Working on his career...

He insists he has a future in modeling...the other day we worked on some of his "looks". :) Above is his forlorn face.
He calls this one classic.
Blue Steel aka the face he made when I said "make an angry face".
He calls this his Abercrombie and Fitch pose.
And if they still aren't convinced...he calls this his money shot...showing off the abs and arm muscles. :) Aka what he does when you say "show me your muscles".

Here is to a smiley, silly day! :)
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carissa... brown eyed fox said...

too cute!
he is in for quite a future!

Simply Me... said...

All I can say is cute cute cute, he sure is a doll... Keep my hubbie in your prayer's things are in the works!


You can call me Lucky. said...

Super cute!

Mummy McTavish said...

There is a career in the making there! I wish I could get mine to pose on demand.

Also I link to you at

Kandi said...

Blue Steel... ha ha ha! Where's "Magnum"? Is he an "ambi-turner" too? That's one of my favorite movies!

Very cute photos of Moses. Thanks for sharing your beautiful boy's portfolio! :o)

BC said...

Oh my gosh...I am hysterically laughing. I especially love the Abercrombie & Fitch pose. I think he has a very promising future career!

So glad you guys are a Hokie home! I absolutely LOVED my years there (97 - 01).

I also wanted to say that I loved your post about Mary. It was such a great reminder for me because there is a person in my life who exemplifies the generosity of Mary and has been inspiring me so much lately. So that very concept has been on my mind a lot recently. Thanks for sharing that...I certainly think it translated perfectly!

PS - I think you may already know that I link to you but just thought I would mention it again. :)

Sara Luke said...

Aww . .. sweet boy. I think that second shot is "Blue Steel."

I hope you've seen Zoolander or that will make very little sense.

Eric and Michelle said...

LOL that is adorable and so you guys

meg duerksen said...

blue steel. i love it.

zoolander was such a stupid movie but yet i can't turn it off when i see it.

Holly said...

Work it, Moses. Too adorable. You totally crack me up, Crystal. We'll he's sure to be a success, whatever he chooses to be. =-) Good looks certainly cant' hurt!!!!!!


hautemommy said...

What a funny little peanut!!! You are blessed with such an adorable little child!! :) Tell him to keep workin' it! xo!

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