NJ Adventures-Cousins

Here's Moses and his favorite (and only) cousin Kyleigh. It was nice to see them both on the same wavelength this time...they both wanted to play and love on each other...last time it was not quite that civil. :)
Kyleigh and her dad, Brian (Doug's brother).
This is Moses with Kyleigh in a headlock...he was going to get a kissy!!
At the playground...slightly worried about just how far he was off the ground. :)
The see-saw was a favorite.
Cute babies...it is always so much fun for us all to see them together and how they interact...Kyleigh is about 6 months older than Moses but there isn't much size difference. Moses has been asking non-stop for Ky and Ayee (his aunt Alli-Ky's mom). :)

We are finally feeling back to normal...prayer request post will follow tomorrow. :) I can't wait to hear from you all! I also hope to do my blogging ettiquette post early in the week so be ready with all of your do's and don'ts!

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Kate said...

aww... they are so cute together!! I grew up w/my cousins & we are still clse to this day!! I wish my kids would have the same, but oh well! I guess I started having kids to early!!

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