Summer fun and bun in the oven.

Last night I did some research and found some new parks in the area to take Moses to. I feel like summer is slipping away so fast that we have to act now and not put off things that we want to do...Belmont park is one of a few on the list I made last night.
The best part of this one was that it had a splash park! How fun is that! And free!!One of Moses challenges at the moment is keeping his clothes on...we had to fight to keep the swim diaper on here. Then we had to fight to get his shorts back on before he played at the nearby playground.
We had a great morning...we love finding new places and are really trying to take advantage of the great city we live in while we still live here. With Doug's job we never know when or where that next move will be. :)
My mail man has been good to me this week...I got a fun package from Scottie that included this super cute house...I LOVE anything with our name on it...
And now I will really look like a pro with my website on a tag and all. :)
And earlier this week I got a great package from my MIL that included this sweet dresser scarf that she stitched along with some other goodies including some fall clothes for Moses!

This week baby is the size of a fig (1 1/2in long).How come this doesn't look fig sized to me?

Last week when we went to our first doctors appointment, the nurse matter-of-factly stated that I should expect to gain between 25-35lbs. I had to try hard not to laugh out loud. Even Doug could hardly keep a straight face. I wanted to say "try doubling that number sister". I don't do anything half heartedly....last time I was pushing 55lbs of "baby weight". At least this time I know enough to not worry about it and hopefully by the grace of God it will all just melt away again...a girl can hope can't she? :)

Hope your weekend is swell...I'll work on a giveaway real soon! :)


Molly said...

I love your tags for your etsy shop. How did you make them or where did you order them from . I would love to have some for my shop. Your haircut is cute by the way. Hope your pregnancy is going great and no more sickness. Have a great weekend.
~ Molly P

Smith Family Blog said...

I am so glad that we will be gaining weight together! I gained 60 with our Moses (is it a Moses thing?!). I already had to go "fat clothes" shopping with this one, because I refuse to be in maternity clothes before 3 months! Sadly, the "fat clothes" I wore with Moses are already getting a little small. :(

We'll have to share pictures-- you should see me the day before Moses was born. But I dare not put that one online!

HeatherW said...

Ohhhh your belly looks so cute!! My cuter than a fig!!

Holly said...

Hi baby Johnsen. Sweet "little" bump you have there, momma Crystal. Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. Such a blessing indeed. Glad you and Moses had a fabulous day in the park. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Eric and Michelle said...

It will melt off I am sure. Oh the Naked phase i remember that. :)

Zo-Be Designs said...

Love the little house, so cute! Congrats on the bump!

ccp said...

you are so beautiful pregnant and i can't wait for the big to become a pumpkin :)

i know you HATE maternity clothes, but I am swearing by the secret fit belly line. i thought i would despise anything remotely close or up over my stomach, but i would seriously like to sleep in these jeans.

(and they make your butt look cute too!)

BoufMom9 said...

Not sure how I came across your blog, maybe blogHer? but, love your items you have in your store. Very cute!
Great splash park too! I am jealous! We have NONE here in NJ :(

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