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First things first my friends...the winner!
Kate had an amazing 322 comments!
Followed closely by HeatherW with 284 comments!
Since you both tried so hard and commented waaaaaay more than I thought anyone would, you can BOTH send my your address via Etsy and you will BOTH get a goody bag!! :) You gals kept me entertained all weekend! Thanks for being such good sports! :) I'm sure to feel lonely for a while...not getting hundreds of comments and all...
I was Lazy with a capital L yesterday...and pretty much all weekend...but yesterday I even stayed in lounge clothes...and they earned their name. :) I did rearrange the living room and mantle, though. Does something look funny to you in these photos? If you can't tell...I'm not telling. :)
I love a good change. :)
And I still love the color of this living room. :) I even touched up all the scuff marks this weekend (see Bethany...your not the only one who does that). :)
Moses is doing many cute things at the moment. One of which is making me sing "If your happy and you know it..." but he only like the "Shout Hooray" verse. And boy does he shout "Hooray!" and jumps at the same time. :) I have lost count of how many times a day he makes me sing it...when his dad comes home he get him to help him jump even higher while he shouts "Hooray!"
Lately he has all the guys come to breakfast. Saturday morning we had to take all these guys minus Elmo to the post office and the bank. :)
I love it when he wears this hat. :)
This morning we went to Panera for breakfast and then took Moses to the playground.
He love the slide.
Not as much as he loves his daddy!
This is the view we pass on our short walk to the playground. I love Virginia. :)
And just how precious is this? He stopped to pick a couple "pretties" as he calls them and held on to them through snack time. :)

Hope your Monday is a grand as mine has been so far. :)


Amanda said...

Okay so I had no CHANCE of keeping up with those gals!!! Congrats girls!

As far as the mantel, is the plant that's sitting there dead? I don't really see anything off wack though, and I can't tell too much from the picture though!?? I wanna know what it is now!

Traci said...

I think the color looks awesome, the mantel looks fabulous. The entire room looks just great, the only thing that looks maybe "weird" is the fact the sofa is in front of the fireplace. Is that what you are talking about?

Kate said...

wow! i had no idea that i did that many commenst!! Thanks so much! it was fun:) congrats to you too Heather! i love the way you redecorated the room. we can't because we have the tv anchored on the wall above the fireplace, but I love my room the way it is:) thanks again!!

Marie said...

The only thing I can think of is that the sofa is in front of the fireplace. I love a good change and rearranging furniture always makes me feel strangely happy!

Trish said...

? the room looks great.
don't feel lonely!:)

Diane said...

Rearranging things around the house and it looking good satisfies me so well that I don't have to go out and spend a single dime on anything new. :)

Your room looks awesome.

Kristi said...

Well, you don't use it in the summer anyway, eh?! :-)

Moses and the fam are TOO precious!

Simply Me... said...

Congrats to the girls! I tried... That boy of yours sure is a keeper!
have a great week.


Leah said...

Ummmm, is the far righthand picture sideways?

Amy Bell said...

wow...that is a lot of comments. kate, congrats!
love the new living room set idea with the it.

hope your day has gone well!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Your blue room is AWESOME!

BC said...

Love the room! I agree, a little change from time to time is so refreshing.

I just wanted to tell you that I was born and raised in Virginia and love love love it! My hometown is Broadway, but most people have never heard of that so the next closest city is Harrisonburg (where JMU is). I also went to Virginia Tech. I love the city of Charlottesville too and have always thought it was so beautiful there. Have a great day enjoying the gift of a growing family (and tummy). :)

HeatherW said...

Excellent work Kate!! Man if only I wouldn't have gotten distracted by work Monday morning I could have had it!! :)

I think that your blue is AWESOME. I want to pain my house so bad!!

Your blocking the fire place. :)

I love me some Panera!!

Eric and Michelle said...

Love the pic pf Doug and Moses smooching!

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