My To-Do List...

let's see...where to begin...

choose nursery shade of yellow
fill in holes in nursery wall
paint nursery
buy two yards of this fabric to make curtains for nursery
make curtains for nursery
buy dresser for nursery
steam clean carpets
steam clean furniture
buy steam cleaner
buy a coat for this winter (q i do love that pea coat)
come up with $60 for pea coat. :)
make a custom order
make a custom order
make a custom order
get orders ready for the p.o.
go to p.o. office
throw away halloween pumpkins
decide on dinner
decide on dinner to bring to new mom friend
organize thanksgiving menu plan
think of fun centerpiece for thanksgiving
clean two bathrooms
get the grass cut
write some thank yous
make fun leaf sugar cookies (q are you coming to help?)
post some new items
make some new items
start christmas dvd
organize photos
make Christmas list
Christmas shop
catch up on email/convos
love on my son
love on my husband
convert old ottoman into train table
find a new book to read

want to come over? :)


Simply Me... said...

Well I'm tired just thinking about it! my day is busy but not the busy, we are going to hobby lobby and then to lowe's to buy a new snow thrower... will be all ready when the snow flies! Brrr. Have a wonderful week-end and don't over do it Doctors orders!


little wash wash said...

WOW!! SOunds like you have a busy day. Put on some Christmas music (yes to some it may be early but it makes me happy) clean a little bit then do the fun stuff!! If I lived near you (and we were friends) I would bring you starbucks and help!!

Kate said...

I have heard when doing yellow for a nursery to pick something really soft or they say it keeps your baby up!! I don't know if it's true, because when I heard that I stayed away from yellow!! I can't wait to see what it looks like:)

April said...


hugz to you

sara said...

Wow! You are so efficient!! I wish I could get that much stuff done in a day! :)

Kristi said...

Lots to do!! I love the owl, reminds me of one I made for a friend's shower gift.

When we painted our first nursery yellow, we used a Behr color from the Disney collection called "Tigger's Tummy". It was so bright and warm, like a room of sunshine. I just loved being in that room.

Mummy McTavish said...

half the list sounds like fun, the other half... not so much. I love your label for this post :)

Trish said...

well i couldn't find the link but the store steve and barry's has a super cute pea coat(high waisted) it's hounds tooth and it's from the bitten line. since your so small i think you could sport it during pregnancy and after too!(since it's not a maternity) best part's only $20

your list looks like my list minus the baby stuff :)

Lacey in the Sky said...

Whew! Man, I love "to do" lists! It's sick, but I can't help it. I literally lay down at night and automatically begin making lists in my head. I hope you get to scratch some of those off of your list soon! (I think you should probably add, "Rest!" to your list. You are preggers(and have a toddler!) you deserve it!)

i love plum said...

sounds like the nesting has set in! you've got lots on that list so do try to sit back and chill a bit :) xo

meg duerksen said...

not too much right?
all in a days' work for happy mamas. :)
i wish you cheerfulness while you work.
have a wonderful weekend sweet crystal.

Karin Schueller said...

LOL, shouldn't buying the steam cleaner come BEFORE steaming the furniture, etc? LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;) I know it is a ton of work, but I'm actually a bit envious, oddly enough! I never got to decorate my daughter's nursery, and so I had just one chance with my son. I'd love to do another one! I will live vicariously and watch as the pics come up. You will post pics, right? :)

ArtGirlBlue said...


Is that just 1 day? Please tell me it's not. Oh my. That is a lot to get done.

mommyholly said...

New book to read?! Have you read Twilight? SOOOOO amazing! :) xo!

Holly said... thing at a time, my friend. Don't forget to rest. =-)


Simone said...

That is what I call organized!! My little one is already three month old and her nursery is nowhere near perfection... maybe I should start to write a list too.

ccp said...

yes! i'll be there in 10 minutes for sugar cookies ! ok, just kidding. but i'd like to be! last night i had crazy pregnant woman cravings to make a cake and butter-cream frosting at 10pm. i thought of you :)

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