The Sunday Funnies.

So I found this photo in my Internet wanderings and immediately found it hilarious. :) The look on that guys face just cracks me up. Either you will find it hilarious or you won't...which leads me to my latest favorite Doug story...

The other day we had taken Moses to our favorite park to play and run the crazy out of him. At the end of the playground is a huge pavilion with picnic tables, bathrooms and such. On the sidewalk was a chalk outline that some kid had drawn around some friend of his...complete with a huge smiling face. Nothing to think or look twice at unless you are Doug. Doug looks at Moses, points to the chalk outline, and says "Watch out Moses, that means bad news for kids". I love how his brain thinks...then as we are walking away, Doug says ever so casually, "Well, at least he died happy". No joke...I laughed more times at this story that day and since then I can count...including one all out gut busting laugh where I nearly peed my pants and hyperventilated. That is my husband and one of the many many reasons I love him!

Church was good today...though really different than usual...our pastor is out of town and the style of the fill in didn't hit me in the same way as the usual pastor does...not that he didn't do well or anything like that...just not the style I am accustomed to and thrive with. His three teenage sons lead worship and did what I thought was a fabulous job! Even though I have never met them, I was so proud of those boys leading worship today...surely they are a blessing to their parents!

So, let's start again with our prayer requests for the week...please also let me know any updates that you have to share and as always you are welcome to leave a request anonymously. :)

I currently have no pressing issues to request prayer for (praise God!) but would love continued prayer for the precious baby that is growing inside and for all the changes that will come in the next few months...Pray especially for Moses and that we can make the transition and smooth and happy one for him. :)

I look forward to hearing from you all!! xoxo
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Naptime Crafts said...

We've told Colleen all along that there is a baby is my tummy and she kisses it and gives it hugs! We also are going to move her car seat and install the one for the new addition probably in January so she can get used to the new set up. I do have a prayer request. I have a friend has miscarried 2 times and is preggo again trying for their 2nd baby. If you could pray for her so that she will be able to give her little girl a brother or sister. She, like all of us, couldn't handle it again! Thanks Crystal! You are amazing!

Eric and Michelle said...

We just need to hear from God and we need a HUGE financial miracle

Amanda said...

Thanks for your prayers....MY HUBBY IS HOME!!! He graduated Ranger School last Friday and it is awesome having him home again!

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