Cute and easy.

Need a cute little craft for your little one to take into school for a holiday party? Here it is! :) I can't count the times I made these growing up...for many years I made them and took them to my class at Christmas time. :) They are SUPER easy, super cheap and super cute!! :)
All you need are brown pipe cleaners, little googly eyes, little red noses, craft glue and candy canes. Just take the pipe cleaner and fold it in half...hook the candy cane in the fold and twist it up tight. Then make little accordian bends in the pipe cleaner to make zig-zag antlers. Then using a tiny(if you use too much the eyes and nose will slide all around) amount of craft glue(I say craft glue because it is a little thicker) and attach the eyes and nose. Done. :)
Could it get any easier? You can also use different colored pipe cleaners and noses. :) A cute way to both carry and present them is to take a cardboard box, wrap it in holiday paper and poke holes through the top for the candy canes to slip into. :) Cute. Cute. Cute. :)

I'll put a couple of kits in the shop for you so that if you want to make just a dozen then you don't have to go out and buy a huge amount of the supplies. :)

And just a little p.s. to all of you sweet people who have been emailing me (you know who you are) about some (or ONE in particular) of my copy cats...even though there is nothing I can do about people blatantly copying SO MANY of the items that I does help to know that it is as obvious to others as it is to me. Even in my crazed pregnant lady state I am trying to avoid letting it bother me too much...trying. So thanks for your encouraging words and annoyance at them for me. :) And that is all I should say about that. :)

Hope your weekend is great!! :) xoxo


April said...
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Smith Family Blog said...

Can I just say THANK YOU?! I'm supposed to do the craft for the two-year-old Christmas party at Moses' preschool, and I am NOT GOOD at coming up with crafts for 7two-year-olds! (Maybe just one-on-one with my Moses, but not 1 on 7! :) )
This will be easy!

Sara Luke said...

I MADE THESE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! I still have the one I made and it goes on my tree every year. The candy cane is starting to crumble, and I know I'll have to get rid of it soon, but I love it.

And you know that I can sympathize with the copying thing. I actually just found a photographer friend of mine who copied one of my designs . . . nice, huh? Oh well. I've actually made a pact with myself to not visit any other shops like mine until after Christmas. Just to preserve my sanity.

Amy Bell said...

great idea!!! i will be using this for my preschool presents, too.

i think you are wonderfully creative and i appreciate the wonderful things YOU make.

xoxo :)

Sara said...

I have a feeling even I know who it is. Although, with the world of etsy, there are so many people, as soon as you do something you think is 100% yours, someone else has the same thing too. It's not thier fault, just happens. But, this one is obvious... look at the number of sales compared to yours. Feel better?

i love plum said...

love this craft! i remember doing this too!!! you brought back some serious memories here :) my girlies will LOVE this idea! still getting rid of the lollipop ghosts lying around the house though ;)

i think you inspire alot of us etsy crafters to be as successful and as talented as you are. it's a compliment! there are so many similiar items on etsy it's easy to spot though, the goodies that are truly made from the heart.


Kandi said...

I too, made these in elementary school (close to 30 years ago - yikes!!). I totally forgot about them until your post today. I think I'm going to have my boys make them for their classes this year. They always want to be crafty with me, so this will give them a great project.
Thanks for the memories Crystal!

mommyholly said...

Ooooh I love that little craft!! My 4-year old will be making those like crazy as soon as I show him these pictures haha!! He is a pipe-stem cleaner fanatic! :) xo!

The Cog said... mum still hangs ours on her tree...every year now for close to 25 years or more. Oh my...those are some tough candy canes!

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