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Just popping in to say hello!! It's been super rainy here...which we desperately needed so we have been doing lots of cuddling and playing indoors...I have actually really loved the rain...it's been so long since we have had any. This weather has made me crave all my favorite cold weather things...like chili! But I know better to make a whole pot and expect my husband to eat it...so I had to break down and have Wendy's chili (OH yuM!!) the last two days for lunch. :) Now I am not at all a fast food person but I LOVE this chili!! It warms you up and hits the spot!
On the food topic...all you mama's out there...I need some ideas for my little kiddo. I feel like I am feeding him the same things over and over...he doesn't seem to mind but I would like to give him some variety...so...any toddler friendly food ideas out there? We try to eat pretty healthy and avoid processed foods and buy organic when we can...but I don't break the bank over it. :) So any ideas you would love to share?

Also, I know I have asked this before and if you answered then you don't have to again...unless you really want me to come visit...if you link to my blog can you let me know so that I can come visit you? :) I love to "meet" all the folks who stop by. :)

Hope your day is blessed! xo


Ali said...

Hi! I too am enjoying the rainy day in Northern VA. I was thinking earlier that the clouds look like snow clouds. I was planning to take the afternoon off to tackle some projects around the house but I cannot be trusted to work on a day like this. It would be all about making soup, thinking of halloween deocrations, reading a book, and naps. I wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my fav sites @ http://countrygirlcitychic.blogspot.com/

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh how nice to have some rain! Hot, hot, hot here in Arizona. It will be nice eventually.....late October!

Something for Moses....one thing my son loved when he was little was cheese tortellini with butter, or sometimes red sauce.

I have you linked and enjoy reading your blog :)

Karin Schueller said...

I'm so glad you asked...I always wonder if it is a little creepy that I am reading your blog and you don't really know who I am! LOL You can see the craziness that is me at www.awindowintowhimsy.blogspot.com . I live in Michigan, and we could really use the rain. All of my grass is turning brown, lol.

Hmm...toddler food. That is a toughie. Mine are 7 and 10...it's been a while, lol. How about string cheese? I always liked to make little sandwiches cut out with a cookie cutter. It just makes the same old sandwich a little different. Have you thought about using pitas instead of bread?

Gilead Friends Church said...

I love this weather as well. I was just telling my hubby that it puts me in the mood for chili.
Also, I link to ya :)
~ Lacie

Margaret said...

Hey I often check your blog. I haven't linked to it yet. I don't have any blog links on mine yet, but plan to soon.

My 3 year old loves pizza. I make him pizza using whole wheat pita bread, and then he picks the toppings. He loves fresh spinach, so he usually puts that and cheese on it. Sometimes I cook some lean ground beef for it too. My 1 year old likes it too.

Jenn said...

oooh I love peekin' in on your baby countdown over there on the side bar!!

As far as food goes...my 4 year old wants nothing to do with food. It's a battle everyday to figure out new and creative ways for him to eat! Smoothies are always good. Scrambled eggs with toast cut into shapes (from a cookie cutter) usually gets a glimmer of excitement. I need more recipes that I can hide veggies in. I was thinking of getting that cookbook by Jerry Seinfeld's wife...the chocolate chip cookies with garbonzo beans in them are DELICIOUS...seriously!!

Have a happy weekend:)

Naptime Crafts said...

Chili sounds good, I'll see if I've got the stuff to whip some up!

As for Moses, since he has most of his teeth it shouldn't be too hard to give him food. Colleen eats better then we do and I feel that she eats the same things all the time also. Here's what I give her
SHe loves scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, pancakes with blueberries and strawberries, oatmeal, all fruit,carrots, brocolli, frozen peas, chicken nuggets, natural peanut butter and no sugar jelly sandwiches, cheese ravioli with red sauce, mac and cheese with tomatoes and black beans mixed in. She of course eats cheese whales (like goldfish) and some of the annies crackers and cookies. The only thing we really won't give her is hamburger helper, and we don't eat that too often. She eats rice and fish and just about everything. Of course there is the random dorito or tortillia chip and french fries, but not on a daily basis. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hopefully this will help. It's hard to feed a variety without feeding them junk, but as long as they don't mind..oh well Hope you are feeling better!

