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As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

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Even if I don't keep my hose lines straight or fail to wipe of the milk jug or I wear pajamas instead of a nightgown...I am still a Very Superior 1930's wife. :) And darn proud of it. :)
Just in case you were wondering I thought I would introduce some folks to may have seen their blogs over on the left and wondered why in the world I link to them...well this is Jeremy Pegg. He is one of the most awesome guys that I have ever had the privilege to meet in my life. He and his wife Pam, also a good friend to me, took me into their home when I had no place to stay (right when I knew I had to leave that former unhealthy relationship)...because of them I got to see what a good and healthy and wonderful marriage looks like. I know that a large part of my current emotional health is due to them taking me in when they did and letting me be absorbed in their lives. :) I miss them often and a church searching Doug and I scan the personalities for Pams and Jeremys. They are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Columbia and I know few people who deserve to be parents as much as they do. :) Jeremy is co-owner of Enigma Productions and also one of the greatest photographers that I know. Jeremy has photographed most of the important moments of my graduation, engagement to Doug, our wedding, maternity, birth of Moses and family portraits. His eye for great shots is amazing. Below are a few examples of his work...also any wedding photos I have shown were his as well. :) I can't fail to mention that he is also a great man of God and gives amazing sermons. You can go here to hear him...WELL worth your time.

Another link on the left that you may wonder about is my other good friend, Aaron. He is also Jeremy's best friend and co-owner of Enigma. Aaron is an amazing artist, a great guy and guaranteed to make you pee your pants with laughter at some of the stories or jokes that he tells. He is one of the most naturally funny, if not the funniest, people that I know...He is also an amazing speaker as well and a great man of God. You can hear him here as well. Also well worth the time to listen to the one marked Aaron. Aaron is another personality that we search for in the church crown as well. We miss him and his wife and kids often and much...great folks like that don't come around all that often.

So now you know a little more about a few of my links. Their blogs are great and so are they. :)
Here is the latest little critter in the shop...sweet little blossom is waiting just for you to take him home! :)
And in case you missed them...crisp and sweet apple towels...
And pear ones can get them all here! :)
Hope your day is great and wonderful! xoxo


Elise said...

I found your blog from Jane Says. She said something about you having an addiction to jars and since I share one also, had to come check it out. Have you looked at Target for the faux cherries? I know ours has them.

The Doug said...

I got a very superior 162 as a husband and a 120 very superior as a wife. Not sure what to think about that.

C said...
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ccp said...

love the pictures of baby moses. don't think you've ever published those particular ones, but i'm so glad you did. i can't believe how much he's changed....that head of black hair just cracks me up.

Jeremy said...

wow crystal. that was a pleasant surprise. i was just coming over to say hi and i run in to all these kind words from you. thanks for blessing my morning. i hope you guys are well and i can't believe you have another one on the way.

something funny happened last night. i did something kind of mischievous, maybe even mean (in a joking way) to someone. another person witnessed what i had done and said, "Jeremypegg!" I instantly had a Crystal flashback.

i love that i have been able to help you document your life. i miss it. please give my best to doug and moses.


Pamela said...

Hey Crystal,
I haven't been over here in a while and thought I'd see what was going on. I love that Jeremy Pegg guy you are talking about. He is my favorite! : ) I think the world of him too.

Thank you for your sweet words about us both. That was a blessing. We loved that we could help you during that time in your life. I'm glad the Lord could use that to draw us all closer.

Love ya!
Pamela Pegg

Amber said...

Moses is such a cutie. It's amazing how different he looks in those older pictures with all that dark hair. In case you're wondering who I am, I left a comment while you were on vacation. I found your blog through Meg's and enjoy reading it. Hope you're having a good day.

hautemommy said...

Those photos are so gorgeous!! Little Moses looks so adorable:) I love your blog, as usual, and awarded you with a "brillante blog" award... pop over to my blog to see! xo!!

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