8 reasons not to shop while cranky and pregnant.

1. Marshmallow Fluff x2
2. Donut x 2
3. Hot Chocolate
4. Frito's
5. Reese's peanut butter cups
6. Reese's chocolate bar (who knew??)
7. Holiday Oreos
8. Hot chocolate

The only things I needed were the jelly and chili seasonings...sigh...I feel gross just looking at that pile.
I did finish my J. :) Just a canvas painted with a giant initial. :)
Simple, fun, easy and cheap. :)

I am also working on a fun new idea that just hit me last night...but I'll wait to share it...it has to do with snow globes...hopefully the cutest that you have ever seen...

Like I mentioned...I am super cranky...super...be thankful that you don't live with me today. :)

Here is to a happier, more hormonally level day tomorrow...


Smith Family Blog said...

Will these snowglobes be child-friendly? :) Moses is fascinated with them, and I wanted to get him one for Christmas- but haven't found anything yet... Can't wait to see!

i love plum said...

LOVE the J...it came out purrrfect!!! sorry you're cranky...me too but i'm not preggers :) xo

Kristi said...

Nice J!! I love your style. I just bought, and ate a bunch of junk today... blah.

I saw some snowglobes recently on a blog:


What a cute idea!

BTW, thanks so much for the tissue cozy tutorial. I am making some at the last minute to donate for a fund raiser for the organization I volunteer for for teen moms! It is amazing how it is even MORE fun to sew for the Lord!

sara said...

From one pregnant girl to another...that pile of food looks divine...and I'm a cranky-pot today too. My poor boys...I'm trying to get it together for them!!

traci said...

Ok...Im TOTALLY LOVING THAT J!!! Did you make up your own pattern? Mine would need to be a "B" and Im afraid that would be TRICKY.
You truly are such a talent...I love that you dont put your talent in a box but you are ALWAYS thinking up new things. Im amazed!!!!

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