holiday numbers...

0 gifts left to be bought
0 gifts left to be wrapped
10 gifts to be made
12 Christmas cheer packages sent in the mail
4 to go
40+ Christmas cards sent out
6 Christmas cards received...(what the heck?)
19 leftover nutcracker stamps
9 days until Christmas
3 days until Doug's next day off
72 days until baby comes
6 hours that I couldn't eat yesterday
at least a dozen times biting my tongue trying
3 new ideas for the shop
2 times a day watching Frosty the Snowman (don't judge me)
36 dozen Christmas confections made
3-4 dozen left to be made
4 gallons of milk bought today
7 total in the last week
63 photo ornaments made...and counting
12 to make today
blessings too numerous to count



My2Gs said...

After reading that post....I'm feeling extremely lazy :(

Eric and Michelle said...

you never cease to amaze me dear friend.

Holly said...

=-) Wow. Loved this little glimpse. Will you please share some of your energy? I need some.'re pregnant none-the-less. Amazing woman you are, Crystal.

Hope you got our card already. If's on its way. Love you. xoxoxoxo

KATY826 said...

Can I just say that those treats look soo GOOD right now! Also, can't wait to see what you have in store for the shop. :)

Linda said...

I love this look at the Christmas season thorough numbers. You are just too stinkin' creative!

Audra Lynn said...

i have stumbled across your blog through a friend who has you on her favorites. i love this post! merry christmas!

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