Seasonal cravings...

Are you a seasonal craver like me? I can only eat the above beauties in the fall. I only like peppermint around Christmas time. Easter makes me crave hard-boiled eggs. Tomato sandwiches are best in the summer...Offer me these things during the wrong time of year and you'll get a funny look from me. Do you have funny cravings like that?

How about smells?? Do certain smells take you immediately to a certain time of the year? Scotch tape always makes me think of Christmas...a bag of mixed candy reminds me of trick or you have these too?

Moses has been super cute as usual...lately his new "trick" is repeating something incessantly until you acknowledge him. Regardless of the fact that he doesn't give you enough time to answer in between words. Here is our conversation from the other day:

Moses: (after asking for something, peas=please) Peas...........peas........peas.......peas.....peas....peas...peas..peas..peas.peaspeasepeaspeaspease

Me: Hold your horses!!

Neigh. (he then walks away).

We have also been teaching him counting and ABC's. Sometimes they are one and the same to him. The other day we heard him counting out loud...two, one, eight, ten.
Another time...two, one, A, M, O, yeyow(yellow).

At least he is trying right?

And a little p.s. I was made aware that there are items on Etsy that are similar to my lunch box pebbles but I do think mine are still different enough of a variation that I can call them my intention is never to try to duplicate someones work. :) And the purpose of mine IS completely my own idea. :)


Just me.....Shelly said...

well, i think your pebbles are adorable, probably better than any on etsy anyways, right?? It's hard for us to call anything our "own" anymore......seems like someone always has the idea first, or so they think, hehe. I totally am a seasonal HUGE one is caramel apples in fall.....gotta yhummy post about it coming soon...........enjoy your day!

Kate said...

you tell them girl!! I havebeen eating candy corn all weekend!! I need to stop!!!

Eric and Michelle said...

That is such a fun age

Polka Dot Moon said...

Yes and no.......I can eat peppermint all year long, one of my favorites;) - candy corn is another, but only during the Fall/Halloween season. I love Corn Chowder, but only in the Winter (too hot here to have soup any time other than Winter).

Now I'm hungry!!

Have a great Monday :)

Amanda said...

the smell of baked goods (especially apple pie and chocolate chip cookies) makes me flashback home, to my mother's kitchen. turkey = family togetherness. sugar cookies and shortbreads = christmas. tiny chocolate bars = halloween.

candy corn = barf. :P

neigh? best. answer. ever. hehehe

Amy Bell said...

girl...i love the new things. wow. wow. wow. you little creative thing. emphasis on little...wish i looked as good as you when i was preggo... the humor! what a cutie. he and zeke would be instant friends...zeke is sleeping with little horses at night. :)


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

any food... any time of the year! :)

no really... with the weather turning cooler we enjoyed smores last night! yummo!

fall makes me want frito pie too! :)
and seeing that pic... hmmm... candy corns sure do sound good!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

peas... peas...
i love that! precious!

Pamela said...

That is funny - I bought a bag of candy corn today! I love that stuff.

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Mmmmmmmm.....candy corn.....Now I have to go out and buy some. LOL

Have you ever tried mixing candy corn with spanish peanuts...YUM! It's got that sweet/salty thing going on! Kinda like a snickers candy bar...

Nice blog!

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