Stopping the insanity...

So in case you have somehow missed how crazy I have been in the last...let's say couple of days...let me just remind you that I am obsessed with a certain object of is literally all I can think about (I do not love pregnant crazy.) I can't wait to have at it with every porous surface in the house...(that is how sad I am)I have decided today, that when Moses wakes up, I am just going to go buy it. Stupid coupon (I have totally rationalized that I can always save said coupon for soon to occur Christmas shopping) or not. It took me all morning to rationalize it but here is what just buying it will will do for me and my family:

1. My husband will continue to live. Yesterday he says to me that if I needed something to do (seeing as how I had been working on every project I could think of to avoid shopping for that item) that it looked like the stove-top needed cleaning. To which my only response was "Did that sound stupid as it came out of your mouth?" "Yep" he says. (And my husband is the best of the best...don't get me wrong...but sometimes men don't take advantage of the "preview" feature that is their brain....LOVE YOU HONEY!) To his defense I am sure it is not easy to live with me right now. :)

2. My family can trade cranky Crystal for steam cleaning obsessed Crystal. :) That has to be a trade up right?

3. I can cut off the pregnancy OCD before it gets out of hand and some poor innocent bystander gets hurt.

4. My husband told me I could "to stop the madness". :)

5. I can guarantee that the coupon will come in the mail tomorrow...if a neighbor doesn't stop by tonight to give it to me because it was accidentally put in their box.
In one last ditch effort to avoid giving in...I made a stack of these this morning, including this super cute snowman. :)
And finished up these cuties for a friend...they will be sweet little pillow hangings. :) Can't sell them in the shop yet, I am working on licensing. :) Aren't they just darling??

Oh, and...

6. Since lunch time yesterday Moses has been obsessed with doing his business (#1 and #2) on the potty...I was not ready for this...he actually comes to me or Doug and asks to go to the potty. Not quite sure where this came from or if it just suddenly clicked that if he does it in the pot, then he gets a skittle(his reward)...I have no idea what I am doing so we are just taking it one trip to the bathroom at a time...but clearly I can't handle both obsessions at once, right?

So you still love me right? Knowing that I would much rather go buy a steam cleaner than new clothes...and prefer a night of carpet cleaning to a night on the town?

Feel free to leave any further rationalizations that you see fit to make me feel better. :)



Trish said...

hopefully as i am posting this you are steam cleaning like a "mad" woman!! I mean that in the most endearing way! :)

April said...

freak.....and yea still love ya !!

Jessica said...

your post made me laugh. not as in "she's crazy" laugh but a "oh my i can get this obsessive when i'm NOT pregnant ... they are going to have to lock me in a padded cell when i am pregnant!"

i LOVE the embroidered houses on the pillow!!! that is amazing!! are you doing these free hand or by machine? do you use a pattern or are they from your amazingly creative brain? i just LOVED them!

hope you are steam cleaning your brains out! :o)

Amy said...

Talk about obsessed! I just bought another one! I guess I looked in your shop too quickly before and missed the one from this post. OH MY GOODNESS! I was meant to have this one, too, right? Glad I caught it before some else! :)

Hope you're enjoying your obsession!

Kristi said...

Hope you get your steam cleaner. I have an unhealthy love of our Dyson vacuum. I don't mind the steam cleaner either.

I am so excited to get my ornament!! I wish I knew you had more of those tags, I'd have bought a second set.

I hope to post tomorrow, now that thing have died down here a bit. Though I REALLY want to get the house back in order. Maybe you could come over to help. :-)

Sara said...

My MIL just bought me the bissell steam cleaner (the aqua colored one on the first page).. and let me tell you, it is GREAT! You definatly need it if your little boy is close to being trained in the bathroom.. i'll just leave it at that! They're great....

Greg said...

Crystal, think I missed something. Did you find out that this product (carpet cleaner) is especially great or does your home needs some TLC, or do you just want to clean because of your hormones? If it is the great product,I want to get one!!

meg duerksen said...

pregnant brain.
it's a lovely thing. i completely understand you. 100%
i adore your new crafts.
so great crystal. i love the snow globe ornaments!!
and wow i love the felt food n the post above. i feel like i need to "step away from the key board" and get crafty. i feel your inspiration waves through my screen.

have a good time getting a cleaning high from your steam cleaner. you will soon become a steamer junkie.

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