My husband thinks he's funny....part 3239872

A staple of this pregnancy is milk. I crave all types but especially chocolate milk. It's not a pretty scene in the morning if there is none available. My husband came home from work this morning with these three. I can't promise they will make it through the weekend. Notice he initialed two of for me and one for him. He then told me, trying to play it off as a joke, not to try anything funny by switching the caps. :)

And a question for all you mama's out there...Moses is turning two at the beginning of October. We have decided that we won't be throwing him another "big" party until he is old enough to have real friends he can invite. Instead we are focusing on making memories with him and participating in some family traditions...we will go the the apple festival here in C'ville, go to the pumpkin patch and do a small celebration with just the family. We have been telling people that this is what our plans are and they are welcome to come participate...we'll probably go out to eat or something like that. question deals with gifts. Last year he got SO many toys and this year we are wondering how to avoid that...we know that friends and family will want to send a gift but is it rude to request books (or clothes)...things he needs? And how do we go about doing that...since we won't be sending invites to a party? I mean last year he got SO many toys that I put 80% away in the closet and was pulling out new toys for months...then came get the idea? It's not that we don't want him to have toys or that we aren't thankful for the toys he gets but we are trying to keep the numbers manageable. Does any of that make sense? I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Hope your day is fun! :)


Naptime Crafts said...

you too! I only like the whole chocolate milk, but they don't make that in cartons!! Oh well. Colleen got salad all over her head at lunch (I left her alone with her plate) so now she smells like raspberry vinagrette!!! That's my fun saturday!

Linda said...

Hi Crystal~
I completey understand the toy overload thing. Wait until you have more than 1 child......the problem just multiplies!! I think instead of large gifts, putting money in a college savings account, then giving a small(*very* inexpensive) gift or treat is a good idea. I am hoping to move in that direction for my kids. A few grandparents are already on board. :)
Happy Saturday.

Polka Dot Moon said...

I totally craved chocolate milk while pregnant, well soy chocolate milk but it was yummy!

We too find the toy gift overload over the top and sometimes overwhelming. I've asked for bonds from the family and have a college fund account for Jackson. And if anyone ever asked about things he was into, I'd ask for book or family type board games. We still play something daily and he LOVES to read. Hope that stays with him all his life ;)

traci said...

I dont think its innappropriate at all to ask friends and family for clothes or books. People who will be at the gathering love you all and want to support your family...they should want to know what to buy or get. I have a friend who suggested just books one yr and I thought it was GREAT....her daughter was in HEAVEN.
If you tell them Noah has PLENTY OF toys and the need is clothes and books they should completely understand that.

Leah said...

When my little one turned 2, we were in exactly the same boat - more toys than we needed as it was. BUT, I think it is a judgment call on what you can ask people to do or not do if you expect gifts. For us, I asked CLOSE family who I KNEW would send gifts not to send toys, and left the rest up to them. For everyone else, and for her birthday party we asked that they not bring gifts AT ALL. Instead, we just emphasized celebrating Madeline and gathering to show her we loved her and she was special.

Besides, when they are 2, they totally don't know the difference if they get birthday gifts or not. (Thank heaven!)

Happy Birthday to the little guy, he is a sweetie pie! :)

meg duerksen said...

i was all about the chocolate milk too!
and when craig was playing college basketball he had to drink Ensure - those protein shakes. i could down those in seconds. which is bad because the calories are through the roof! but so good.

do you communicate through email with all the family who wold be giving gifts? i would make some kind of email stating (in a fun colorful way) that you won't be having any formal parties this year but what you will be doing and then mention what his size is (he's growing so fast) and how much he LOVES books!
make it all about moses.
i bet they will actually appreciate it.

good luck.

Kandi said...

Hi Crystal,

We have a HUGE (if I could make the font bigger I would) problem with the amount of toys in our house (you can ask Linda from the post above - she's seen it first hand)! Or go to the May 25th post on my blog called "Ahh, Spring Cleaning" and be sitting down when you look at the photos.

I didn't do a good job of saying anything before birthdays or holidays and wished I would have, but if I had it to do over again I'd just state that..

"We're not doing a big party this year and with the new baby coming we're trying to limit the amount of toys coming into the house. We'd love to work on our library of books for Moses or he'd love some new p.j.s" or something to that affect.

The whole gift thing is hard and awkward at times! Good luck!

Lacey in the Sky said...

I've seen how out of hand toys can become with my nephew! I have already decided that when I have kiddos, for each new toy they get they have to donate an old toy.(whether it be to daycares, a charity or a church play room!) I've heard of other families doing this, and always thought it was a nice idea! I wouldn't hesitate to tell people he needs books and clothes if they ask either! PLUS, once the new baby is here you are going to have even more toys to find places for...people will understand! (especially mommies!)

Margaret said...

My son's birthday is Dec 12th, so we have toy overload during that month. I don't think it is at all rude to ask for just clothes or books. I have been to a couple of book parties for kids. They just told people it was a book party, and that is what everyone brought them.

Sara said...

Ooooh, that chocolate milk looks yummy.

In my experience, you don't get nearly as many toys after that first that helps some. I'm wondering if it might hurt some people's feelings if you tell them what to get...say if they have gift giving as their love language. I really enjoy picking out gifts for people and thinking of something fun and special. Just a thought... :)

Miss G said...

Clarksville, MO's applefest? I went to one there once with my college roomate!! Sooo fun! Kelly

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