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Meet Doggy. This is Moses' best friend in the whole wide world. He goes everywhere with us. Moses eats breakfast with him, they watch TV together, play together, sleep together, go for walks everything together. For the last few months as I watched the bond grow between these two souls I began to worry about what would happen if we lost the time chances were that if Doggy got especially lost then he would be gone for good. Then I got an idea. I hoped Moses would go for it...he doesn't tolerate much when it comes to messing with his Doggy. We went to Target and got Doggy a collar. Moses let him wear it. Good. We then went to a pet store and got one of those dog tags engraved with our phone number on it. We put it on the collar. Moses allowed it. Even better. Now we all breathe a little easier knowing that if we ever have one of those fateful days, Doggy just may find his way back to us. If this seems silly to you, then you don't have a toddler yet. Just wait. You will see.
Each and every day this sweet boy does something to amaze us (Above is how he spent most of his pjs and rain boots). Monday at lunch Moses told us that he was "all done ears". Hmmm. Usually when he says all done, he means it. We went home and he napped, only to wake up inconsolable. Pointing at his ears, saying he had an ouchie. Doug and I got Moses a doctors appointment for that night and lo and behold, Moses had an ear infection. His first ever. And he told us about it. In fact this was only the 2nd time in his WHOLE life that he had to go to the doctors for a non-well baby visit.

What amazes us even more are all the things that God lined up so that we would take him...I had already rescheduled a photo shoot due to rain, Moses had to show/tell us his need, Monday is the only day that the doctors office is open late, the pharmacy was open until 9pm, Doug was off work...on and on. There is no such thing as a coincidence and Monday God reminded me that His hand is always on my life. :)

These sweet mittens are one of my favorite new creations for the shop...they each have a little pocket for hiding a little treat! :)
And here is my first kitten made from a pattern that I made! I just LOVE her sweet little face. :) Both of these fun goodies are in the shop now...

Speaking of the shop...of late I have had a mix of feeling in regards to it...I love it, I enjoy it but I don't know how to separate myself from it when I need to or know when I need to or if I need to. Some days I even think of closing it down completely. Other days I am SO thankful for the extra funds and sanity it brings into the house. Some days I love everything that is in it...others I feel like I should be mortified that I don't do better. Does that make sense?

Then I remember that I am pregnant and not legally liable for holding a rational thought.

So there is that. :) xoxo


Becky said...

I do understand. I've learned to "just do what I can do." Somedays I feel like I *have* to get stuff done for the shop but then I realize I really should take my daughter to the gymnastic place to have some fun. I'm very thankful that my shop is just extra money so it's not imperative that I *have* to do anything for it anyway. I try to keep that in perspective. I don't want to keep my daughter in the house all the time while I work on stuff - we both need the play time and socialization! : ) Even with my craft fair coming up, I feel like I have so much to do (with stocking up on my food) so I'm just doing what I can do. What's the worst thing that can happen with that - I run out of felt food and have had a successful fair?! That's not too bad, if you ask me. : ) I hope all this rambling makes sense!

i love plum said...

very cute things! love the dog collar...i've had those same thoughts about Stella's blankies (she calls them babies :)...every time there's a sample sale for petunia picklebottom i stock up on these awesome lovies...just in case. i hope to be as successful as you are in my shop are SO clever :) xo

sara said...

I hope you never close your shop! It's so great. I look at it all the time and am amazed at your creativity. I would love for my shop to be that successful someday as well. I just need to get my act together more!

Love the doggie cute! My 5 year old son still sleeps with his cow that he's had since he was a baby. He now has 3 b/c we bought extras in case he loses one.:)

yeahexceptfornot said...

Hey! I sent you a comment a while ago about the little baby onesies and I haven't heard back. You might not have gotten it since it was on an old post, but when will you be putting those in your store? do you know how much they will be? I'm newly pregnant and I just love those little oneies! so cute!

b3designs said...

I know just how you feel. I, too, get torn between wanting to list things on etsy and blog more often, but life just takes over and that's my priority. I have three kids and it just gets busy, busy. I wish I had more time to be creative, it's a wonderful outlet, but I had to pull away from etsy knowing it was pulling me away from what mattered most to me... my family. Hope things sort out for you. Just list when you can and if that's every two weeks, then that's every two weeks period. No big deal. If it's causing you stress, then don't do it at all. Believe, life changes after two kids, one is pretty easy.

the sil said...

my two cents, i think you are brilliant, if i had an ounce of the creative talent that you had i'd run with ever bit of that ounce.
i marvel at the works you come up with and pray all the time for the Lord to bless the work of your hands.
can't wait for turkey, cjc

Sara Luke said...

I'm NOT pregnant and I feel the same way sometime . . . especially the part about some days feeling mortified at what I have listed.

But it always passes. Usually.

meg duerksen said...

make no big decisions while pregnant.
like hair cuts.
or shop closings.
seriously there is NOTHING you need to worry abou t with your shop. it is wonderful...i keep telling you! not that many people can sew are gifted! that kitty is so adorable!
it's different if you feel obsessed about it but don't doubt your creative abilities please. you are too good!
make your shop what you want.
if you close can you justify buying all that cute fabric?! you paying for you habit. that's not a bad's creative! :)
i hope you have a great thursday. we are off to get last minute halloween pieces of costumes. bye! more thing...have you thought of buying a replacement (or two ) of Doggies? stash it away incase the unthinkable happens. kind of like pacifiers and having a few back ups.
just a thought.

BlueJShop said...

We love your stuff! We want MORE! :)

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