Monday, Monday...

It has been a crazy crazy weekend...two of my very best friends had their babies on the SAME DAY!!!!....I steam cleaned ALL of my carpets and stairs...still have to do the couch...we spent the morning at the dentist...and now is officially the start of my crazy Thanksgiving to do list...I am try, try, trying to get a Christmas card photo taken of Moses but so far (and 150+ photos later) I have had no luck...we'll try again tomorrow. :) I did get the sweet moment above...I LOVE those guys and photos like this remind me of how blessed I am to be able to live in a house that is just FULL to the brim with love and fun and blessings really are too numerous to count. :) My swap box came from the sweet Holly of mommy holly. :) She sent me such a sweet box...full of goodies and smiles...and the sweet little red bird above. Thank you Holly!! :) I bought a cute new stamp today...LOVE it! :) I have a hard time spending money on stamps that cost more than $1 but had no trouble snatching this one up. :)
And here is a hug for the winner of BeckyMs felty foods! :)
O has won the sweet little Christmas Cookies
Courtney has won the sweet little pumpkin pie. :)

Ladies let me know you have seen this and then touch base with Becky to claim your prizes. :)

I hope to have some giveaways this week but honestly they are not TOP TOP priority. If I can dig my heels in and get lots done then there will be some...if not then we will pick up next week but I will do my best. If you would like to offer up something to giveaway just contact me via Etsy and we'll chat! :)

And lastly...there is a sale in the shop!! Go check it out! :)

Gotta run! xoxo


Greg said...

Hi Crystal,
I was wondering which steam machine you got and wondered what features it has or what it can clean. Are you happy with it? I am in the market for something like that.

Trish said...

oh that is fun about your friends! we were at the dentist this morning too! :) have a fun day!

Courtney said...

no way! this is the first time i've won a "giveaway" on a blog - FUN!!

Kristi said...

That is a very cute stamp, a sweet pic and adorable red bird.

I wanted to tell you, I am planning to actually use one of the patterns from the Amy Butler box of patterns I won from you. Finally! Yes, can you believe it? I still want to make another one soon. Hopefully soon. Life is going to get very busy next week!

Just me.....Shelly said...

Oh hahahaha.....YES, that stamp is Beeeeutiful!! Great minds think a like....our tags look almost identical, LOL!

Good luck getting that perfect holiday card shot!!

Enjoy your day!

Holly said...

Hi dear friend. My, you are such a busy little bee. I LOVE that pic of Moses and Doug. Too too sweet. You are surrounded by blessings and are a blessing yourself. Love you, sweetie. Happy Monday. xoxoxoxoxoxo

O said...

LOL, I just read the comments & saw Courtney's and I have to ditto what she way! And this is the first time I've won a blog giveaway too. :) Thanks so much for the giveaway. Those felties are so cute. :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving this week.

mommyholly said...

You are so welcome Crystal!! :) And that stamp is SOOOO cute... I would definitely snatch that up too!! xoxox!

O said...

Hi again :) Just a little thank you, for having the giveaway & for picking my comment...have a blessed holiday season!

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