Hey guess what...

I learned that I really can't do it all...the last few days really wore me out...my brain kept saying go go go but my body totally pulled rank and slammed on the brakes. :) It was exhausting and tiring and I ended each day with feet so puffy that you couldn't see my ankle bones...but it was a good kind of tired and I would do it all over again...I know I am blessed to have great in laws... :) I really couldn't have done the last couple of days without their help...with their help we had a great Thanksgiving, a great Friday, made some yummy Norwegian cookies, made lots of fun memories and wore each other out. :) Moses tried to be a trooper...he managed to come down with the sniffles and a bit of something else...add that to seeing all of his favorite people and you have one over tired, over stimulated and exhausted little boy. Today we are taking it easy and not leaving the house...focusing on getting back on schedule with naps and eating. :)
Moses' favorite (and currently only(-her mama is expecting two weeks after me!)) cousin was here and they made a great tag team. Neither one chose to nap well the past couple of days...made for some challenging moments that Alli and I both hope are not a preview of what is to come with having two kids. :)
We were blessed enough to have Doug's precious grandparents with us again this Thanksgiving. :) They are such a treasure to their family...Moses had no problem lovin' and huggin' on them this time and I really think that made their day. :) They were a little fascinated with some of the toys that Moses had...
Kyleigh was happy to show them how things worked... :)
And before the family got here I managed to get our Christmas card done...well I took the photos then the ever AMAZING and TALENTED Sara took care of the rest...I debated back and forth about whether or not to show this on the blog since many of you out there will get one but then I thought that if I could send a few more customers off to Sara then it was worth it. :) Just look at how AMAZING and ADORABLE this card is!!! :) Go check her out if you want Christmas cards as fabulous as mine are. :)

And just a little heads up...as part of my realization that I cannot do everything...I will be limiting the amount of custom work that I will be doing over the holidays...so if there is something you have been wanting done, please contact me soon so that I will be able to help you out. :)

Hope this finds you relaxed and loving your family! :)



Lisa said...

Your cards are adorable! Sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving...it wore me out also. Thank God it only comes once a year....then there's Christmas!
:) Lisa

Sara Luke said...

You're fantastic. Seriously.

I'm learning that SAME LESSON. I can't do it all either. Actually, I'm learning that I can do it all; but when I do, none of it gets done well.

Meg said...

Your card is terrific! I just love it! Your line from "Oh, Holy Night" on Moses' picture really touched me.. I think its speaks so very loudly to what is going on into today's world...but it also reminds us that if we look really hard there is still hope...and that hope is the gift of Christ our Lord!

meg duerksen said...

i am basically just copying everything you make and giving it for gifts this year! thanks for such great ideas! but it's a lot o work (as you know) so i can see why you'd be tired!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness. That may very well be the most adorable and artistic Christmas card I've ever seen. Too fabulous, Crystal. LOVE your new banner pic too. Yummy Moses & lolly.

Hope you're taking it easy. Rest is a necessity not a luxury, sweet friend.

I love you. xoxoxoxoxo

Miss G said...

Your card is fantastic! I love it! The graphics, pic of Moses AND the sentiment!

Oh when will we all learn that we can't do everything? Thanks for the encouragement! Enjoy your day of rest.

I'm gonna rest a bit after work this afternoon hopefully but then have a fun dinner date with my hubby that's been planned for over a week! Creme Brulee is on the menu!! Kelly

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