The first of many NJ adventure picking.

We are home and 90% unpacked...I am always so happy that I clean house before I leave...even if is the last thing I want to do before going away...after a long car ride it was SO nice to walk into a sparkling clean house...Doug went right to bed (since he has to work tonight) and I unpacked and let Moses watch as much TV as a toddler with no nap today needed to...ahh....good to be home.:) We had a great time and a relaxing week...instead of posting a million pictures in one post, I'm going to spread them out over the next week or so, until I get caught up with our life here. :)
This post is all about our apple picking adventure...we went to an orchard that Doug's mom has been going to since before she had it's been was fun to have the grandchildren along for the first time.
Kyleigh (my niece) and Moses were the official taste testers. :)
Macintosh. :)
This is pretty much what Moses did the whole time...
and this...
We had four bags in no time.
Then we spent the rest of the day making applesauce and pie. I had NO idea it was so easy to make easy that I hope to make some of my own this fall. :)
All this (and more) and a pie from about one bag of apples. :)

Fun day and fun memories. :)

Someone asked about where I get my acorns...mainly Target, Pier One and TJ Max. You just have to keep your eyes open. :)

Also...I am working on a blogging etiquette post and I will want YOUR be thinking about that. :)

Happy 2nd day of Fall!! xoxo


Sara said...

Do you have an applesauce recipe you could share? I live in apple land, and I would love to make some for my boys, but I need an easy recipe.. if you have one, post it! Thanks! :0)

Chrissie Grace said...

Your niece and your son look like they could be brother and sister! So cute! Thanks for the info on where to look for acorns. I'm glad you had a safe and fun trip!

Sara said...

Oh there is nothing better than homemade applesauce!!!! And I swear, today I was thinking about taking the girls to a local apple farm to pick apples so I could make a homemade pie!!!! =] Sooooo yummy! I love fall!!!! =] Glad you had a great trip!!!

Eric and Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great time. Hope is was refreshing for all of you. Sounds like it was.

Simply Me... said...

Oh so glad to see you this morning, I didn't know you were going away! where was I... and how about those apple's yum, I'll have to go pick me some of those! Loving the weather, fall is my favorite...


meg duerksen said...

looks like so much fun. we used to do this in IL. every year. it's not big in kansas as much. must be different weather. it is such a FALL thing to do.

glad you are back. :)

blogging etiquette? like not asking where someone lives? or personal questions about certain children? or something different?

Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had a great vacation! I love cleaning house before we leave too, it doesn't always happen, but I always try!!!!

I love the new song on your blog! Made me sad to say it's actually fall. But I'm ready for it to turn "pretty" again! :)

CJC said...

it's amazing what my mom can do with apples, huh? wish i had gotten just a tinge more of her creative abilities in the kitchen.

i THOROUGHLY love the picture of kyleigh holding on to doug's shorts while she walks.
that's a classic.

wish i could have been there.
love the sil

ArtGirlBlue said...

I'm so happy to hear someone went to NJ (my home state) and did not complain about it. You now all the stereotypical things...LOL

Jersey has a ton of fun stuff.


blueeyeddog said...

I can't wait to go apple picking! We have an orchard right outside of our town, and they have a huge apple and pumpkin festival during the month of October. I can't wait! Great pictures!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

apples... my favorite crunchy goodness... with peanut butter even better! :)

i bet it feels sooooo great to be home... in your own bed!

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