very guilty when i pulled the chair out next to her.
she and moses would be t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Holly said...

Love your post, sweetie.

Wish I could have been in that post office with you guys. Too totally adorable of Moses. Hope the leg cramps go away soon. Bananas should help.

You and your blog are fabulous. Thanks for all the inspiration and truth. =-)

Be well, dear friend.


Smith Family Blog said...

What kind of tree did you get? I've never wanted an artificial tree, but my husband has me almost convinced. We've looked at some GE trees, and they look fairly real... so I would love to know what you got!

Scottie said...

"If you touch the Baby Jesus one more time you are getting a time out."....

OMG...I'm rolling! I needed that...thanks! :)

Catherine said...

I have a feeling this could be a great day! :)

I was just reading along (and laughing - I've got a 4yo and 2yo - I can't believe some of the things I say and do!) and saw my name.


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