I almost didn't bother...

I won't lie.
It's been a rough week here.
I am ready for Moses to get better and back to his old self.
I can't take ANOTHER tantrum.
Over nothing.
Sick = over emotional toddler = over emotional +tired +cranky + unpleasant= mama.
(I am sure that makes perfect mathematical sense to you).
But for 30 minutes, he was enthralled at the task. Then he had a tantrum when we couldn't bring them inside.

Then my WONDERFUL husband came home this morning and gave me a warm breakfast sandwich and a latte...in bed.

I think I can survive one more tantrum. :)
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My2Gs said...

The pumpkin seeds in one thing that we didn't to. Mainly because I wasn't sure what to do with them and I didn't have the energy to figure it out :( Cute pictures of your little guy!

Kandi said...

I'm sure you already do, but you need to tell your Hubby that he's Awesome (that's with a capital "A")!! Mmmm, Starbucks!

Cute Pumpkins. Our seeds are still sitting in the fridge, soaking. I guess we'd better get to roasting!

Meka said...

Great post. A happy, quick read to start my day.

(I don't always "bother" reading the posts of the blogs I'm following... but your title caught my attention.) :)

Simply Me... said...

Thinking of you my friend, Happy week-end...


Holly said...

You are such a wonderful mommy. So glad that Doug could take such good care of you when you needed it most. Hope you weekend is filled with many more doses of happy.


Eric and Michelle said...

Hubby's are good for a recharge

Kellie H said...

I love your photos...such great viewpoints! I hear ya with the tantrums...my 2 y.o. is getting to be a pro {ok, is!}
I love those pumpkin spice lattes...mmmm! try 'em if you haven't already

Kellie H said...

ok I know the answer. Pumpkin spice lattes....via ESP =)

MGF said...

You need a break.

A hour to yourself.

A new pair of sassy shoes. a glass of wine with a great conversation.

meg duerksen said...

i feel your pain.

you are a good mama. and you have a good husband. :)

best wishes for a tantrum free day. maybe he's getting those big teeth in the back. hmmm...

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