Whatcha looking forward to and prayer requests...

Howdy folks...hope your Sunday has been lovely so far...we opted to stay home from church today...mostly because poor Doug went on minimal sleep yesterday so that we could go to the church's new parents group...but also because we have so much to do in the few days to get ready to GO! The new parents groups was awesome...because there was no agenda...it was great to just be with other people who were doing exactly what we were doing and having the same struggles...and joys! We all had a great time and Moses just loved being around so many folks and babies. :)

With that said...let's hear those prayer requests for this week...it has been so good for me to pray for you and I hope that you are feeling the effects...I thank you for the privilege! I would also love to hear the praise reports as well! :)

For me, my back has been cranky again this week...not sure what is up with that. We are so thankful to BE ABLE to go on vacation!! We would love your prayers for good travel and a great time!!

Please leave your requests or praise reports in the comments! :)

Some things we are looking forward to...
family time
seeing our niece and other family members!
Moses first marzipan cake!
apple picking
IKEA trip!!
time to relax
good food
lots of fun
good company!
Giants game(definitely Doug not so much me)
golf (again Doug!)

What are you looking forward to?


Amanda said...

Enjoy your vacation!! Have you ever heard of this stuff called BioFreeze? I use it on my back when it tightens up, my chiropractor gave it to me. Check it out, it is pretty intense stuff, but it helps!

I should find out in a week if my hubby will be home at the end of the month and I'm super anxious. Please pray for good news and please, please, please continue to pray he will be able to switch battalions so he won't have to immediately deploy for a year.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Have a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable vacation!


Amy Bell said...

oh..have a wonderful vacation....take a break and take a notebook to jot down when the creative ideas flow...:) i can't wait to hear about it.

shar said...

I have a praise. A thank you to God for helping my best friend from college and her husband make it through the hurricane as it came through Houston. Sandra is expecting their first child and they had to stay because Jake is a Houston Sherrif's deputy and it was mandatory for him to stay. They lost three trees and their fence but are both well. They are still without power and authorities are telling them it will be a minimum of two weeks before it returns. Any prayers for them would be appreciated. Thanks!
Also, please pray for my husband while he is away on business for the month. His name is Kory.

~Mama Skates~ said...

have a great vacay - i'm praying for ur back!

praise - my hubby starts his new job today! :0) we're hoping this will mean great things for our fam! pls pray for him, as he begins this new journey....& for our move at the end of this month

thx again for these posts - u r an inspiring woman/mom/Christian!

Eric and Michelle said...

we need prayer for our adoption and the selling of our house. full details posted on our blog:


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