I need a little grace...

I am sad and sorry to announce that I have no giveaway for today...I simply could not get my act(or stomach) together to get it ready, photograph it and come up with something clever to give it away...each day is getting a little tougher and right now I am trying to focus any extra energy that I have on filling up my empty shop. :) But I have some fun new goodies to share with you...RUN to your Target now because this amazing ribbon (above)is on clearance for a great price!
I've said it before and I'll say it again...Lassiegirl has the BEST scraps on Etsy. I love each and every generous piece that I get.
I also came home to a lovely little thank you from Trish...I helped her revamp her blog and she sent me these sweet paper cake slices. :) Her blog is here and her store is here. They are adorable and so well made. :) Thanks Trish!
She even included these sweet little houses as well...can't wait to send a gift in these. :)
My sister in law has the best Big Lots ever...she got me all these goodies for dollar tree prices...and they are fabulous...that is Basic Grey ribbon...almost edible. :)
She also gave me this sweet set of pot holders...they are from BeanPickleSprout...I love them!
And you know I had to stick my nose in her Hobby Lobby...since I am deprived of one here...got a few fun new goodies. :)
And last but not least...this unexpected package came from my dear blog friend Amy. :) She always sends me sweet goodies...at unexpected times. :) This little box had a fun little top...perfect for my chunking up figure and some sweet vintage trims...perfect for boosting my creativity in new ways. :) Thanks friend. :)

I hope to be back on track with a lot of things real soon...so cross your fingers for a giveaway next week because I still have lots to go through. :) Say a little prayer for my gag reflex won't you? ;0) xoxoxo
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Just me.....Shelly said...

poor you, no hobby lobby! i dont know what i'd do! great finds.....and hope that pukey feelin goes away real soon...i remember cooking asparagus and chicken used to make me GAG

Amy Bell said...

oh, i so remember the gag thing with the kiddos.....i took the medicine for one day and it made it worse...only a few more weeks...i know that seems like a lifetime with a little one to care for already...i am praying. i am praying, sweet friend. lemonhead candy...i swore by it with both pregnancies...helps take the edge off...also, eat little things a lot..waiting too long to eat meant more sickiness for me...
that's all i can remember. our next one will be by adoption...we can't have another biological..but, you know, i am ok with skipping the morning sickness this time!

Julie said...

Love all of the pics and treats. I too have no Hobby Lobby. Amen on Lassie Girl's scraps. So cute and generous. Hope you survive your day!

Kristi said...

Wish I could give more advice on the nausea, or take some from you to help share the burden... They only food aversion I had when pregnant was even the slightest wilted lettuce. I was sure it was bad and it just made me gag. So even lettuce on a sandwich wouldn't do. Oh gee, hope reading that doesn't make you sick.

Target has ribbon?! I MUST got to our Big Lots soon (in a bad neighborhood, which is why I haven't gone yet). I saw that bird stamp in our Hobby Lobby. Saw another I liked even more, but couldn't justify buying it cause don't know what I'd use it for other than stamping envelopes. Hmm maybe I should just get it.

All your goodies look so nice. LOVE those boxes and potholders!!

meg duerksen said...

grace is given.
have a good day today.
all these pics look fun and make me want to go shopping.
i wish i could.

HeatherW said...

Ohhhhh, I hope you are feeling better soon!!

The Doug said...

NOTE: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. We constantly strive to provide you with accurate item availability information, but because item quantities are constantly changing, the inventory information provided below is only an approximate indication of an item's in-stock status and an item's availability cannot be guaranteed. Clearance markdowns can vary at each individual store depending on inventory levels and availability. End disclaimer.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Those box houses are ADORABLE....be sure to post what you send in them!!

Kacey Randolph said...

Oooh feeling sick is never any fun. You poor thing! If it is any consulation - this post was complete eye candy for me. I finally had some time to myself and I couldn't wait to check in on your blog for a new post and this one was just a delight to read. They all are - but this one had so many fun things jam packed in! BTW, my MIL LoVeS her brag book - she takes it everywhere to show off the kiddos! PS - I swear by the lemonhead candy too & sweet tarts! Hope you feel better soon.

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