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I tend to get the same questions from many of you via email, convos comments, etc...I try to answer them when I remember to but often I am only answering them in my head and not at the computer. So since I feel like I have neglected to answer too many for too long, I decided that this will be my FAQ post and I will link to it in the tag cloud over on the side and do the same with any future FAQ's. :) Okey dokey? But first the disclaimer: the thoughts below are just MY philosophies or do what works for you and I will do what works for me.

One question that I often get is how I get so much done. This is much more of a complex question than it appears because it has so much that goes into it. More than anything I think it has to do with balance and priorities in many many ways. Since having Moses we have had to shift our balance quite a bit. We make him a priority while also making our marriage a priority. Doesn't make sense huh? Let me explain a little better. For the first two months of Moses life he was perfect in every way. Great sleep, great eating, great growing, everything. Perfect I tell you. Then the third month came and something happened. He began waking up 8-12 times during the night, not being able to fall asleep on his own or self-sooth in anyway. By the end of that third month I knew that something had to give...I was weary, as a result Doug was weary...our family was very off balanced and all about Moses for all the wrong reasons. I did some research and found Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. I ordered it immediately based on the reviews. We implemented it almost the day it came in the mail and overnight our lives changed. He immediately went from waking up 8-12 times a night to 1-2 times to a short time later sleeping through the night. That quick. From the second or third night on he has also gone down for 99% of naps and night time without a peep. And he has always gone down awake...not asleep.

We learned that his schedule must be our priority at all times for him to be the healthy, happy and loving child that we wanted him to be. I remember reading in that book the first time a paragraph about a couple who had a child who everyone commented on, who everyone loved to be around and thought was so laid back and happy. I wanted that baby. To get him it took a lot of self sacrifice. And it will continue to require that. You can ask anyone who knows us...Moses' schedule is our priority. Sometimes we miss events, parties, weddings, etc but honestly, who wants to drag a cranky, tired baby to something anyway? Sacrificing his schedule makes us all suffer...him the most. At the same time, by making Moses' schedule our priority, we also make our marriage a priority. Moses goes to bed at 7:30-8pm every used to be 6:30pm. That gives us A LOT of time to do the things that we want to do, both as a couple and as individuals. It gives us time to stop parenting for a few hours and just be together. We also stick firmly to nap times as well. Whatever errand we have to do or run can wait. Good naps = good days and a good nights sleep for all of us.

And guess what? I can't go anywhere that I don't get a compliment on how happy he is, or how well behaved, or how loving. :) Jesus and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child make Moses the baby he is today. :) The best part is that now he will have healthy sleep habits for the rest of his life! :)

Next question. No I am not closing my shop when this baby comes. Not sure what it will be like but I am fairly certain that Little Bit Funky is not going anywhere. :)

Right now (July 6th I am about 6 and 1/2weeks pregnant). Baby is the size of a lentil bean. :)

We only let Moses watch Sesame Street and Elmo's world, occasionally some PBS or Sprout. Whenever we turn off the TV we try to remember to change the channel to one of those stations in case Moses turns it on...we don't want his mind littered with some of the garbage that is on TV these days. I try to do the same with the radio in the car as well (tuned to Spirit FM).

We only keep healthy food and snacks in his sight. So basically anything he sees he can have. We honestly try to ONLY buy things that we are OK with him eating as well. That makes us all healthier. (We keep our little treats well hidden...and honestly there aren't many of them.) :)

Moses is 21m.

One more: Why did I share my pregnancy so early on? The way I look at it the more I tell, the more there are to pray. Same goes if something terrible were to happen. The more people know the more who can pray.

Ok, so that took a little longer than I thought it would. I hope that answers a majority of the questions that were out there...if there are more you just let me know...either here or via etys/email. :)


Smith Family Blog said...

That was our theory when I had our Moses-- the more people who knew, the more would be praying! So from one Moses' mommy to another, I am praying for you and that new little one! :)

Simply Me... said...

I will pray for you! neat post by the way! and what's up with all those comment on your last post? you have some counting to do :)
May the best blogger win, I tried by I gave up after about 20 or so! have a great night! Lanny:)

Amy Bell said...

yep...totally agree about telling with the second. we did and we needed the prayer....lots of it. and now we have a little miracle...really.


praying for your little one already and for you! are you sick at all? can't wait to see how CUTE you look...please tell me you will post some preggo pics, k?

Naptime Crafts said...

Hey girl, hope everything is still going well. I am glad that you found what works. We give Colleen a bath every night and most of the time she is asleep when I put her down for bed, but she goes down for her naps awake. She sleeps straight through 99% of the time.
I hope everything is going ok, and have a great day!

HeatherW said...

That was great. For someone that is new to the blog it was like a little catch up!!

A Little Bit Zany said...

Hello fellow "little bit"!! I am new to reading your blog, found you quite my accident! I am a mom of two (3 years and 1 year) and a fellow etsian. I have to tell you to keep on keep'n on. With two little ones, you just have to be even more creative with your time managment than before. And be very patient and gentle on yourself. Know that you are doing the most amazing job on this earth holding and loving on your babies. Everything else that you get accomplished is just icing on the cake! Etsy for me is such a gift. It is time that is just for me. The first three months are the hardest with number two just because of the intense work of a new born. I have been so very blessed with awsome kiddos, happy, content, great sleepers. But with two in the house you don't just sleep whenever the baby is sleeping to catch up on rest. Someone ALWAYS needs your attention. After that, it is so great to have the older kiddo to help entertain and play with the baby, it really is easier than you think it will be. I have two girls and sister love is just about the most beautiful, special thing in the world. The one thing that I wish that I had been better at is asking for help when I needed it. You don't have to do EVERYTHING yourself. That's what husbands, girlfriends, and family are for. Blessings to your family!

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