Say what? this post may show you what a huge loser I am...So I just found out that the childcare for MOPS/Moppets class for Moses goes from 9:15-11:30! A minor heart attack for me considering that I thought it lasted an hour! I was up later than I can remember fretting and praying about MOPS for Moses to have a good time...make friends and further his love of Jesus! I have always been extremely selective about who gets to take care of my boy so leaving him in the care of (even qualified) strangers makes me have a slight panic attack!

All that to say, I really need some serious prayer. I know that this will be good for both of us...all three of us in fact but the whole dropping him off with strangers thing just scares the pants off of me. I KNOW that he will do just fine he did with Sunday school...but it's the first few times of the screaming, crying drop offs that makes me panic.

And it's not that I want my level of protectiveness to go down any...I just want to have peace with the decisions Doug and I make for him that I know are good. Does that make sense?

Keeping all of your prayers in thought and heart!


Kate said...

He will do just fine... and so will you!! Especially when you see him start to make friends! It's so cute:)

Amy Bell said...

i was nervous with the boys and preschool...and, they did cry..for a tiny bit. but, they really liked having their own time. they liked doing the routine and the crafts and the singing...and, they liked having something for their own...they were proud of it.
now, when kindergarten rolls around next year....oh boy.

tiffany said...

I used to feel the same way with my daughter. She is now eight years old. One of the best things that I did was volunteer on a five week rotation with her class. Some of the children would cry when they left their parents and I would hold them. Then, I saw how it only took a little while for the children to be okay with it. It made me feel better about the time she was in there during church even if she still cried for a minute when I dropped her off. She was happy and having fun when I picked her up AND I had a mental picture of what goes on in the room when I was not in there with her! :0)

Lacey in the Sky said...

I'm hoping the little man makes some buddies & that this transition is easy on all of you. I know it'll be fine :) Maybe you should talk to one of the other moms from his "class" and set up a little play date between now and the next class, you know... to keep the mojo going for Moses!

Holly said...

Oh, sweet Crystal.

I was like that with Annie too. You may want to check in on him (withouth him seeing you) to make sure he's well. You may also want to voluneer in his class to get to know the caregivers.

After you're comfortable, you'll be able to enjoy fellowship with the other MOPS moms, crafts, snacks, speakers, etc....

I will be praying for you, friend.


Karin Schueller said...

Well, first know that you are SO not alone. I used to be on the board of a MOPS group. I would say that MOST of the moms had the inner fight that you are having right now! But I PROMISE you that it is so good for both you and him. It will make life better for everyone. It will make preschool go better later. I SWEAR. My son was the one that had to be held while I left or he would run after me. I will be thinking of you the next few days!

Jennifer said...

i deal with this too!

finding the lin between wisdom and discernment and fear/being paranoid can be difficult sometimes.

i pray that you'll have peace and that mop's will be a blessing to you both!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh... can i say... i do understand... we went through the exact same feelings.
our little ones went to a mothers-day-out at a church in our neighborhood... the first week was odd... strange... a bit scary... "i can not believe i just dropped them off"... heart racing... BUT...
it was by far the best thing i ever did for my girls!
they "grew" in so many wonderful ways!

i think it is only natural to be nervous! you hang in there! they will LOVE him & he will love being there!

what i would give to have my lil bit in a program again... she misses it so!

i will keep you in my prayers... assurance & comfort be bold!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I think it's harder on us the first couple of times, but you will be amazed at how quickly little ones adapt. You both will do fine :)

Have a great time at MOPS!

Mummy McTavish said...

Oh how frightening! I even attended the church where my bible study was... had been in the study group since about 6 weeks after he was born... I had kept him in with me as long as I could... there came a time when he no longer wanted to be in with me... he knew the other kids were having more fun... I knew the mums looking after them were great (we have a roster between us all)... I didnt hear a word of the study the first week I left him in the creche... I can still remember the exact feeling 3 and a bit years on... don't loose that protective feeling but know that there are heaps of us praying for you and Moses!!! You will be encouraged by meeting with others to study God's word and will be an even better mum because of it. Hopefully his Sunday school experience will help the transition for him this time, he knows you mean it when you say you are coming back for him. (sorry it's a long comment, it brought back all those feelings, and it's no easier the first time you leave your second child, you just seem to do it earlier for some reason)

meg duerksen said...

so how did it go?

i was in MOPS for 7 years! and i still could be it was the best time in my young mommy life. i couldn't wait to go every week. i hope you get to that stage too.
i learned so much from our mentor moms and from everyone i met. hopefully moses loves it too and can learn about jesus while he is playing with lots of new friends.
it's such a great outreach for other moms too.

i really really hope it went good.
i miss my old MOPS group.

traci said...

You sound just like me! I am hugely protective of my girls...even at church. I agree with the other writer. Check in on him if it will make you feel better but dont let him see you since it will just make it harder on everyone if he gets upset again. If there is no way to peek without him seeing you then ask someone to check for you and report back. I have done this for moms MANY times and happy to do it. I have even worked in this dept many, many times and it does make it much easier if you let him know this is HIS time to play with HIS friends and you will be back SOON, quick hug, kiss and go. Dont really makes it hard when you linger. He will do great and if its anything like our program at our church he wont want to

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