NJ Adventures-My Cute Son and Moo.

Some cute shots of my sweet boy...practicing his swing. :)
Those are stickers (of course) on his head and legs.
So proud!
Great grandmas house has a pool...too cold for me but these handsome boys roughed it.

Their Target carries Giants and Yankees clothes...you know we stocked up!

Is it Friday already?? Any fun plans for the weekend? Are you sick of all my cute family posts yet? :)

Me at 39 weeks with Moses!!!! (This would be the Moo). I gasped when I found this photo yesterday!! I am afraid for what will come if I continue at the rate of growth I am at...I am already as big now as I was around 24 weeks or so with Moses....YIKES!

Today I am 18 weeks pregnant! At my last doctors visit I had finally gained some weight! Seven pounds to be exact...guess my body finally caught on to the fact that I was pregnant and decided that every calorie I took in was to be saved and packed onto unflattering places. :) I am feeling well and have just come to except that tired is a permanent part of my existence now.

Loves to you all! xoxo


Just me.....Shelly said...

you're little belly at 39 weeks----cute cute! I say little cuz I feel like I was a HOUSE, lol!! Enjoy your day!

Simply Me... said...

wow I was going to say! your that big already? be... that was your mose's Have a great week-end.

Lanny :o)

hautemommy said...

Love that Moses has stickers all over him- my son is a sticker-fanatic and I find stickers all over my house, my car, and myself ALL the time! :) xo!

Kandi said...

Great photots Crystal! Those one's in the pool are very cute!!

Just like "simply me", I was thinking "wow, she's pretty big already", but then read on to see that was you at full term with Moses. You looked very cute, perfect little round belly! I miss that. I loved being pregnant!

Thanks for sharing, as always!

Lacey in the Sky said...

Oh my goodness...that picture of them in the pool looking up at you-SO CUTE! Moses is like a little "daddy clone"! And that belly picture scared me before I read that it was your last pregnancy! I was going to say "get to the doctor RIGHT NOW!" (you looked really cute, btw...but if it was you at 18 weeks, I was going to be concerned!)

meg duerksen said...

who cares how much weight you gain!
it's so worth it!
most of it goes away on it's own anyway. :)
easy for me to say right?

how cute is moses in the pool?!

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