GOOD Blogging/Commenting Do's and Don'ts-Ettiquette Class. :)

But first...some more NJ pics...while we were up there we celebrated Moses' 2nd birthday with all the grandparents who couldn't be with us to celebrate his first one...then tomorrow he gets to celebrate with his other grandparents at the VA state fair and then this weekend on his actual birthday we are taking him to the pumpkin patch!!
Look at the cute birthday boy!
Cute cousins again!
Look at these cute party people!...Doug's Grandparents!
Marzipan cake for Moses!....yum!

Ok, now let's get down to business...I have endlessly searched for a good list of to do's and not to do's for the blogging world and I have yet to come across one that I really like...SO...I figured that between me and my fabulous readers/blogging buddies that we can come up with a good comprehensive list of good blogging ettiquette. You up for it? I hope I am. :) I am looking for things that the majority should go by while blogging or visiting other blogs...obviously there are blogs out there that could care less about who they tick off and just want to rant...and that is their business. But for us who do this for fun and to meet people and make connections and WANT to attract people to our blog then I want to come up with a list for us involing blogging AND commenting.

Here are a few to get you started---Keep in mind that these are just guidlines and not rules. :)

How to have a successful blog! :)

1. Don't be a hater and write ugly things about people...whether you know them or not.
2. Have a good mix of happy posts/sad posts/real life posts, etc. Not sure about you but my favorite blogs are the ones that deal in real life...not the sugary sweet life is always grand ones.
3. Share your opinion in a way that does not degrade other persons rights to their opinion.
4. Don't be a constant pity party.

Now let's here from you! What are the things that get under your skin or bug you about blogs? Or about commenting? What are the things you love to see in a blog? Love NOT to see? What are some things that have made you stop reading some blogs? What are some things that got you instantly hooked on others?

You can comment anonymously if you need to foward this post to a friend. (wink wink).



traci said...

I love blogs that post pictures with entries and are real life pictures...not pictures from magazines or the internet. Sometimes is ok but some blogs do it A LOT. I like a sense of humor and I tend to be drawn to blogs that do "tutorials". I LOVE creative blos which is why Im a HUGE fan of yours and I also love it when the person blogs almost daily...which you also do. Ive tried to care about blogs that are on finances, cooking or something like that and just cant make myself care

Naptime Crafts said...

I love pictures! I would rather read a post with pictures then none. Granted I don't always have a picture to pic in mine, but I try. Also, if you are doing a series, or do something on every day of the week, make sure you do it, or at least post that it will be postponed. I've gone to threads looking for the next installment of a series and find no word of it's being delayed, and then it never gets posted.

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

I love seeing pictures on blogs! That makes them so much more interested to the visual people, like me! :O)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i just hope i am following the rules... doing the right thing! :)

i'm sure i will think of something... get back to you!

Kristi said...

I get so sad when I put so much effort into posts that (at least I think) are interesting or fun and get little to no comments. I have commented on so many blogs religiously and most I never or rarely have reciprocal comments from. So I stopped commenting, or at least comment less frequently. I know it seems stupid, but it kind of hurts. Sometimes I want to be even sillier and stop reading their blogs. Take that! (Like they'd even notice) LOL.

That said, I love blog authors who respect their readers and answer any questions they have. I know of a couple blogs where this is the case, and they have HUGE readership. I love blogs that show the writers' strengths, be it home dec, cooking, crafting, or a combo of all or more of these. I love blogs that don't constantly focus too much on the same thing. Like, here is my bathroom, look I added a new light, hey I hung a seashell on the wall, look, I painted the ceiling, I got a new rug for the floor, etc etc... I'd rather see before and most of the after, or a HUGE change, like totally new floors, or a wall knocked out and redone. Until more is done in that bathroom, show me something else, or talk about something else.

None of this is directed at this blogs author!!!

Melissa said...

I agree a mix of all things "real" in life is what makes a blog.

A thing that drives me crazy is when people suddenly disappear! I get sucked in and then get left wondering what happened to them! I care! I want to know!! :o)

I like to see pictures, I like humor, and I always gravitate towards crafty blogs.

As a blogger I love getting comments. I like to know who stopped by!

Great post! Thanks for letting me share!

blueeyeddog said...

Great post! I LOVE blogs with lots of bright pictures(something I'm working on getting more of on my own blog!). I also love to get a peek into people's lives who are completely different from mine.

BC said...

I agree with some of the other comments about photographs. I am drawn to unique or creative photographs. I am also drawn to blogs that are authored by people who I think I would be friends with in "real life" (in my case those that concentrate on motherhood, faith, creativity, and family).

Great post! I will look forward to reading everyone's comments!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kristi a bit futher up there ... I get a tad disappointed when no one comments at all, or when I leave nice comments and they don't come back and comment.

