Just call me Mayor (of cranky town that is).

So let's just say that I am not the nicest person to be around today...not sure what is up with me...besides raging hormones, rainy weather and a toddler who wants every second of my time today, on top of..oh about 100 things that I want to do today...other than those things, I have no idea why I am so cranky...especially when I have this adorable little boy (see above) to love and snuggle on. :) Yes, I am way blessed...way...in a way that I know I could never earn. But today is just one of those days where I want to leave the house (without a toddler or a husband) and piddle around wherever I want to go...actually LOOK at books at Barnes and Noble or peruse through the craft store...or cut my to-do list in half...or think of no one but myself for a few hours (is that bad?) but none of those are possible today...or ever really. :) Thus we have Mrs. Cranky Pants. Surely you have these days too...
Above is the photo evidence of one of the cutest things I have seen Moses do in the last few days...last night as I was making dinner, he was apparently near death with starvation and doing anything he could to push me along already...I look over to the dining room table and see him putting the place mats in place, all of his own doing...when he is done with that he comes to me and says "big boy chair?" which translates to "is dinner ready?". I tell him no and ask him if he wants to help, give him two forks and tell him (sure that it won't happen) to go put one at mommy's place and one at daddy's. He does this and comes back with the same question. Again I say no and give him two napkins to put at the table, and then the butter and the end result made my mommy heart smile...maybe his love language is acts of service?

And just in case you needed something to waste some time with...here is a fun new blog for you called Cake Wrecks.
And just for fun, I'll give away the Martha book that wasn't claimed from last weeks giveaway...all you have to do to get it is to leave an idea for a post you would like to see me do in the comments on this post! I'll choose the winner on Monday!

Here's to you having a non-cranky weekend! :) xoxo


Jenna said...

Sorry you're having a bummer of a day. I'd love to see a Halloween post from you - maybe get caught up in the holiday spirit? The MS book looks great.

jashaw (at) coe (dot) edu

Sarah B. said...

I can relate to the crankiness today---it's raining and cool here in Minnesota and I just feel "blah."

I have a post idea for you. My friend is expecting her second baby and is trying to prepare her only for the new addition. How are you preparing Moses for a new baby?

Ruby (Mouth) said...

It been nice here, but we had rain a few days ago and it makes for a bad day. Especially when the kids are home from school and they are complaining about having nothing to do. I would love a chance to read a Halloween post from you. Maybe even a picture of Moses in his costume or even what different things he has wanted to be for Halloween and why the costume he chose was his final decision. My two are having a hard time figuring out what they want to be. LOL!!!

angelleslament @ gmail.com

Cindy Hersman said...

Hey Crystal - I think since you are in a cranky mood, you should do a "I did not..." post. I'll add a link here so you know what I mean, but it's pretty much a list of things you would NEVER do during the day, especially as they relate to your little love bug. I know, I know, you probably never do things like let Moses have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, but come on...there must be something! :)



Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's in the air??? I'm cranky way over here!

Congratulations on having another boy :)


(Sorry Denise, I accidentally deleted your comment. :))

Trish said...

I am so Mrs. Cranky Pants too. At least you have an excuse of hormones, mine is just blah...

plus i'm getting sick which doesn't help one bit.

ArtGirlBlue said...

Hey, how about another swap?? Those are always fun! Hope you have a great weekend.


Kandi said...

Hi Crystal,
I don't really have any suggestions for posts. I love all of your posts! I just wanted to say that I've seen that Cake website in the past and I thought it was hilarious!
I think it's totally fine to want your "me" time, don't feel bad.
Have a great weekend!

meg duerksen said...

you know i have those days!
all the time.
last night something snapped. i was trying to figure it out this morning. but suddenly i was mad.
don't touch me. don't talk to me. just leave me alone kind of mad.
who knows why?

but sleep helped. a lot.
and i hope you got some too.
and a break.
every single mommy needs a break.
feel better soon.

Jessica said...

lol. i'm cranky too today! must be something in the air. i think mine stems from being cooped up in the house all week after an appendectomy.

hmmm ... i love all your posts ... but i would love to read and see pictures of your creative process. how you come up with your ideas ... how you go about creating ... etc.

hope you are having a better day!


Karin Schueller said...

OMG, it was so nice to come here and read this. I was so CRANKY today. I was stressed about stupid things and was just in a BAD mood. The kiddos came home in such a good, fun mood, too! Which of course, I just thought of as loud!! I wasn't mean, but I sure was grumpy!!! So after a bit I went ahead and apologized to them and had some alone time. :) Now all is well. I hope your day is better tomorrow!!!!

koryshar said...

Not that you'd want to post this next week or anything, but a post over Christmas ornaments or Christmas traditions would be great.

Greg said...

I notice that when you write about food, that you have cooked or baked some very delicious-looking and perhaps not-so-quick-to-make dishes. I'd like to know where you get your food inspiration and more about how you decide what to cook or bake.

Sara said...

You are a pregnant mommy and you have a toddler. You are def. allowed to be cranky!!! =]

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, what about a post pertaining to Turkey Day.. like your decor/dinner/plans?

Have a great day!

Smith Family Blog said...

If you dressed up for Halloween as a kid, I would love a post on your past-Halloween costumes-- and a scanned pic or two if you have any.

Something reminiscent. :)

Elma said...

Hope you have a better tomorrow. How about a post about your house like a house tour??

Jenn said...

Hi sweet pea Crystal!!! You made me feel so much better the other day and now it is my turn to send you a BIG hug. I sooo understand. I hope you get a day full of piddling around all by your sweet self VERY soon:)

I just saw that you found out you are having a BOY!! yippeeeeee:):):) xoxoxo...jenn

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry to hear your having a down day! I dislike myself on days like that!

I'd like to see a post on the life in the day of you, and Moses. I'm not sure if you've done one like this!

Taste Homemade said...

Hi, I love your tea towels! We would like to invite you to http://www.tastehomemade.blogspot.com/. We look forward to hearing from you!

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