Fall, Fun and Prayer.

Hi there to you all!! Hope this finds you all having a fabulous and lazy Sunday! All the men folk here are fast asleep and I am just soaking up the quiet and reflecting on the days and weeks to come...church was so so good...left me feeling really thankful that Jesus came and freed us from the old laws and legalistic side of loving God. Today was discussed the woman who was healed by her faith in just touching the hem of Jesus' robe...she had suffered from 12 straight years of bleeding (the female sort) and was therefore considered unclean...unable to love on or be loved on...unable to touch or be touch...for 12 years!!!! She followed Jesus' example in throwing out the old ways of thinking and fought through the crowds (aka touching tons of people and therefore making them "unclean")to receive her healing. Could you imagine being considered unclean for days and weeks or years at a time? Crazy to think about...praise God for being freed from this and so many other things as well. Moses is doing really well in nursery...today he wiggled out of my hand so that he could go ahead of me to his classroom...turned to me, asked for his snack and milk, kissed me goodbye and walked away. So so great!
Been working on some new goodies for the shop...maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. Above is just the sweetest little pumpkin I have ever seen...it just needs its' shiny coat and it will be ready to go.
And I am so thrilled about these...I haven't seen anything quite like them on Etsy...I call them lunch box pebbles. The intention behind them is to sneak one into your little ones lunch box or pocket as a way of encouraging them throughout their long day...aren't they so sweet? I would have been thrilled to find one of these in my lunch box back in the day...I can also do custom words, short phrases or names if you would like...
And if you loved the last zipper pouch...you simply must love this one...I just can't get over how sweet it turned out...the inside is chocolate colored polka dots...LOVE.


Prayer requests for the week. If you have a new one let me know...if it is the same as last week, please let me know that too...also please update me when those prayers have been answered!! It's been an honor to pray for and with you this week...I am so excited about this!

My back has probably been the best that it has been this past week...no joke. I have even taken less Tylenol than previously so Yay! Jesus! Thanks so much for your prayers.

My prayer requests this week are...continued prayer for my back. Moses and I start MOPS this week...new thing for both of us...for those who don't know its like a bible study for the moms and Sunday school for the kiddos. Please pray that Moses does as well here as he does at church and that I will make some great friends!!
And one more if you don't mind. Doug and I are in limbo about whether or not we will be able to go on vacation this fall (we need his boss' ok). We really need to go...as a time for refreshing more than anything due to the circumstances that Doug started his new job position (we were all sick, plus I was pregnant, tired and nauseous). Plus obviously we want to go! Please just pray that it will happen. :)

Ok, so lets here from you...what are your prayer needs and updates for the week?



Trish said...

well, love all the new goodies as usual :)

my traveling has been going well and so far i've actually been able to get up and function, i'm not a morning person whatsoever!

also, tomorrow alaina has an eye doctor's appointment and also a urine test, blood work and an eeg needs to be done all for the upcoming surgery! So i'm looking forward to it being over with, but i don't like going to these things!

Justine said...

Your new items are so sweet. I love the lunch box pebbles.. what a unique (and useful!) idea.

I will keep you in my prayers...

My prayer request:

We are moving and my daughter is 6 months old. She is very happy and comfortable where she is. She sees her grandparents every day now and so I need prayers that she will settle in her new home and not struggle with the change for long.

Thank you so much!

Simply Me... said...

Yes, just me again... please pray for my husband Dennis he's going in for the third time to talk to a man about a job, he went twice last week and the man was very busy, so tomorrow he's going again and hopefuuly the man can talk, and give him a job, or a time to call back for a interview,so please keep him in your prayers, why worry when you can pray I need to tell myself that alot these days! Lanny...

Lacey in the Sky said...

The lunch box pebbles are precious! I used to love finding "love notes" from my mom in my lunch box!

As for prayer requests. I'm praying this week that Hurricane Ike stays away from New Orleans, b/c we're just sick and tired of this mess. & I'm also praying for the Nielsen family and that Kim's auction brings lots of help for them!

traci said...

girl., you are SO talented and you dont seem to get stuck with just a couple creative ideas. You amaze and inspire me. I love your little rock thingies. I would love to get one for all my loved ones and friends to encourage them. The zipper pouch just made me smile soooo big...ADORABLE.
I have to tell you I so respect and admire you for the direction yoru blog is taking. You are not afraid to share your faith and I know God smiles on you for that!!
I have a praise...my sweet but rather lazy step son has kept his job for going on 3 weeks now and seems to be going strong! 3 weeks may seem like nothing to most but for him its a BIG DEAL. Thank you Jesus!!!

Margaret said...

Thank you for your prayers. My previous request still needs prayer, and I feel that they will for quite some time.

Also, my hubby got a promotion. He will be taking over as dept. manager on Oct. 1. It will be a busy time for him. We are very greatful for his promotion.

Thanks for your prayers.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh how cute are those lunch box pebbles!!! Very clever idea :)

If you could add my dear friend Joan to your prayers. She was just diagnosed with cancer and has two young children.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Eric and Michelle said...

The pebbles are so cute. Also I like knowing your prayer needs. You know we need our house to sell. Love you, call me and tell me about mops.

Holly said...

You're in my prayers, sweet friend.

Hope your back continues to get better. Hope MOPS is fabulous for you and Moses. Vacation...vacation....vacation....

LOVE the new creations. I will absolutely be getting a few of those pebbles. I'm always looking for sweet things to go in my kids' lunchboxes. Yours are PERFECT!!!


Jason said...

I feel like a broken record saying that you are so creative, but you ARE!! Still.

Hope your back continues to feel better. Please think a little about me as I am mildly sick and have a very PACKED week ahead of me. Including my first week teaching dance to very young girls. Pray that I have their respect and attention and that I provide a wholesome and fun yet structured environment for them. And pray that they don't attack me! LOL! At least at the end of the week hubby and I celebrate our anniversary with a weekend trip while the kids go to grandmas.

Kacey Randolph said...

Thanks for sharing about your church lesson today. What a great one to teach us to be grateful.

Love all of the new items for your shop!

meg duerksen said...

what beautiful things you created!
i love all of them. really really love them.

today was full of God's goodness for sure.
i began teaching the 3 year old class at our church! eeek! i was nervous and worried and feeling overwhelmed. then my husband said "Honey. they're three!" oh yeah....they dont 'know what the plan is. they don't know if i mess up. awesome. and we had a great time.

my prayer request is the same.
my daughter and me....finding some kind of common ground. something. anything.

i'm so glad your back feels better. :)

~Mama Skates~ said...

praise God - glad ur back is on the mend!

my prayer request is the same as last week - so much transition in our lives lately...pls pray for my family


Amanda said...

I know I'm a day late posting...but can I still add a prayer request?! :) Please pray that my husband will be able to come home from Ranger School at the end of this month. It's been 3 months since I've seen him and I've only spoke to him 4 times since he left....so my patience is dwindling!! Also pray that he will be able to switch battalions (he is in the Army) so he won't have to deploy for a year, 2 weeks after he gets home. THANK YOU! (Will be praying for you too!)

Amy Bell said...

my prayer request is for my husband...he is feeling a lot of pressure/stress from work and i am hoping he can find a group of men to relate to....he went to the men's ministry meeting last night at church..i am just praying he will find some guys to be able to share with....
praying for baby johnsen...have a great time at mops...

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