State Love Swap Goodies. :)

Oh the goodies I got from Wisconsin! Mrs. Shelly from Lemon Tree Studios sent me some awesome goodies. :) I thought the package I sent out was pretty fun until I got this...hopefully the person who got mine will be just as thrilled. :) Above are some cute note cards made from Wisconsin maps. :)
Here are some fun burp cloths...which I firmly believe you cannot have enough of. :) I'm pretty sure she made these...and a yummy preggo bar. :)
And this one almost made me cry, Shelly! She made me this nursing cover and I LOVE it!! How crazy talented is she? And how much easier will nursing be without having to balance the blanket over the shoulder gig?
Thanks for the baby have given us our first new baby presents and I LOVE them!
And in honor of the university that is near by to her she gave me lots of red and white craft much fun and I love them all...such an inspiring bag of goodies! :) Thank you really made my day! :)

Go visit A Fresh Take On Paper to see the fun Nebraska goodies that she got!

If you have gotten and posted about your goodies let me know and I will link to you so that we can all share in your fun! Or if you don't have a blog but have a photo let me know and I can post that too. :) Can't wait to hear from more of you!! :)

Be sure to take a peek in the shop later on today to see all the fabulous new goodies that I am going to put in there soon!

Please wait for a revised invoice before paying!! :)


Just me.....Shelly said...

yay! oh so happy you like everything--enjoy! xoxoShelly

Kate said...

well I am jealous.... I never got my goodies from my swap buddy:( oh well.

Kristi said...

I'm not sure how I missed this swap, unless I blocked it from my mind because I couldn't do it at the time. Great gifts from Shelly. I love Wisconsin! I guess I'm not supposed to though. Illinois and Wisconsin have some kind of rivalry going on I guess. Madsion, WI is one of my favorite places!!

Sara said...

My swap info is up in my blog, my buddy did a great job! Go check it out!

hautemommy said...

oooh how exciting! I haven't gotten mine yet, but can't wait!!! :) xo!

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