Todays Post Brought to You by the Letter B

B-Boy...a very cute one at that...he has been practicing and now if you ask him how old he is, he will say "two"...even if he is not quite two yet (don't rush it little man). :)
B-Bump-like a large speed bump. :) Today makes me 19 weeks! :)
B-Better---a better is what I see. We find out what kind of baby we made on the 13th!! :) I've been feeling "girl" lately...yikes a ROO!
B-Bathroom before...looks dirty but it is a linen paint treatment that I never loved...I was itching for a whimsical bathroom...
B-Better Bathroom...inspired by the print that my lovely friend April gave me for my birthday. :) Other whimsical things live here...most of them given to me by fabulous Etsy friends. :) My favorite part is the sheepskin rug we bought from IKEA. :) Unexpected and FUN!
B-Beautiful new "Day in the Country" towel design. :) In the shop!
B-Baby new sweet fall pumpkin design. :)

Any fun plans for the weekend? My MIL is coming down tomorrow and on Sunday we are all taking Moses to the Pumpkin patch!! How in the world do I have a two year old!?!?!

Thought question for today...What makes a good parent? :) Leave your answer in the comments.



carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you look soooo great... that little angel in there... oh... so soon you will know if you have a girl or boy! wow!

bathroom looks great... of course! :)

a good parent... oh my so many things... one thing... i think... "getting down on their level"... and really listening to them... being "present" with them!
leading by example... setting boundaries... expectations... and giving loads of love!

happy weekend to you!

Holly said...

Hi beautiful Crystal. Fabulous pics!

LOVE the fresh new bathroom look. Great job. You are a super mom indeed.

What makes a good parent....that's a thinker. =-)


Naptime Crafts said...

We are taking a pic of my belly tomorrow but I think I am about twice as big as you and I am 19 weeks! At the dr's yesterday they weighed me on a different scale and it said that I had gained 10 lbs in the last month! I know I'm having a boy. We find out for real on the 3rd though.

Things that make a good parent- hugs, kisses, giggles, spending real time with your little one, reading to them and just being there for them.

Margaret said...

Cute baby bump! Also, cute towel design! I think a great parent sets boundaries, while still allowing their kiddos to be themselves, grow, learn and have fun and also gives tons of affection and love!

Lacey in the Sky said...

You look so cute in your little argyle sweater! I can't wait to hear what you've got brewing in there!!! (And Moses is just as handsome as ever, of course!)

April said...

The print looks FAB in the bathroom....I love glad its working out.....I knew it was you when I saw it.

If I lived closer I would have to pat that bump....hope that would not offend you.

Happy Birthday Moses....Your prezzie is in the mail !!
Enjoy !!

ccp said...

ohhhhhhhhh, i love it and I'm so incredibly happy you posted these pictures! it looks like you completely skipped the "no, i'm not chubby i'm pregnant" stage! it's just all out there in front of you! i'm loving it.

luvmy3 said...

Hi I just discoverd your blog a couple of weeks ago. And I so love it! I am from Virginia also.. but I am from Hokie territory. Now I live near Fredericksburg.

Congrats on your new babe. We just had our last baby in July. We also have a 2 year old and 1 year old. My husband works for Target and so I am by myself alot. Your blog has provided a wonderful outlet for me.

To me being a good parent is "loving what you got". I know that sounds funny, but I think its the love that we have for out kids that helps us get through those tough days. Its what makes us want to be a better person for their sake and to give them all that we can.... to help them become the wonderful people that they are meant to be.
Loving our children I believe is the best thing we can do for well as showing them how to love others.

Anonymous said...

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