Who is up for it???!!?!?!?

Just when you thought this blog could not get any more fun...I have TWO super fun announcements for your Monday enjoyment! :)

The first is probably obvious from the photo above...I am hosting another SWAP!!! YAY! :)
Inspired by myself and some friends who have had some rough days lately I decided that the theme of this swap would be "Bad Day Survival Kit"! :) How fun does that sound?

So you want to play?
Here is what you do...
1) Fill in this questionnaire:
Favorite candy:
Favorite chocolate:
Favorite scent for candles/lotion:
If you ordered from the Starbucks menu what drink would you choose:
Favorite Magazine that you don't subscribe to:
Do you collect anything for the holidays: (For example I collect red birds)

2) Email the filled out form to me at ricracandpompoms at gmail.com (replace the at with @)

3) Wait for your partner assignment.

4) Make that "Bad Day Survival Kit" and ship it out to your partner. :) Plan on spending $20 or so not including shipping. This swap is limited to USA participants only (sorry). :)

Super easy and super fun, right? You have this week to sign up...I will assign partners next TUESDAY! :) Please only sign up if you really want to do it AND you will follow through...it stinks to send out a fun box and never get one.


I go SO SO many goodies offered up to me for the giveaways that in addition to the regular Friday giveaways, I will be doing spontaneous SuRpRiSe giveaways! These surprise giveaways will only be open for a day each so you have to check in often to enter...I will try to pick a winner of the fabulous goodies within 24hours of posting the announcement. :) Be sure to check in often because there will be one or more a week and you don't want to miss any of these super fun goodies!! : )

So basically my blog is the most fun to be this holiday season right? :)

I just posted a bunch of brand new Christmas cards in the shop...
Along with this nearly edible onesie...my own sweet bird design. :)

And the WINNER of the Lassie Girl item of choice is....(per the random number generator)
SARA of It's Good to Be Queen. :) She also has a sweet little Etsy shop called 2blondeboys!

Yay for Sara! Sara, just let me know that you read this and then contact LassieGirl to get started on your custom item. :)

Make sure you are ALL here for this Fridays giveaway...if you are hosting any kind of holiday party...you DON'T want to miss it...

and keep checking back...you never know when a surprise might pop up. :)

And sign up for the swap. :)

And I am done! :)


sara said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm SO VERY EXCITED! I can't believe I won something, and YES your blog is the funnest place to be! :) How fun!! I am also excited about the swap. What a great idea!

This made my whole day. :)

Holly said...

I'm in for the swap for sure. How totally fun. Love all your new goodies. That bird is super adorable. xoxoxoxo

Trish said...

awww stupid random number generator ;)

carly smith said...

i would love to swap things with someone.....how fun!! :)

Amanda said...

great idea friend! Can't wait for the swap! :)

la belle fille said...

Great idea! I will certainly be participating in the swap. How fun is that...plus cann't we all do with a Bad Day Survival Kit?!

Love your blog...definitely the place to be for the holidays ;-)

mommyholly said...

Im so in for the swap!! I had a ton of fun with your last one with the state swap! :) And this sounds perfect at this time of year- we will all need a bad day survival kit at one point or another this holiday season haha!! Ill send you an email shortly, xo!

Ali said...

I am so excited! The best part of a swap is making up the package to send to someone else!

Kellie H said...

count me in too!! can't wait to put it all together.
will I be able to save mine for a bad day when i get it? that's the big question =)

Carrien said...

hi, it's my first time here. Your etsy stuff is neat, and I love the swap idea.

Be back later :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Sign me up! I LOVE the theme for this swap! I will e-mail you now!:) Lori

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