Things that make me happy today...

1. The fact that this morning before 8am I sent my "works overnight" husband a text message that says "I am testing your psychic abilities" and he comes home with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. Add that to the fact that last weekend, when he was off work, the first thing he did was throw on a hoodie and a hat and went to Starbucks for me then too...and brought me home a fabulous new travel mug in addition to a yummy latte.
3. The fact that Moses likes to sit next to me a craft. That creation up there is all his doing. :) He loved pointing out the different shapes and was actually taking great care in arranging all of the different elements. :)

4. The fact that a couple times this week, Doug has gotten home from work while I was in the shower and took the initiative to not only get Moses out of bed and dressed but make and feed him breakfast too. Somehow that makes me feel tremendously loved. :) Thanks Honey!
5. I bought my first pack of newborn diapers yesterday. I almost cried when I took one out of the package and then again when I put it next to Moses'. Yes, I have already started buying diapers. When Moses was born we didn't have to buy diapers for the first 3-4 months of his life, we had that many stocked up.
6. I have a pile of things I LOVE ready to go in the shop.
7. I have a funky new bird bag that should be arriving at my doorstep any day now. :)
8. I am going to a mom makeover get together tonight...I don't wear makeup so this should be fun. :)
9. The amazing number of responses to my giveaway! I am certain that I have never received so many convos in one day! I have so many offers that I am not sure how I will use them all up...or if I will be able to at all. What I will say is that the items that will be given away on Fridays are AMAZING!!!! You will NOT want to miss some of the fabulously wonderful things that some of my favorite Etsy people have offered up for me to giveaway. Many of these items make me want to come up with a secret identity so I can win them myself! Seriously though, if you win any of the items I have lined up you will be able to check something or someone off of your holiday to do list. :) Be sure to come back tomorrow morning when the fun begins! :)


Smith Family Blog said...

I LOVE and GREATLY DESIRE :) the guitar onesie-- I don't see it in the shop. Did it already sell?

My2Gs said...

I will never forget the first time I changed my daughter's diaper after we brought my little guy home from the hospital. Her legs seemed like they were 6 foot long! LOL :)

Holly said...

Moses melted my heart. Such a good and creative boy. =-) Great post. Thanks for the smiles. So glad Doug is such a perfect fit for you. Love seeing soulmates together.

Love you, sweet friend. Looking forward to peeking in tomorrow. xo

meg duerksen said...

oh newborn diapers!
man....i miss babies. today i was talking to very pregnant friend and we were dicussing her nursery. then i said "i need a baby. give me yours. you seem to like my teenager. let's just swtich okay?"
she said no.

you seem like a happy girl today.
i was out of town today and debating oback adn forth before i left to coe home..."should i stop at starbucks? enough time...yes no line at the drive thru! YES!" and it was such a happy drive home.

love moses' creation. :)

meg duerksen said...

duh....was that legible?
probably not. i sent it before i checked it. and i shouldn't do that.
feel free not to publish it. :)

Kate said...

i love teeny tiny diapers!! they are so cute:)

yeahexceptfornot said...

hi! I really love those onesies! are you going to sell them in your etsie shop? Do you know how much they will be? I just found out a couple weeks ago that I am pregnant and I'm just dying to buy some baby stuff! Everything seems to be either boy or girl stuff, so I haven't purchased anything yet, but those are perfect!

Polka Dot Moon said...

A very happy day! Aren't the diapers the cutest! Both of my babes were a wee bit early and the diapers swam on them. Didn't take long to grow into them :)

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