Naptime Crafts said...

oh, I have you linked but not sure if you have mine


Jennifer said...

hi! i do have a link to your blog over at mine... http://cowlicksandcurls.blogspot.com.

my oldest daughter is alomst three. she used to eat so great! she isn't as interested in eating lately. some of her favs are mandarin(baby)oranges, cantaloupe, grapes, cheese sticks, apples and peanut butter, peanut butter sandwiches, teddy grahams trail mix, she loves veggies like green beans and carrots and all kinds of spagetti. she enjoys different kind of pasta noodles, too.

i love to read your blog! :)

Bridgette Ann said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your site this week- but it's been fun reading. Cheers!

HeatherW said...

I am SO jealous of you and your rain!! Rain is my favorite...it puts me in such a good mood. Here in California we have had nothing but hot weather lately. BOOOO!!!!!!! :(

Kelley said...

My 3 year old eats pretty much anything I put in front of him. He doesn't get a lot of junk and I exposed him to many foods from the beginning. I always give him a variety of seasonal fruit. This keeps things mixed up. Blueberries, kiwi, etc. instead of always doing apples and grapes. We beging EVERY meal with a veggie plate and dip like salsa, hummus or ranch. You could make mini turkey wraps with whole wheat tortillas...stuff it with cheese and veggies. Quesadillas using garbanzo beans (pureed) instead of refried beans...add some cheese and veggies...broil it for crisp. I could go on and on but don't want to be annoying! :) Oh, sometimes if I include my oldest in the preparation of the meal, he's more inclined to eat something he may have been hesitant to try.

Chance said...

Hello! I found your blog through Allikaye's Mama and added it to my links shortly after. I am also pregnant and have a toddler, so I enjoy reading your perspective on life.

My blog is http://acapriciousperspective.blogspot.com/

As for toddler food...that is a challenge at our house as well. I did find this website I like:

My favorite link is the toddler recipe library. I hope this helps.

Chance said...

Hello! I found your blog through Raising Allikaye. I am also pregnant and have a toddler, so I enjoy reading your view of the world.

My blog is:

A great toddler food website I found is:

I like the toddler recipe library. Thanks!

Pam said...

hello! i've got you linked...i think i found you through meg @ whatever :) you can find me at www.iloveplum.blogspot.com/

i've got three girls...the first is of course a complete health nut because with the first you try and do EVERYTHING right :) the second has more of a sweet tooth and little miss stella who is two just loves her sweets entirely too much! one common food they all love is hummus!!! served with pretzels, carrots, pita, crackers. they also love, love, love avacado! i also make homemade tortillas (which may sound hard but so easy)...i make them quesadillas with beans, cheese and whatever veggies i have...they LOVE it!
have a happy night!! xo

The Gerster Family said...

I enjoy the rain as well. Gives you a chance to slow down a little bit and get the rest that God likes you to have every once in awhile.

Just want you to know that I link to your blog. I love reading it!


Sara said...

I have one word for you.. Quesadillas!! SO easy, and still good for them. Sometimes I stick black beans in there, you can cut them up in to little 'pizza' slices, or with a cookie cutter. It goes on and on, and my kids never get sick of them!

Simply Me... said...

Howdy, yes I do link to your blog, I love to visit you! I think your fun and your little boy is so cute! yes I would like you to come and visit me sometime, I use to see you but haven't in awhile so please do!


tiffany said...

Love a rainy day but only one or two! A hurricane is possibly on it's way to us here is Louisiana. So lots of rain coming here in the near future. You have visited my blog before but come see me again!

Lacey in the Sky said...

Girl, I wish we could hide from the rain around here! If you lived near me, you would never want to look at chili again in your life- it seems to rain everyday lately!

I like to make chicken tacos (fajita-ish?) It's simple and you can "hide" any veggies you want inside. I roll it up tight and cut it into deli-type spirals for my nephew, but the whole family happily digs in & everyone can customize theirs how they like!

(I link to you, by the way!)

Kandi said...