Also, it's nice that some bloggers reply to your comment in email form, but would it be any harder to leave a comment on the blog instead? I think most of us LOVE comments, don't we? (I read one well known who blogger referred to comments as 'bloggy crack' - just as addictive.)

I'll read just about anything in a blog, but I do dislike seeing swear-words in print. I click right out when I come across that.

Julie said...

My weird eyes hurt when a blog has a black background. Even if it is the most amazing blog ever, I don't come back. Sad. I am also addicted to pictures. I can immediately see if I want to read on. I totally agree with Traci who likes real pictures, not stock ones... I saw on a site that a new reader decides within 4 seconds if they will stay on the blog to read it. That's a lot of pressure! I also appreciate blogs that update frequently...

Anonymous said...

I too agree that comments are great and we all love to get them. But I can't stand the comments that are blatant attempts to advertise their OWN blogs. It makes me crazy when people repeatedly comment on a blog inviting that blogs readers to come to their blog. If people want to check out your blog they can click on your name to find out where to find you!

Kandi said...

I agree with most of the comments so far. I also love photos on blogs. On my own blog I rarely post something unless I have a photo to go along with it. I'm a pretty visual person.

I also enjoy humor in a blog and agree with the comment about "comments". I know I have a few more readers on my blog than I have "commentors". I know that's probably not a word, but you get what I mean.

I agree with "bc" that I like the blogs that seem like I would be friends with that person, even though I know I'll probably never meet them in my life. My husband thinks it's crazy that I read blogs from people that I don't even know.

P.S. I just have to say I'm still laughing about that Water Balloon Toss photo from your previous post. That's an awesome photo!

Holly said...

LOVE blogs that update often, have interesting and beautiful pictures, real life stories, that are inspiring, that have links to their fav. blogs/things.

Your blog is always one of my favs. Blogs written by creative and down-to-earth women with a great sense of humor are always appealing. xoxoxo

Wynn said...

Agreeing with the general love for pictures here, especially real life ones. Stock photos are ok if you really don't have anything else suitable to post but most readers are just as interested in 'You' as they are in what your talking about.

Regarding comments, I've stopped reading a few blogs after they 'attacked' their readers who don't leave comments (a couple of them in a very rude or forceful manner) which made me really sad. I do comment but very infrequently mostly because I just don't have the time. If I took the time out to comment often, it would mean that I would be forced to either neglect something more important I ought to be doing or I'd have to read just 1 or 2 blogs. I know that I (and I would have thought most of us) just log on when we get a free minute and I often find myself open a page only to have to leave the computer to deal with something the very next minute and have to return to the same blog several times a day just to read the new post! Being told off for this is certainly not encouraging nor welcoming! (Not that you do of course, just an observation of some otherwise enjoyable blogs).

From a more 'what I like' point of view as opposed to etiquette. The majority of blogs I read are by moms at home, I love to see more specifically how they are running their household (menu plans, schedules, ideas for fun activities for the kids etc) so I can see what other people find works and equally as important what doesn't. It's great to see peoples family days out but was it expensive? Was it stressful? Would you reccomend it if you had less time/ more time etc.

Can't wait to see some other peoples suggestions!

Anonymous said...

I don't like it when a blog author uses their email address book to send out mass reminders to everyone they know...every time they do a new post. Tell your friends and family about your blog once and then that is it. If people wanted to receive notification of updates, there are ways they can do that...if they didn't sign up for updates you are emailing SPAM! It makes it hard to want to read the blog when it's being forced on you.

C said...

You ladies are good...I agree with just about everything written blogs with pics, love getting comments, don't always have time to comment, and ALL the rest! I hate to see a swear word and I will stop reading the moment I see one! Like I said I agree with you all...can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

Sara said...

I totally agree! My biggest complaint is when you see people have visited your blog (over and over again) and yet never comment. Seriously? Why come by then?! lol I always try and say something when I read someones blog, even for the first time!

I prefer a mix of sad and happy stuff. I try to keep my blog happy and upbeat, but life does happen. I felt horrible having 3 "down" posts in a row, but I tried to offset that with any happy picture or news I could think of!!! =]

Anonymous said...

I dislike it when bloggers beg me to click on ads or whatever...I dislike the "blogging the recession" campaign as well.
I also dislike it when bloggers talk about their money problems and then try to get you to buy their stuff.
I also hate feeling pressured to post a comment.
I like pictures of what people are working on...and some tutorials for readers.
I like posts that make me think outside-the-box.

meg duerksen said...

oh crystal.
this is good stuff!
i love good pictures.
i dislike pity parties.
i love humorous and REAL life stuff.
i don't mind sadness or struggle as long as it's not in pity party form. everyone has bad days...that is REAL.
comments are great and i try to leave them or at least reply with email.
i don't like questions about where i live.
but i don't mind any other personal questions.
and i love a well written post about their faith.
then i really feel a connection.

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I love blogs that make me laugh.

If a blog automatically plays music I will never visit that blog again.

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