A non holiday?

New Year's has always been a sort of non-holiday to me...I don't drink and I don't make New Year's resolutions and I am usually in bed by 11pm at the latest...plus it takes me 'til June to consistently write the new year down instead of the previous one...basically always been that way...I kinda figure that with Jesus...everyday is a fresh new start. Isn't that nice? :)
This is the time of year that I start the dreaded tax process...gathering receipts from every envelope and crevice in the house...waiting patiently(or not so patiently) for the required forms to come in the mail...it's the only time of year that I kinda like numbers...to compare last year with this year...especially since I started Etsy. This year I feel especially hurried to get the taxes done...I want them done before baby comes...and there aren't so many weeks left...yikes!
Like I said...numbers are not my favorite...pretty new crafts, however...after I did my share of tax prep last night, I treated myself to making some of these...I have seen them around the web here and there in various forms and textures...most of them seemed too frilly for me...so I switched it up a bit and came up with these Funky versions...at the moment they are just pretty to look at...not sure what to do with them now. I thought about attaching a ponytail holder...what do you think? Any ideas?
Also been working on some pretty new towels...among other little projects here and there. I am basically slow as a snail these days and the couch is my favorite...I love any craft I can do from there. Today, while Doug is off I hope to get all the baby things OUT of the attic, get the Christmas things back IN the attic and get to working on a room for this baby that will be here before I know it! In the meantime I have have little house projects going on...the house purge continues and I love it. :)
Another one of my "tricks" is actually a motivational tool. Our family motto is "Do what you have to, so you can what you want to". I had it printed on a sign that hangs where we can see it often. I can't tell you how many times seeing that sign that has gotten me in gear to tackle the laundry or empty the dishwasher or some other mundane NON-fun task. Then, when I get to sit and do something for fun or crafty sake...I feel a lot less guilty. :) More tricks later...but 'til then...

Is there some trick you use to motivate yourself?
On the Moses front...he has been as enjoyable as ever...I swear some days I could just eat him up he is SO sweet! One of my favorite things to do is to listen in on him and Doug playing together...to hear my two best boys having fun together just makes the whole house warm and cozy. Last night was beat box lessons...complete with Moses learning the sounds to pretend he is scratching a record...only the cutest thing you have ever heard a two year old do. He also loves to play drums on the couch pillows while he dances...with probably more rhythm than his dad and I combined. :)

Hope that this year you face EACH day with a fresh new start! :)

Don't forget the question of the day:
Is there some trick you use to motivate yourself?



Emilie said...

I like to write down everything I need to get done that day. I LOVE taking a pencil and putting a big fat line through every little job I finish. It's even more effective if I make the jobs tiny. Instead of "Sweep", I write "Sweep Kitchen" "Sweep Living" "Sweep Bathroom"...it's my little way of feeling accomplished!

Lisa said...

I love the bright colors your using.
Music motivates me, if I need to do something around the house and don't want to, I'll turn the stereo up and it makes me get up!

Lace said...

I use my bloggy friends as my motivation! You're a good one because you're good at picture taking and constantly have something to show us! I guess that's not much help to you, right?! Sorry!

I had to get a new blog address because the old one got hacked... you'll see this name commenting from now on instead! Still me though!

Happy un-eventful New Year!!

Pamela said...

When I have a chance, I always like to come to your blog and catch up. It is always so fun. It reminds me when we used to go to your house and every time, something was different. I always like just looking around. : ) Anyway - I actually get motivated the opposite way sometimes. Sometimes I'll go do the thing I wanted to do and then know I need to get home to do the rest. Sometimes it helps with my work schedule to not have to go home and do a list of things but know I have a break to have some fun... then get back to work. Hope you have a nice New Year!

Pamela said...

Oh - I forgot - I was thinking coaster but I can't actually tell how big they are.

KATY826 said...

I think they would be cute on a pillow! :)

To get myself motivated I turn on my current favorite music. Works like a charm!

Ps I don't think you go to Michael's enough (judging from those receipts! ;))

Jessica said...

hey crystal. i would like to buy one of your towels - i really liked the green one you have in the picture there. convo me on etsy and let me know if there are any left to buy! :o)

as for motivating myself ... i am a bit of a lazy so i have to make lists lists lists!!! :o)

PamperingBeki said...

Definitely upbeat music. (I just added a bunch to my blog for the new year.)

And I'm really motivated by the timer! I set it for 10 or 15 minutes at a time and work my tail off until it beeps. Then I allow myself to sit and browse blogs for 10 or 15 minutes. :) Then it's back up and to work.

I go back and forth like this all day.

Miss G said...

Flylady.net that's what I use to motivate me. :) That and lists. Kelly

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