Hi! As sad as this sounds, I can't remember what I fed my boys when they were toddlers. They're only 8 & 5, you'd think I could recall, but I still agree with the whole idea that each pregnancy sucks a little bit more of your brain cells away. :)

I wanted to let you know that I have a link to you on my blog too. I love to check in and be inspired by you. I check yours out every day, but I only seem to update mine about once a week.

Visit me any time at www.teojax.blogspot.com!

Miss G said...

Hi Crystal, I haven't updated my links in sooo long but I do have you on my reader so I check in everytime you post. :) I enjoy reading. Thanks so much for sharing and if you like, I would love for you to drop by and visit the world of wedding planning that I'm in right now! :) www.sundrenchedmoments.blogspot.com

b3designs said...

Hi - Yes, lovin' the rain and even if it's a hot rain, I agree, soup and chili is what I crave.

Love for your to visit my blog:

b3designs-dreamimaginecreate. blogspot.com/

My kids are older now, 8, 7 and 5, but I remember them gulping down buttered pasta with parm. cheese, quesadillas with melted cheese, crackers dipped into hummus, wheat thins topped with skinny cow cheese (let them do it themselves), the loved (and still do) anything made like Japanese Steakhouse - rice, soy sauce and sauteed beef or chicken. They love all fruits, especially mandarin oranges and bananas the most. They also LOVE salad and all have for many years.

Christine said...

Hi... I love the rain. Thats funny you say you like their chili, thats not the first time I've heard someone say that. hmmmmmmm...

I love your blog, the fun and creative ideas you have and the honesty/love of your heart.

Love for you to come visit me... mines not to creative but its getting there! Ive got some awesome things coming this fall.



Dizzy Broad said...

I have a 7 and a 4 year old. The only thing they don't like to eat are pearl onions. No kidding! I started out by putting shredded cheese on whatever food they disliked (since cheese was the only thing they'd eat). Pretty soon, I put less and less until one day there was no longer cheese on top and by then they were used to eating it. I also involved them in food preparation so they were always excited about eating what they've made even if it had ingredients they didn't particularly liked. Their favorite cookbook is the Ratatouille cookbook for children.

I do have you linked on my blog: afreshtakeonpaper.blogspot.com. Your blog is inspirational and your positive attitude and outlook on life is very uplifting. Thank you!

meg duerksen said...

hi crystal.
i have no ideas for you...my kids eat very unhealthy.
pancakes for brunch.
donut and sprite for lunch.

oh i just thought of one. do you make pasta in that tiny tube shape? my little ones always liked a bowl of that.

p.s. i just sent you an email at you moses 3 one.
in case you don't check it often.

good luck on eating.
kids love donuts! :)

Marie said...

a few of my fave things to give my kids:
-vanilla yogurt with strawberries or blueberries topped with granola (the yogurt, i buy by the tub, not individually and i usually get organic of that and the granola-it's not that much more expensive where i shop)
-or to change it up, i use the vanilla yogurt and blend it with the fruit and some ice to make smoothies. it's just sweet enough using the yogurt so you don't have to add sugar so my kids love it.
-peanut butter and nutella sandwiches or pb and honey sandwiches
-wheat tortillas with scrambled eggs and chopped up lunch meat or grilled chicken ( i know lunch meat is not always the best so i use it moderately)
-rice with a dab of soy sauce on top with canned tuna and sliced cucumbers (this may sound wierd, but i grew up eating it and love it and so do my kids!)
-wheat penne pasta with grilled chicken and steamed broccoli with light ranch dressing on top

ok, that's all i can think of for now, but i found your blog thru your etsy shop-i think you can visit my blog by clicking on my name.

have a blessed evening!-marie

The Cog said...

Your blog is always an inspirational bright spot of my day. I work third shift...and your creative and uplifting blog helps toss out the stress before I head off into slumber...you can find me and my wonderings at www.thecorporatecog.blogspot.com. The door is always open...welcome.

Allikaye's Mama said...

I of course have you linked...for awhile! But I haven't heard from you in a few months!! Sad! And I am excited to read all your comments..I need some suggestions for food too!

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