I looked down at Moses during worship this morning at church, both of his little chubby toddler hands raised high in the air. Tears immediately sprung to my eyes.

"How cute?", I thought,"Too bad he has no idea what he is doing."

But how many times have I said that, only to be proven wrong?
Then I realized that I was witnessing the above scripture right in front of me.

It IS entirely possible that my 2 year old son is better at hearing the still small voice than I am AND obeying. Moses can most definitely just DO and not question, trusting that what he is being told is right. Now I am wondering, How can I be more like that?

How can you?
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Lacey in the Sky said...

I really like this post... I love the thought behind it, but I also love picturing him with his little hands in the air. So sweet.

traci said...

I remember watching my little ones doing that and I was just like you...the tears just sprung forward!!! As a parent there is nothing I want more than my kids to know Jesus and follow Jesus. The older we get, the harder it is in some ways and the easier it is in some ways....I know, for me...I think we are in the 'End Days' and I want to be completely obedient.

Simply Me... said...

You have said it all! Thanks for sharing! and making me/us think!


Jessica said...

i always think of this verse when i am questioning and wondering. it really kicks my butt and makes me think! thanks for sharing! :o)

Jessica said...

would u mind if i put a link to your blog on my blog under "blogs i follow"? i want to stay up to date on all your craftiness ... it inspires me! :)

Joelle said...

Oh, what a precious post! Thank you! I can't wait to witness my girls praising God!!

The Gerster Family said...

Thank you, Lord, for this small reminder from someone so precious as a small child; the crowning joy of your creation!

blueeyeddog said...

so beautiful.

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